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Things to Consider when Choosing T-shirts for Customization


If you have a company event coming up and want to outfit your employees to make them stand out; or want to distribute a holiday gift among employees’ custom t-shirts are the way to go.

But when going for custom tees you’ve always want to be careful of the quality. Choosing the wrong quality can really ruin everything for you.

Here in this article, we will tell you how to check the quality of a custom t-shirt.

Undoubtedly, you would want the best attire to represent your business which is why there are a lot of factors to be considered when picking the right quality t-shirt.

From style, print, fabric to stitching, customization, and etc., many more things are crucial and need to be examined. Branded t-shirts not only increase the brand visibility, they make the whole team look united and equal, which is why they can never be short of perfection.

Even after your event, the employee will keep your branded t-shirt and will utilize it over a long period. For this to happen, the person given the shirt should love it and include it in his wardrobe.

Take a look at the pointers we have provided below. Follow these simple steps to determine the quality of the custom t-shirt you want to give to your employees.

Take into Account the Fabric

When you begin shopping, pay close attention to the textile of the t-shirt you are choosing. Low-quality, flimsy material will make a t-shirt look substandard and the customization done on it will not have the desired impact.

Ask for t-shirt samples from the vendor you are dealing with, do not go on anyone’s word. Feel and examine the material yourself. The garment should be soft, stretchable, breathable and if it is spill-resistant, that would be a plus.

If you are not going for a good fabric; the wearer would waste no time in dumping the t-shirt.

Remember two rules to evaluate the textile and avoid an unfortunate situation. Firstly, the thickness of the fabric has nothing to do with its quality.

Choose the flexible and soft material for good-looking and comfortable t-shirts. Secondly, the weave of the fabric determines its quality. The more delicate the yarn, the finer the weave will be and stronger will be the textile.

Perfect Stitch Ensures Quality

After finalizing which fabric to go for, the stitching of the garment needs to be paid close attention to as well. When t-shirts are produced in mass quantities, manufacturers usually overlook the stitch. They are focused on completing the order count.

You may notice some loose threads or missed stitches on the underside of the t-shirts. Inspect the garment yourself by gently pulling the t-shirt from both sides, it will tell the quality of stitching.

Examine the hem, armholes, and collar. A good quality item will have more stitches; it means proper attention has been paid to making the article.

Puckering Affects, the Appearance

Make sure to look for the puckering around the seams of the tee. When the fabric is gathered unexpectedly over the stitches, it’s called puckering and makes the garment look poor quality.

It happens due to too much stitch tension that pushes the fabric inward. Puckering makes the garment tighter around the stitching which makes the stitches break with everyday wear while making it look undesirable in appearance.

The fabric around stitches should be smooth for the t-shirt to give it a better look.

A Wrinkling Test Tells a Lot

The quality of a tee can be determined by a simple wrinkling test. Take a part of the t-shirt you are going for and crumple it tightly between your palms, then release it.

If it does not show many wrinkles, it’s probably a synthetic material that indicates good quality. In case it maintains a lot of wrinkles, then it’s a poor quality garment and you should be looking for better fabric.

Ideally, a material between these two types would be best for your purchase as the synthetic one would cost more and the poor quality one will cost only a fraction.

Check the Measurements

When you are buying a large number of funny t-shirts online, it is very important to ensure that the sizes you are getting match the measurements you have been provided by the vendor.

It is an essential step in quality control, if this step is missed and sizes do not go with the measurements you are going to have a disaster on your hands.

High-Quality Customization

The quality of customization on your t-shirt will take its appearance to the next level, be it screen printing, heat transfer, or embroidery.

When going for printing and heat transfer, at first, all the prints look appealing but with time they might start cracking.

Stretch the part where the customization is located to know if the print is properly cured or not. Choose the service provider that will make your branding speak volumes.

Bottom Line

All the steps mentioned above need to be taken to check the quality of the custom t-shirt but the most crucial one is to get the samples from your vendor.

There are several vendors online who can provide you samples to buy wholesale t-shirts. Ask the vendor for articles in different qualities and price ranges.

Test their durability, softness, and stitching following the guidelines provided and choose the right t-shirt for customization to make your brand outstand others.