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Top 5 criteria that turn your life standard

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1. Set some alternatives

Change is the only thing that won’t change. A little adjustment in batting or bowling attributes for a cricketer will make a huge impact on his game. Likewise, a little change in your thoughts will have a huge impact on your life standard.

In life when you face a struggle, there might be certain factors that you need to switch to make a scrutiny analysis. If you are reluctant for a change then what’s the assured way for setting your future?

Can you bet on your health? Or on Relationships? Else on Financial security? Dreams will remain in their name until you are ready for a change.

Men’s life standard elevates when he elevates for a change. Little alternations in your regular habits will have a greater effect on your life standard.

2. Tend to be more assertive

Just stand your ground and assert yourself if you want to raise your life standard.

As a man to elevate men’s life standards you need to set high standards for yourself, if you possess a low life standard it’s tedious to defend yourself. Probably you going to shake your head down and accept whatever it’s given to you without raising a little complaint.

Raise your worth by keeping yourself away from leaning toward those demands that test your self-worth and Life standard. You need to analyze certain things such as

  • When to raise your voice or speak up.
  • At which point you need to defend yourself.
  • And be specific and honest with your wants and needs with other people.
  • Be sure about when to word enough it’s enough.

Men’s life standards could be elevated only if they speak up against the abuse through emotional blackmailing.

Or be it in a relationship if your spouse or lover doesn’t weigh their relationship with you just break it or make it clear and neat about your needs for resuming your relationship.

Let it be at work if you are disrespected or ill-treated your voice needs to be raised and make your stance elucidated.

If your friend takes your friendship for granted and expects you to give a hold to them at their hard time. And at the same time, they chop you during your difficult period then it’s not worthy to go on just make your statement clear to them.

Let the masses know that they can’t just walk all over you.

3. Ensure adequate Rest

Our mind and body indispensably required an ample amount of rest to ensure higher productivity.

In simple context, “Longer the rest you had is equal to the longevity of your life “and holds a promise for elevation in your productivity or productive time.

For every decision in your life or for setting a noble life standard, very much needs to bestow adequate sleep hours.

To regulate the sleep custom, you need to ensure

  1. Maintain strict bedtime.
  2. Throw all your screen sets and gadgets aside.
  3. Mark up your memo.
  4. Make sure to turn mute on for all your company notifications.
  5. Ensure that follow up on these steps for at least 48 days. The reason to hold out for 48 days of follow-up time is necessary to assure a prolonged benefit to upraise your life standard. 

4. Respect your health

Health is one of the primary factors for any living being let it be miniature to mammoth creatures flawless health is very much essential.

You can improve your standard of life by following

5. Regular balanced diet foods

Regulating your food consumption is very crucial to avoid health complications.

Eating enough food is essential for performing your routine duties. But at the same time also make sure don’t overeat.

The reason for the above statement is that the body needs to burn your food effectively to convert it into body mass or strength.

But if you stay passive at work and consume an excessive amount of food, there will be very hard for your digestive system to burn those calories and convert them to useful strength.

To attain a life standard that balances your health follow some measures such as

  1. Avoid junk foods
  2. Avoid roadside foods or those foods that consume more amount of oils especially unrefined oils such as palm oil.
  3. Avoid overeating.
  4. Follow some regular exercise.
  5. Drink as much as the possible quantity of water
  6. Work on your self-control

Control is very essential in everything while you move on with your life. Controlling oneself is a very crucial thing for setting your life standard. Self-control can be achieved by following various footprints/steps such as

  1. Practice yoga exercises regularly at your home at ease. Yoga can fetch you Flexibility throughout your body. And also helps your body muscles to relax. Controlling One’s own body means Controlling own self.
  2. Learn to expertise in diverting. Many politicians are very expertise in diverting the masses from the real issue. Because they can escape from stress arising from people’s protests or bad names. You can adopt the same methodology to Divert from Internal disturbance and be expertise in controlling yourself.

Practice meditation regularly, Try to trigger out anger in a healthy and effective way rather than choosing an abusive method like yelling at others