Best Putlocker Alternatives in 2023


Putlockers are free to stream ling websites that are widely used by users all over the world. But it is now banned and cannot be displayed or worked on.

Putlockers have changed its name many times to be worked that includes cord-cutters which have access to all-time movies and TV shows which put lockers used to have. But now many alternative websites are developed in place of put lockers.

Here we will discuss many alternative websites of putlockers that are best utilized fast streaming websites.

Hosting companies and law enforcement agencies have been weeding out free streaming sites, including Putlocker, the long-time favorite. So what should you do when you’re usually best free streaming options stop working?! I have tested the security, ease of use, and speed of 47 best streaming media sites.

After carefully analyzing and ranking streaming media catalogs based on size, content, and quality, I compiled a list of the top 10 free Putlocker alternatives. Please keep in mind later that although free streaming sites are convenient, they can bring many risks to your privacy and security.

Most websites are scam-hackers created to catch users looking for the latest movies or shows and stealing your funds or data.

The best way to stay safe is to use VPN, which is software that disrupts cyber-attacks and tracking by hiding your location and browsing activity. No one can catch you or blackmail you, and if the ISP wins, you will also get faster transmission speeds. To speed up your activities.

123 Movies

It is the largest stream ling website that can be accessed with registration. It has also many resource link and referral link websites available. These contain numerous websites which comprise dramas, movies, TV programs, songs, music, and also animations.

As it is a free-to-stream ling website so it contains pop-ups and ads which will somehow disturb you during watching your favorite dramas, TV shows, and movies.


If you are unfamiliar with VPN or are looking for a “one-and-for-all” VPN option, Cyber​​Ghost is a good choice. This is one of the easiest VPNs to set up and use.

Although you can change many advanced settings, it doesn’t have to be. The default settings of Cyber​Ghost provide sufficient security to ensure the security of your device while streaming.

These include strong AES-256 encryption; DNS leak protection, and an automatic kill switch to prevent you from being monitored by free streaming media sites. Thanks to its no-logs policy and the Romanian headquarters that respects privacy, your anonymity is guaranteed. Cyber​​Ghost also provides a huge network of 7,400 VPN servers in 91 countries.

It is easy to find the nearest high-speed connection server for streaming HD video. Another huge benefit is Cyber Ghost’s built-in ad blocker, which can block intrusive pop-up ads that may contain malware. Ad blockers can also reduce advertisements.

Loading time and buffering delays on streaming sites, because you no longer need to load ads that contain large amounts of data before you start streaming.


Tubi TV is another fast stream ling website that is watched by thousands of people all over the universe. It has made its name in the world with its great content library and device compatibility.


Crackle has made a great alternative to putlocker website as it has acquired thousands of writing titles for its popularity. It is a free-to-use website by which many videos, movies, and shows can be seen.


Fmovies is the most famous stream ling website as it launches or telecasts the web video content faster than its competitors. It too features content as per its release date, genre, and anime. Another surprising feature of it is you can send a request to Fmovies which you could not find in its library.

Peacock Tv

Peacock Tv is a new free stream ling website that contains a few million subscribers. It is also available in its app for installation in-stream ling devices.


The solar movie is another best alternative to putlocker. It provides better results than its competitors. It offers to watch a selection of TV programs and movies from Asia and other international titles.


Vudu is an online stream ling website that gives its users access to online movie and TV shows watching services. It provides a great user interface and easy navigation facility to its users.


Movies joy is the utmost putlocker alternative that gives delight and joy to its users effectively.

It gives superb quality video graphics and lines up a list of blockbuster movies for its users. You will also not get irritated while watching the videos as it displays minimal pop-ups and ads. It is updated frequently


IMDb TV is currently owned and functioned by Amazon. It started as a fan website only now developed as the best putlocker alternative free stream ling website. It offers to watch free documentaries, TV shows, movies, and many more.

AZMOVIES It’s Or Links

AZ movies provide mirror links to their viewers and feature hit and blockbuster movies for their users.

Its great feature is if one link does not function properly there is always a substitute link available.

AZMovies also has a large number of hard-to-find movies, so you are more likely to find fanatical classics and fan favorites from the 70s and 80s.


Film rise is another great putlocker alternative that has almost acquired twenty thousand titles for watching. It categories into classic, reality, documentaries, and many more.


The prime wire is not an ordinary stream ling website as it contains a huge content library that is mixed with an excellent selection of genres that is remarkably an entertainment source. Its collection is according to release date, top-up, and country-wise.


Youtube is the most famous stream ling website. One of the best features of it is you can view its content without sign up.

It contains millions of subscribers, channels, movies, and TV show lists, gives you millions of remodeling ideas & home decoration, and many more. You can also earn through YouTube Channel by the respective criteria.


Maga share is another source that rivals the popularity of putlocker as it has also a roster of international blockbuster movies.

Mega share is a fan’s favorite website and will update their list on HD as soon as it becomes available. Check the popular movies and popular TV shows section to see which ones can be added to your weekend movies.


It shows the accurate categorization of the content library that which sort of genre you would like to watch. Plus it has features of very few pop-ups and appearing on screen.


Yidio is probably the most unique Putlocker replacement on this list.

The service provides the convenience of categorizing content from almost all major streaming media sources in a central location.

Yidio is different from other streaming sites in that it acts as a search engine for finding free movies and TV shows. Through the Internet.


It contains the entire categorized content library as any of the stream ling website contains plus recommendation is easily available to be seen by the thumbnails.

However, most videos are of 720p quality. When a resource is available, Afdah will update them to HD.


There are hardly any pop-ups and ads found on vumoo plus it provides a lot of TV shows and movies. Its navigation is very easy and user-friendly.

Yes Movies

It is a fabulous choice for finding exciting new documentaries, movies, and TV shows. in particular! Yes, Movies offer some great hidden gems in unique categories. This directory contains many interesting documents, which may be more difficult to find on some free streaming sites.

Los Movies

Los Movies is another great free streaming site that has a wide variety of movies and TV shows to choose from.

The highlight of this site is the large collection of international content. You will find hundreds of pages with international shows and films in their original versions.

Most foreign language content is available with subtitles. As you browse, you can sort the results by date added, rating, published date, and more.

The homepage also offers the latest trending content to get you started. a functional search bar to help you find what you’re looking for.


Rainierland is known for its top-notch content, both in terms of quality and quantity. Popular movies are displayed directly on this site’s website, so you don’t need to take this opportunity to learn about the most popular movies peace.


Movie4u is an exciting putlocker alternative. It features HD movies and TV shows. It is a highly organized website. It is recommended to watch the put locker website provides a range of movies and TV series.


It displays movie series and their information on the webpage. You are not irritated to watch the site as it has very few pop-ups.


Popcornflix has a huge library of popular movies and some great hidden gems. This site is one of the best Putlocker alternatives to movies, but you won’t find any TV shows here.

It provides a wide range of movie types. It’s easy to find what you like. In addition to the popular movies recently released, Popcornflix is ​​also a good place to find free classic movies.

Another benefit is how easy it is to browse the different categories if you haven’t decided yet. What else to see If you want to stream on iPhone or Android, this website is my best recommendation because Popcornflix is ​​optimized for mobile layouts and desktop devices.

Watch Series Online

If you cannot find the series you are looking for on other websites, you may find it on Watch Series Online.

You won’t find any movies here, but the site has a lot of TV shows with complete seasons and episodes. Multiple mirrors are provided, so there is usually at least one working link.

The hundredth time. I also like that most of the shows are available in HD versions. This page is not at the top of the list because I have encountered many ads that sometimes interfere with my streaming.


Movie Watcher will never go wrong. With an elegant and clear user interface, you can choose the content you watch most often.

Take a look at the “Most Popular” section to see which movies and TV shows are hot right now. Most importantly, this site has the fewest pop-up windows compared to other sites.

Using Vpn While Using Free Stream Ling Websites

Free streaming sites are constantly being deleted, so they often change domains. This can be dangerous-even if these sites were previously safe, there is no guarantee that they will remain in this state.

You are also taking the risk of visiting a fake website. Claims to be the original, but is actually looking for your personal information or payment details. Here are our best VPN options to ensure your safety on streaming sites

Free streaming sites usually do not host their own content, but instead, act as links to third-party providers hosting the content you want to watch index.

This brings additional risks, because you may not know where you are ultimately going. Another disadvantage of free streaming sites is that they are usually full of intrusive pop-up windows and advertisements.

Try not to click any of them, but they can be confusing and difficult to avoid. You can try to click on the streaming link and get a malicious pop-up window that will infect your PC with a malicious virus.


According to Magazine Hubs putlocker is a website that provides updated links to movies and TV shows and serves as an important index of streaming media resources.

The site has been criticized many times. In 2016, he was challenged by the British High Court and MPAA and finally enforced. A year later, a federal court in Australia blocked the site and other illegal sites.

Soon after, Put locker resumed work, but used a different URL to avoid being blocked. Because of this, many alternative websites have copied Put locker’s strategy to provide viewers with more content resources

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