EIPcard Com Scam – What is the Economic Impact Payment Card?

The Treasury Department in the government of the United States distributes EIP Card for the welfare of people.

The government decided to help their citizens uniquely so no one can be hungry and buy their stuff easily. They issue a debit card with a treasury seal known as Economic Impact Payment Card (EIP).

The EIP card is similar to any debit card, and the person who gets it can easily use it to survive on daily expenses so the government decided the amount.

Many Americans got their EIP card earlier, and they get benefits too. But many people are still confused and think that EIPcard is a scam which is also known as EPIcard Com Scam.

Many people got tricked through telephonic or email conversations and lost their money. So here are the tips to avoid fraud and use the EIP card wisely.

What is the Economic Impact Payment Card?

The Economic Impact Card (EIP) card is a visa debit card provided by the U.S. government to their people.

It included cash, which you receive under the Coronavirus Relief and Cares or Covid-19 Tax Relief Act in 2020. Many Americans received the card, and the process is still going on.

How to Activate an EIP card?

To receive the card, you have to submit all the details to their website EIPcard.com

After receiving the EIP card, go to the nearby ATM to set a 4-digit PIN and keep it safe to use the EIP card in the future.

Never share your confidential data over the phone or email.

Is it EIP Card Legitimate?

The Treasury Seal Department of the United States issued EIP cards with a seal on them as a sign of validation to trust and use it.

The EIP card comes in a white envelope with an instruction manual, so read it properly and follow all the instructions.

The EIP card comes with a 16 digit account number CVV code, expiry date, and PIN that you can change anytime.

Where can you use EIP Card?

It is just like another debit card to use at the grocery shop, medical house, online shopping, and other places.

The daily withdrawal limit of the EIP card is $1000, which is sufficient for an emergency.

You can transfer the EIP Card amount to your registered bank account, which takes 1-2 business days.

EIP Card with Scam?

After receiving the Covid-19 fund from the government, many people thought it is also a part of any scam, and someone else is hacking the data on behalf of the government.

The sources confirmed that the United States Treasury Department revealed the EIP card is for help and not a scam.

Americans can easily check on the EIP website and get all the details about EIP Scam Card. The government mentions every little thing about the EIP card, and in any case of fraudulent cases, the user contacts this number 1-800-240-8100.


The EIP card is for the Americans who fought well against the coronavirus and still doing their jobs. There is no activation charge on the EIP card.

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