Key Points To Improve the Design of Your Emails

On average, recipients scan emails for a few seconds before deciding if they want to read them or delete them.

It is important that your marketing campaign succeeds by using a design that organizes, attracts attention, adds value, and is on-brand.

How to keep your recipients engaged with the content of your email? And when is the best time to send a marketing email? Below are some tips for creating an appealing email marketing design.

Create a compelling subject line

When an email is sent, the subject line will be the first thing that they see. The subject line is a short statement that should grab the attention of the recipients so they will open your email and read on.

The subject line should achieve the three main goals:

  • Use as few words as you can to grab your reader’s interest (less is more).
  • Offer them some value or information to encourage them to open your email.
  • You can summarize what the recipients will see and/or read once they open your email.

Create a headline that will grab your attention

It is similar to the meta description of a website, which is a small piece of text displayed below the object. is the second thing that recipients see, after the subject line. It gives them a sense of what the email contains.

Instead of changing the first sentence in your email, customize the header so that recipients can get a sneak peek at the content of the message.

An effective description can increase email open rates. You need to convince the recipient to open the email.

Be concise

During the day, readers are often busy and can’t spend much time reading emails.

Don’t get bogged down in the details. Give the recipients what they need and want without getting too technical. You will be showing them you value their valuable time. This could help improve your email subscriber retention.

Keep your email consistent with the brand

The recipient of the email should immediately know when they open it that it is from your business. This means that it should be marked so that it doesn’t matter who sent it.

To keep emails branded the following tactics must be used:

  • Use a tone for your email content that compliments the other marketing and branding materials you use (such as on your website or social media).
  • Use the same colors and fonts that you use for your other marketing and branding materials.
  • Include your Logo, a Link to Your Website, Links to Your Social Media Accounts, and Calls-to-Action (CTAs ) that are relevant to your Products or Services. This is an excellent way to increase your brand’s awareness as well as increase conversions.


Personalizing an email by adding the recipient’s first name makes it feel more personal, professional, and professional. This will make your customer feel special, and increase the open rate.

This helps to foster a relationship with the recipient of the email. It can also help humanize your brand, which will improve retention.

Incorporate unique visual content

It’s difficult to maintain the attention of your subscribers and recipients if they only see text in an email.

It is therefore a good idea to use images, videos, and GIFs to break the text. It’s also a great way for you to enhance your brand.

Visual content can be used to convey a message compellingly and engagingly. It is impossible to create emotions in your reader.

Use of Emojis

Emojis can initially seem unprofessional or unnecessary. This is a false assumption. Add emojis to the subject line and you can increase click-through rates.

These emojis will allow you to quickly and easily express the subject.

You should be aware that, when you use them for marketing, you must know what they mean and the connotations of the specifics it contains.

A/B test your design

Email design is iterative, just like most marketing campaigns. You may decide that you need updates and changes to your email design to get the best results.

Don’t be scared to run A/B tests on your designs. This will help you determine which design is most effective in terms of conversion and resonating with the greatest number of recipients.

Emails that are visually appealing and have a strong impact can help you build relationships and convert more customers.

To achieve this, start designing your emails using the advice provided. Contact us at Digital Specialist if you want to improve and organize your email marketing.

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