On-trend Ideas to Improve Your Living Room

When it comes to the home, the living room is the ultimate space. It offers a chill-out.

To play with your children. Or it can act as an area to entertain guests. It is also where most people are when they receive world-changing news from family or friends.

So, it is well worth making it as comfortable as possible. While also making it as trendy and personalized as you can.

Here are some of the upcoming trends for 2022. Allowing you to improve the design of your living room with ease.

Soft hues

In 2022, soft hues are the colors of choice. Although this doesn’t mean that everything in your living room has to be beige.

You can opt for lighter greens, oranges, and reds. Or even violets can make a simple but calming impression.

This also goes for the furnishings. Aim to have any rugs in your living room in a softer shade. A good part of using soft hues is that you can still create variation without it causing a headache. So, if you like multicolor, you can have a sort of gentler rainbow color scheme.


Shutters have made something of a boom in recent interior and exterior design.

They are typically associated with rural settings but have undertaken a makeover. Many providers of shutters are now able to offer shutters made of wood.

However, they can also offer options made of metal or PVC for minimal maintenance. While also allowing for a more urban look without the hassle.

Stuck for ideas when it comes to choosing shutters? Head to sunburstshuttersaz.com for inspiration, such as barn door shutters.

Natural materials and Plants

Natural materials are a great way to get softer hues into your living room. Without breaking the bank. Woods, brown leathers and suede can all be incorporated without difficulty.

You can also bring in a touch of wicker if you wish to. Or, instead of a vase of flowers on your wooden table, why not have dried reeds? Soft, natural but also striking! Why not also purchase terracotta pots for any plants that you have?

It goes without saying that plants add a touch of beauty to every room. With the rest of the items on this list, they will fit right in.

Larger plants, like cheese plants or peace lilies, require minimal maintenance but can make a simple statement. Ferns are also popular. Just be sure to place any plant you purchase in the correct location for it to thrive.

If this sounds like too much work, why not opt for a realistic fake plant? So you can jazz up your home without ongoing maintenance?

Mirrors are back

Mirrors are a great way to make smaller rooms seem bigger. In recent trends, they have wiggled their way out of passageways and into living rooms.

It is worth sticking to traditional shapes for this season. So, mirrors should be rectangular, square, or circular. Avoid mirrors with patterns on them. And if they have frames, be sure that they are either natural or softly colored.

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