Best Einthusan Alternative Streaming Sites For 2023 (Updated)

Einthusan Alternative: Einthusan is an online streaming website where users can watch their favorite movies and other series in different languages.

It is mainly for India because it provides content in Hindi and other regional languages.

We can say that from North to South, all types of content are available on the Einthusan website.

The user can easily use it without any extra charges or a premium version. The user can watch Bollywood movies, Tamil, Telugu, Malayala,m and other regional movies for freon this platform.

What is Einthusan?

It is an online video streaming website that provides free movies, series, and TV shows to its users.

The users can easily watch it anytime from anywhere. The website has more than 4000 copyright content on their website for users.

The users can access it anytime and from anywhere to watch their favorite regional movies.

The user can easily find their favorite shows from the category page or type on the search box.

Well, to download the content user has to download the software, or it is better to watch it online.

Einthusan is Legal?

No, it is an illegal website for those users who are not able to purchase a subscription. Apart from that, it is completely banned in many countries, especially in India.

Many cases are logged on this website, so it is hard to find the domain and use it.

The owners shift the hosting servers to provide services to their users and come back with various mirror websites.

We do not promote any piracy business, but all the information we are provided on the demand of users.

There are various and legal options available to watch your favorite movies, series, and TV shows.

Best Einthusan Alternative Websites

Well, here are some best Einthusan alternatives to enjoy. Please read the whole article to enjoy it and choose your favorite one. So let’s begin.


This is the most popular platform, and there are millions of users joined it. Netflix has different arrangements, and it shows videos according to the country.

When Netflix was started, it shows all the content on its platform, but it restricts the content according to the country as time passes.

So the users from the USA cannot enjoy the UK shows they are restricted, and if they want to watch other country content, then they have to purchase according to that.

It is expensive too, so most users prefer to watch their favorite shows for free only. There are some smart techniques as well to watch the other country’s content on your subscription. You can check out various subscription options on their platform.


It is 2nd most popular OTT platform to watch many shows, series, and movies. Yes, it also comes with subscription options, the user can purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions, and with that, they will get benefits on Amazon shopping.

If any user purchases an Amazon subscription, they got lots of benefits from prime video, music, shopping, cashback, etc.

Well, it can be canceled anytime, and it is quite cheap compare to Netflix. So please don’t wait and get it now.


Hotstar is available in three forms first one is completely free, and the user can watch a limited number of movies, series, and TV shows.

The user can download or watch a premium collection of Hotstar series and advance episodes of any current TV show in the premium version.

But, the user cannot access the Disney movies, just like the Marvel series. To watch such movies, the user has to purchase a premium version and watch anything at any time. So please choose your option and go with it.

MX Player

It is a completely free platform for now. The user can watch any web series or movies on this platform without purchasing any subscription.

Nowadays, MX Player uploads many popular series and the demand increases. So the user can go with this option for free content.


The Voot is completely amazing and available with very less subscription amount. It also has two options either you can watch it for free or get a subscription.

The purchase version has more content. It can also be used for educational purposes and also provide restricted features for kids.

Parents can use the parental control feature to avoid adult content so the kids won’t access the adult or violent content on the platform.


For many years YouTube is completely free. The whole world is using YouTube, and there are so many videos available on YouTube.

Not only movies but YouTube offers so many videos begin from songs, different knowledgeable channels, and educational stuff. It also offers a free video to users.

Nowadays, we can see the paid version of YouTube to get a wonderful experience where users can use YouTube after closing the screen and enjoy their favorite songs behind the screen just like any other music app.

YouTube also offers movies on rent to watch. YouTube provides authority to the user to like, dislike, share, and comment about the video, or they can subscribe to the channel. Some so many people become YouTubers and earning money in their way.

Alt Balaji

If any user is looking for adult content, then this is the best platform for them. This app has more adult content than other platforms.

It is from Balaji Telefilms and offers various content on its platform. It has no free options; the user has to purchase the premium version.

For the trial, the user can go with one monthly subscription and if they like the content, then go with the one year.

Well, a one-year subscription is cheaper than the three months the user will pay. It has three options three months, six months and a one-year subscription.


It is also free to use, and any user can use it to watch online content. Zee5 also offers content in various regional languages, and it is not worldwide but mostly used in India.

There are some good movies to watch on this platform, but most people prefer to watch web series.


This is another platform for adult content. It has still a mixture of content but not so much popular, but many users still use it to watch content for free.

Ullu is completely free and mostly content based on regional stories. Everyone has their own choice and if anyone gets free content to watch, then why anyone spends a single penny on different OTT platform. So it is another Einthusan alternative website.


It is another amazing platform with various regional TV shows and web series. It also has two options, either you can watch any TV show for free or go with a paid version to watch premium content.

This app has family content to enjoy with the whole family and no adult content. It has mostly comedy shows and old TV series to watch, and the subscription is very cheap.

Airtel Xtreme

It is another amazing platform with a user-friendly interface. The internet connection must be strong or use Wifi because it takes loading time to use this app.

The user who has a postpaid or prepaid connection can use it for free. All you need to do recharge on time or paid the bill, and it comes free to use. There are no extra charges to use Airtel Xtreme.

If other operator users want to access the content from Xtreme, they have to purchase it from the airtel app or directly install the app and purchase the subscription.


This is something new app and working well for many users. Just like other apps, it is also free and become the best Einthusan alternative website.

Users can get lots of content on this platform or watch any old TV show to re-create the memory.


Yupp TV is another best Einthusan alternative, and it is legal too. Users can use it for free completely and enjoy the collection anytime. Well, the download option is also available, so download it now.


Hungama is another popular app with various web series in a different language. You can enjoy it anytime some regional movies are also available.

It has a subscription too, but lots of free content is available, so the user can avoid the subscription option if they want to.

VB App

Famous director Vikram Bhatt launches the VB app. Here users can find adult and horror content created by Vikram Bhatt.

If you’re a fan of Vikram Bhatt, then purchase it and enjoy the content. There are many popular web series available on this platform.


Above is the list of best Einthusan alternative websites the user can use the paid apps or free apps to watch the content.

There is not so much difference between premium and free apps. The quality of content is different.

On some platforms, users can enjoy international content. If the user wants to go with a regional app, then choose any free app and enjoy your time at your home and be safe.

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