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Anyone and everyone who streams movies online know about fmovies. It is a popular site that lets you stream and watch your favorite content at your convenient time.

Ever since the lockdown during the Covid19 pandemic and everyone has been forced to sit at home, the passing time has become a huge issue.

But fmovies users had it sorted, spending time relaxing and watching their favorite content. And all was good until fmovies turned out to be blocked.

Now what? Those who have been used to watching fmovies are going to find it difficult to adjust on other websites simply because of the ease of use and comfort associated with it.

So now that the site is blocked, we have a few ways you can still continue to use the site. How you ask? Simple; by unblocking. Now the way to do this is that there are many proxy sites also known as mirror sites available for fmovies

Why are my fmovies blocked?

Fmovies has been blocked in certain countries all this while. But if it has been blocked on your device recently, then there can be two main reasons for the same.

Either your network has been blocked by the internet provider or your isp has been blocked. Both of these issues can be resolved. Let us see how.

Here is a list of fmovies that are unblocked and/or proxy or mirror sites that will help you view the content of your choice without any restriction.

Fmovies Proxy/Mirror List 2020 URLs Working Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

This is the most recent list of proxy and mirror sites for fmovies and has been known to have all working sites mentioned. You could try any one of these to continue using fmovies.

The other option that you could opt for is to look up alternatives of fmovies. There are several alternatives available on the internet that offer almost similar service and quality to fmovies and may be liked by you eventually. So here we have a list of alternatives ready for your convenience.

Some amazing alternatives for fmovies


Putlocker is quite similar to fmovies. The USP of this site is that it has a very easy-to-use search engine that makes it convenient to look for your favourite content using keywords without much hassle. Also, the site poses no threat from virus or malware to your device making it safe to use as well.


Enjoy your favourite Hindi or English content on Movie4u for free. What’s better is that you do not need to register yourself or create an account. This saves you from giving away any personal information or getting spam mails too.

Apart from movies, there are also many web series and sitcoms on this site. It offers good quality videos with a lot of options for your wholesome entertainment.


This one is honestly our personal favorite fmovies Proxy too. The interface is user-friendly and so inviting that it makes browsing the site a fun experience even before you actually select and start viewing any content.

What separates Popcornflix from other similar sites including fmovies is that it is actually legal. It is safe to use and watch. It is free and lets you download TV shows, full-length feature films, web series, documentaries, animations and so much more. You just won’t get the chance to be bored.


Genre and year-wise sorted vast content that covers movies and TV shows right from the 1930’s to the most latest and just released content. Sometimes, you might even get to see a list of movies that are yet to be released for public viewing.

The variety of content on this website is simply mindboggling. What’s amazing is that there is even a dedicated app for androids. You may not find it on PlayStore, but Google will surely help so check it out.


Since 2020, 10Movies has grown its user base, or should we say fan base considerably. As soon as you open the website, you will first notice the recently released and most trending movies, which makes it easier for you to stay updated with the cinematic world.

You also get to see where they stand through their IMDb rating. Also, other information such as the cast, genre, and year of release, and duration of the movie or show is clearly shown on the website so you know what to expect.


Like all the sites mentioned above in this list, Rainierland is also a fmovies Proxy and has a good variety of content and many viewing quality options from 360p to HD quality.

It is fairly new although we’re not really sure about the release date of this website even then it has risen to popularity pretty fast. The interface is also easy to understand and use which makes it fun.

Complicated interface and constant buffering can be annoying so Ranierland saves you from all that trouble and lets you simply sit back and enjoy.

In conclusion

Fmovies is facing a lot of risk in the market currently. It is balancing its operations on a thin rope which means that it can be shut down at any moment soon. If it is already blocked in your area or country, then it won’t make much of a difference for you.

But if it isn’t, and shuts down later then you should be prepared and so we have taken the efforts to make this list of proxy sites and alternate sites for fmovies for you.

If you’re a frequent user of fmovies, then it is advisable for you to check out the list of alternatives and bookmark a few so you don’t forget later on. Usually why ISP’s block sites is because the site takes up too much bandwidth and isn’t good for the network.

You can also try talking to your network provider about the same if this is an issue only in your area.

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