Best YIFY Torrents Proxy and Mirror Websites in 2022

Nowadays, many apps and websites provide lots of content, but it is not necessary that every person can afford it. So to download or watch your favourite series, you can go to the YIFY torrents websites.

People are mostly looking for places where they can download free videos, movies, songs, ebooks software, and games. So all these things are available on the YIFY Torrent website.

We all know that torrent websites are illegal in many countries, and every government banned such websites when they track any spammy activities.

However, you can still find the YIFY torrents site to download your favourite things only in a few minutes.

Many popular torrent websites are available on the internet from where any stuff can be downloaded easily. Please read the full article to get all the details and operate it and avoid the government.

YIFY Torrents is Safe or Not?

We do not promote the torrent website and download illegal content to your PC, but people are used to enjoying download movies from such websites, so please be careful.

Yes, YIFY torrents is illegal, and it may harm any user in two ways. If any government tracks the IP address, the punishment begins with a hefty fine and imprisonment.

The second one is that such sites work based on ads, so when you click on the download button, it will take you to the third window so that it may hack your data or hack by malware. So be careful while downloading any stuff from the YIFY torrent website.

Every country has its own rules and punishments are organized for such crimes, so if possible, try not to download from torrent websites.

How to Download from YIFY Torrents Site?

Millions of people download movies, songs, ebooks, software and games from the YIFY torrent site. So follow the steps.

  • Visit the YIFY torrent site with the help of a VPN; otherwise, your id will get the track.
  • Now open the private window and search for the website on Google and click on it.
  • Type the name of the thing you want on the search box or search on the category section.
  • Click on the download as it opens the third window; close it immediately.
  • If you have the torrent app on your PC or mobile, copy the link, paste it into the app, and download it immediately.
  • Keep your antivirus and firewall ready, so any malware won’t attack and scan the document before opening it.

Mirror Websites of YIFY:

Most different countries banned the alternatives of YIFY torrent site in other geological places, but still, many people can access it easily and download things for free. So checkout YIFY mirror websites.


Proxy Websites of YIFY:


Difference between Proxy and Mirror Website:

The user has to use a VPN for protection; otherwise, the device will get hacked and get harm.

The proxy website does not guarantee security and download link. It is also possible that it will get shut down with the main site.

The mirror website is a duplicate of the original website. All the content design and links are all the same, and the user can easily get the thing they want.

They are less risky, and they are not get tracked easily, so it is safe to use. VPN always help to hide IP address and get the movie or any other thing whenever you want.

Alternatives of YIFY Torrents Site:

All the torrent sites are illegal, but if the user cannot access the actual website, they go to the above list and try it.

If they find it risky, try alternative websites; it will help you download your favourite movie, series, cartoons, software, and games anytime. So let’s begin the journey.


The Kickass torrent website is a very amazing website, and people love it. You can say that the user interface collection of movies, series and everything is lovable by their fans.

Every month millions of people visit the website and download free movies anytime. The torrent sites are always popular, and people keep looking at them every time.

With the help of a VPN, it is easy to access any torrent site, and Kickass has all the collection of Bollywood free movies, Hollywood free movies, South Indian dubbed movies and so on. So don’t wait and check out the website right now.

The Pirate Bay:

In the list of torrent websites, The Pirate Bay is the oldest and most demanding website.

Millions of users are using it daily, and after getting banned from many countries, any user can easily access it from anywhere.

The interface is simple, but they contain all the HD quality video with the compressed file. It is also easy to use and search for any movies, series, or any other video.


It is another popular torrent website among users but to get more privileges. The user has to purchase the premium version for which card details must be added to the website.

Using the VPN, it is easy to secure the card details and use the antivirus to protect the device. In the premium version, the download speed increases, which takes few minutes only.

They also sent you a notification about the latest and popular videos, movies and series.


Another alternative of YIFY and the design is quite dark and attractive. The combination of black and red makes the website more attractive.

Apart from that, the downloading facility is very easy. It is easily accessible because it is not banned and not in the eye of the government.

So the chances are very low to get caught but don’t forget to use VPN. It also has mirror websites that are accessible. So don’t worry and go ahead with 1337X.

Lime Torrents:               

This something interesting for game lovers or people who are searching for software, games, and ebooks.

The above websites only provide movies, series, and tv shows, but this website also offers games, software, and ebooks.

The website has a collection of amazing games and ebooks. Users can also get all kinds of software to protect PC or get the detail about a competitor.

Users can purchase the premium version to make the download easy. So don’t miss the website and checkout and download it for free.

You can say that it is the godfather of all other torrent sites. If you’re looking for a torrent site to download anything, visit this website, and it will provide you with the whole list of torrent sites.

This is a helpful website, and it is not found on Google easily. So please beware and do not get hacked.

To use such websites, the user needs a strong VPN, or they can purchase it. The user can easily find anything here but remember it has a long list, and it looks like a directory, so don’t get lost in it.

Extra Torrent:

It is a community where people discuss and ask for help if they get stuck while downloading from the torrent.

There are millions of people who are joint in this community, and Google cannot remove them.

So we can say that it is another powerful website to download things like music, software, video games and so on.


It also contains a huge list of other torrent sites, but it does not look like a directory. The interface is simple, and it is categorized so a user won’t get stuck on the website.

Apart from that, there are 4.8 million people who visit their site. It is trustworthy and hard to ban; the government try to do it in the past but had to fail.

The average download speed is 4.4 MB/s. So don’t wait and visit the website now.


It is another amazing website to download the movie of any country for free. If the user lives in the USA, they can stream or download the UK content for free.

The website has many movies, series, tv shows, and cartoons in a different language, making the site famous and fabulous for looking for movies in a foreign language.


To look out for all TV shows, the user can visit EZTV and download their favourite TV show or get another fabulous TV show for free. Just don’t forget to use VPN and search for any TV show to download it free.


We never encourage people to download any content illegally and always respect the rules of the government.

The article is about users information who are looking for such a website and want some entertainment.

All the above details are true and if you find something new to mention then don’t forget to share with us.

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