Smart Fashion Tips for the Modern Man

Young men are supposed to be the future leaders of our society, so; they should dress sharp and look distinguished.

They should be well-groomed, and they should look nice and stylish at all times. The right clothing and grooming can go a long way in making his case and influencing others. A myth exists till today that being stylish or fashionable takes a mammoth effort.

The fact is there are numerous quick and easy ways to be smarter. Here are a few invaluable grooming tips from top grooming experts. These ready-to-impress guidelines are genuinely useful in boosting your style quotient.

Wear Perfectly Fitting Clothes

Remember that fit is always the king. The most dramatic enhancement you could bring about in your style is ensuring that your clothes fit impeccably. Many of you are used to wearing clothes that are too large for you. You must wear well-fitted clothes. Your clothes should be hugging your body without really being tight. Stay away from ill-fitting clothes.

Simplicity Is the Key

Keep everything simple. You want to have an ample looking wardrobe, but avoid overdoing it. You must restrict yourself to wearing a maximum of three jewellery pieces. Do not exceed three colors while you are dressing up.

Keep things smart, chic and simple. Avoid dressing up like any rock star. If you are in a striking mood, go for a stylish and more straightforward look. Wear a nice black striped shirt and team it up with a dashing white blazer, a well-fitted pair of jeans, sharpest dress shoes, and a dressy belt to complete the look.

You could wear a flashy watch. Alternatively, you could opt for a simple accessory such as a lovely necklace but stop it right there.

  1. Casual Is Fun

Casual clothes need not be boring. Bring in an element of fun and color in your casual clothes. Experiment with collared shirts. Look for inspiring ideas from people who see casual slightly differently.

Avoid fashion t-shirts with prominent logos. Do not be a walking billboard displaying a big logo. Instead, wear a classic V-neck t-shirt for a casual yet smart countenance.

  1. Upgrade Your Shave

Remember that an unkempt beard is not appreciated and is certainly not chic. If you wish to sport a beard, go for a perfect shave or opt for the clean-shaven look.

Buy the best shaving cream for men and try using a shave brush and maybe double-edged razor for shaving with perfection.

  1. Cultivate Your Image Consistently

Investing more money and time into your image pays. Cultivate your unique fashion sense. Your style is a beautiful and useful medium of communication, and you must pay attention to it just like you do to your career, education, and relationships.

Identify and know your style. Do not ever underestimate the incredible power of the clothes you wear. They speak volumes about your personality, style sense and status.

  1. Wear Superlative Shoes

You must consider investing in an exclusive pair of shoes. Be sure that women would never fail to notice your shoes exceptionally how sharp and clean they look.

Most men are pretty careless about their shoes. It would be best if you kept your shoes nicely polished and clean. Demonstrate that you are a man of substance and taste by not only buying superb shoes but by maintaining them and keeping them in excellent condition.

  1. Experimenting Is the Best Policy

Keep experimenting with your style. Try out new things and only then you would realize what is best for you. It is a good idea to try out something totally out of your comfort zone.

You may end up looking great in something you would never have imagined you could carry off. Do not be scared of making mistakes. They are a part of life, and life indeed goes on despite some errors and misconceptions. Express your personality and thoughts through your style.

Yashik Patel
Yashik Patel is a Google Certified, Digital Marketing and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years experience in SEO, SEM and ORM (Online Reputation Management) field.

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