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Characteristics of British Lifestyle

Characteristics of British Lifestyle

National character

Brits are generally warm, courteous, friendly, and open-minded, although the nation, Scots, and Welsh wish to define themselves con to every other. The English are often polite, welcoming, teasing, and partying people. However, we note that the character disparities are enormous between ages, social backgrounds, and regions.

The Scots are known for their friendliness and hospitality. They’re happy with their traditions and preserve these qualities. On the opposite hand, the Welsh are good living folks who haven’t got their tongues in their pocket and are particularly vulnerable to sarcastic jokes and puns.


The men are enthusiastic about gardening and football, read the day’s cricket page, and meets their friends in The Dead of the night within the pub. While watching comedy programs on television, women drink tea, get entangled in charitable associations, not to mention pampering the family’s cat or dog … Any clichés? A touch, of course, but not to this point far away from reality.

The big cities of Great Britain are famous for their museums. They are going out, their good restaurants, and their cultural mix. We cultivate a specific quality of life within the countryside, maintained by glorious landscapes and great terroir

All over the country, music and sport are religions. The 2 subjects crystallize many conversations, and it’s impossible to chop them off.

The favorite place to speak about it’s the local. From 5.30 p.m. to 6 p.m., the public and calling end in favor of social and family life, which occupy an awfully important place. We dine early, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., which leaves long evenings ahead. 

Nation prefers to take the chance to urge together and remake the globe, or the sport, over a beer. The women are a part of it and appreciate a decent mousse the maximum amount as these gentlemen, whether it’s often in smaller glasses.

Don’t forget to lend yourself to the sport by visiting to feel the atmosphere. And if your English allows it, you’ll need to speak a small amount. The locals love it! Once they start a conversation, it’s hard to prevent them, whether or not you do not know them.

On the side, the mastery of the evenings may be a little shakier. The national discipline too often remains binge drinking: drink quickly and plenty, irrespective of the result, commonly a walk of shame (“the walk of shame”) until ‘at home.

It mustn’t be surprised if you venture out late within the streets. Otherwise, there are many Brits who like to enjoy nature on weekends. They’re surrounded by national parks and guarded areas, particularly within the South West, North, Wales, and Scotland.


Very important concept, most weekends are spent with the family; many Londoners who don’t seem to be from the capital fall into place at weekends with their families within the provinces. The clan spirit is influential within the Scottish Highlands.

In general, we expect plenty of children. Altogether places, signs remind parents that they have to watch their dear little ones: within the ruins thanks to the danger, within the restaurants due to the neighbors.


In England, education is compulsory up to the age of 16 and frees up to 18. For pedagogy, a distinction is created between public schools (comprehensive schools) and private schools (paradoxically called public schools).

The foremost famous of the general public schools are Eton, where Princes William and Harry, among others, studied. The 2 most vital exams are the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) and, therefore, the level at the tip of pedagogy (17-18 years). Most students persist to the second, which is the equivalent of the baccalaureate. The results determine the selection of a university.

England Guide: Social Life and Habits respectful and nostalgic people

Careful behind the wheel, respectful of queues, alert to their duty, balanced, English makes social life very pleasant. Their discretion is, however, counterbalanced by an immoderate taste for scandalous affairs: adultery of politicians, escapades of the royal house, celebrity gossip … Shy within the face of change, pleased with their insularity, they show great skepticism, o.k. illustrated by their mistrust of joining the ECU Community. Finally, another striking trait: their eternal nostalgia for an all-powerful Empire and a rural England, where institutions and therefore the family were values ​​respected.

Pub and cricket

Social place par excellence, the pub brings together all generations and every social background. Cricket and, therefore, the game of lawn balls are as popular as football, rugby, or golf. Many adolescents participate in theater workshops, are placed on musicals, and join brass bands.

University balls, traditional festivals, miss contests, games of chance, like bingo or slot machines, punctuate lifestyle. Generous people are registered within the 180,000 and a few charities within the country. But, over anything, they love the calm of their cozy home and their pretty garden.

The taste of words

English society is crazy about the language altogether. The word is omnipresent. The country has many world-renowned writers. Each year, thousands of books are published. Booksellers abound.

Newspapers with legion copies delight English people. Correspondence, letters from readers, a passion for scrabble, quizzes, and crosswords mark the nation’s way of life.

Keen on theater, discussions, and speeches. They like to use verbs and play with words. Champions of irony, self-mockery, verbal exaggeration, and the handling of the absurd and even the irrational, they need found in terms of an implacable parade of their social shackles and modesty.

British Cuisine

Gastronomy is an old art in England, whether or not the dishes that pass to be the classic dishes of English cuisine aren’t always among the dishes most frequently eaten between diners in England. In line with recent surveys, the favorite dish of English is now … curry. Not very British, what!

Whether or not the style today is more for cultural cuisine like “nouvelle cuisine” – the results of the recognition of television programs – there’s indeed this English gastronomy; also, it’s commencing to be recognized, even in France, where classic English specialties like crumble or Cheddar and Stilton cheeses are now found in large delicatessens, and increasingly even in supermarkets. Find – which isn’t always easy – a decent English restaurant (or even a standard pub) serving traditional dishes, or get invited to a people who love traditional dishes, and even the foremost gourmet French won’t be disappointed. Ditto for bread: whether or not the land has a craze for white bread, especially for baguettes, the tremendous traditional bread of country regions, moreover because the new creations – sometimes very innovative – of English artisan-bakers, are among the foremost delicious bread.