List of KickAss Torrents (KAT) Alternative Sites

Good news for torrent lovers! After the shutdown of the original Kickass Torrent website by the US government, they are now back with a new website and content.

The whole team of the KickAss torrent website is already working on it before the official announcement.

We all know that in 2017 the US government shut down the torrent website and punishes the owners due to the streaming content illegally on the website in all countries.

Many countries already banned KickAss torrents, and movie piracy is legal in many countries.

After banning the piracy business and shutting down such websites, the piracy business is doing very well in every country, and people are not missing the free download opportunity.

During this battle, many duplicate sites were working on the torrent’s name, but no one beat the original.

The KickAss torrent team stated that they are ready for work, and the uploaders are uploading the content before the servers get prepared. The whole torrent community is very excited to work again.

The clone websites uploaded the material on time to enjoy it and download the copyrighted materials from the website. Check out some other websites they are working on in Kickass Torrent (KAT) Sites.

  • kickasstorrents.PW

All the websites are working and instead of using it on your regular browser, try to use it in incognito mode so no one can found the history. Also, use a VPN to hide IP addresses because torrent sites are illegal in many countries.

What is Kickass Torrent?

It is a popular website that provides copyrighted movies, tv shows, and software to users to download for free use. They attract millions of people per day from all the countries, due to which finally the US government take action on it and banned it permanently.

In the US, most of the other countries also banned it and took strict actions on the people who are working for it.

When be the Original KickAss Torrent Site Will Back?

The original website may still be working, and we are not aware of that. It already has many years, and it can be started anytime, no one can sure about it.

The US authorities don’t want such things on the internet, but they may be working, and still, the US authorities don’t know about it.

According to the reports, Katcr. Co’s team has launched a new torrent website that looks identical to the previous one.

The new torrent website hosts many games, movies, tv shows, web series, and software on the server to download it any time from anywhere.

According to KickAss Torrent’s team, the safest torrent website after KAT is The Pirate Bay. Users can easily download the movies for free without any fear of viruses or stealing the data.

How to Download Content From Torrent Website?

Well, there are two ways to download the content from torrent websites. The first is direct open the torrent website on your browser, search for the content you need to download and click on it.

Please don’t open the third-party ads; it may harm your PC. Now choose the show’s quality and click on the download as it is the pirated copy, so you have to download it from the drive. After downloading it, scan it with antivirus, and now your movie is ready to watch.

Another way to download movies and games for free is to install torrent software on your PC, add the link or fetch the torrent link to download it safely. As usual, pass it through antivirus and enjoy the content.

Are Other Torrent Sites Available?

Yes, many other sites are available on the internet that provides free download movies to the viewers. You can check out the list below:

The Pirate Bay – Yes, it is completely banned in many countries; even the mirror sites are also inaccessible, so to download the content from The Pirate Bay, you need VPN access which will help you to open the website and provides fast download. Well, it is also safe, so the data will not get stealed but beware of viruses.

RARBG: This is another famous site in the torrent world, and it is available since 2008. It has almost 40 million visits a month. You can say that RARBG is on the list of the top ten torrent sites. After the banned Kickass Torrent (KAT) and The Pirate Bay, the RARBG is the most favourite site for the users.

1337x – This is a small website and has a minimal collection. The website does not provide games or software to the users, so that it may be disappointing. The website primarily focuses on TV Shows, Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Web Series, Documentaries, and South Movies.

It is also available in different languages so the users can enjoy it. It also offers all these things in various quality formats so a user can choose by their way. The download speed is good, and people can easily access it on their regular browser.

Yify Torrent / YTS – yts.MX: It is considered the best torrenting site because it has a phenomenal interface, and the library on display is impressive. There are 75 million visitors on this website. But be careful while downloading content from the YTS Torrent website.

Zooqle – It is not on the competitor list, but very few people know about the website. So it is safer and has less traffic, around 5 million. Apart from movies, the website is famous for games, so if you are a gamer, don’t forget to visit it. This is also the best KickAss Torrent Alternative Site.

Dirty Torrents – From this website, you can download more adult videos, games, and other things that may not be available on other platforms. This is also less popular, so go with it and enjoy your weekend.

Final Thoughts:

Many KickAss Torrent Site Alternatives are available on the internet; if we go through the whole list, it won’t get any end.

Just remember that while downloading the data, use incognito mode and VPS for safety purposes, and it is much better to download the games or movies from a legal website instead of an illegal website.

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