Does SEO Marketing Really Work?

Search engine optimized marketing is a type of advertising and company marketing that’s become incredibly popular in recent years.

Most companies want to get their names out there and gain as many customers as possible. These are the top ways SEO marketing works and how to make it work better for your company.

What is SEO Marketing

Search engine optimized marketing is a marketing style that helps build your company’s ranking in search engines while also building how reliable and trustworthy it is.

Although there have been many generations of this in the last thirty years as search engines changed their algorithms, this is still considered a type of marketing that most companies should at least have an interest in doing.

Why Does it Work?

The main purpose of the best SEO tools out there is to boost your search results: and it works.

The most important thing to remember is the average customer doesn’t get past the first page of search results when it comes to Google, so companies that are on that first page are going to be making tons more per day and gaining far more clicks per day than any other type of advertiser.

SEO works because it pushes you in front of the customer, so they feel like they’re finding you instead of you placing yourself in front of them the way classic advertising works.

Is It Expensive?

SEO marketing is more affordable than traditional marketing, but it does require a few more steps and some extra work.  For instance, with link building, you can’t simply paste a link to your company a billion times and expect it to work.

Instead, you have to blend it into articles, stories, and posts that give it context and make your link seem like a viable source.  If Google pings your SEO as link spamming, it’ll hurt your ranking in the long term and could take ages to rebuild.

Can it be Paired With Other Advertising?

Yes!  You can absolutely pair SEO marketing with other forms of advertising.  SEO marketing is the base amount you should do, the very least you should have to ensure your company doesn’t flop.

To push it further, it’s best paired with pay-per-click advertising, and more common types of advertising, like partnerships with influencers and promoted posts.

Is it Organic Growth?

There’s no type of marketing that’s entirely organic, but this type allows customers to feel like getting interested in your company was their own idea.  Over time this can allow them to feel a stronger connection and a sense of pride for working with your company before anyone else.

This will allow you to gain returning long-term customers that will support your company for as long as you give them a reason to.  It’s important to remember that every customer is different, but you can connect with most of them.

Every Company Can Advertise Better

Regardless of how larger your company is or how successful past advertisements have been, there’s always room for growth.  Consider SEO marketing for your company, and see how quickly it will grow!

Yashik Patel
Yashik Patel is a Google Certified, Digital Marketing and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years experience in SEO, SEM and ORM (Online Reputation Management) field.

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