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Before proceeding into the subject, it is vital to know about the meaning of torrents.

It is a file format that consists of metadata mainly for the bittorrents clients. It also contains metadata that helps in tracking. It also can add something new that assists the participants in the system and helps them form a group. The system of torrents also allows the user to transfer the files between computers.

On the other part, extra torrents are a reputed name in the world of a torrent. It is also counted among the best torrent sites like Pirate Bay and Kickass. It was formed in the year 2006. During that time it was mainly used for downloading files, games and movies.

The best feature of the torrent site is that it comes with advanced search functionality. Due to some options and confusions, the extra torrents were shut down on May 17th, 2017. After several attempts, the website was closed. 

It can be rightly said in this context that Extratorrent.cd is one of the sites that survived. All other sites vanished and never revived again. This was the main advantage of the site.

What is the actual meaning of Extratorrent Proxy Websites?

Extratorrent Proxy Websites are some sites that imitate the other sites. 

It may be shows, games and similar other things. Different types of communities and groups run these types of websites.

They also include an extra set of domains to a single Extratorrent website. Most of the Government sites and agencies are tracking the activities on the torrent sites.

Now let us discuss the names of some of the Extratorrent Proxy and Mirror websites. 

  1. extratorrent.ch mainly offers and provides games, movies, and various types of applications of high-quality.
  2. extratorrent.si offers torrents that are of popular movies, games and books.
  3. extratorrent.agis one of the famous successors, but it cannot be used any more. 
  4. extratorrent. Nocensor.rest is another proxy site of extratorrent that offers various types of movies, shows and games to the user.
  5. net is a popular website used to visit popular sites, mainly in restricted areas and places.
  6. Kproxy is a free and anonymous proxy that helps to bypass filters.
  7. HideMyAss helps and allows the user to unblock the website and access the restricted content to some extent. This is found to be useful. 

How an ExtraTorrent Proxy sites work to unblock ExtraTorrent?

The role of the proxy site is vital. It acts as a bridge between the users connection and destination website that the user is trying to reach. 

The moment ExtraTorrent site is used, the browser’s internet traffic is routed mainly through the proxy server just before going the extratorrent mirror sites.

This will unblock the extratorrent and allow the user to visit the extratorrent website even if it is blocked in the area or region. This is the primary process that is followed. 

What is the distinction between Proxy website and Mirror websites?

In many cases, both websites appear to be the same, but some differences exist between the two. A proxy website is a site that will allow the user to access the site in the region where they are not allowed to do so. On the other part, the Mirror website is another domain that points to the same server as the original website. 

It is observed that in both cases, the website works as the same original site. No such changes are found in the content of both Proxy websites and Mirror websites.

Why should a user use Extratorrent Proxy websites to unblock Extratorrents?

It is already known to all that Extratorrent website was taken down when it came before Copyright executives’ eyes. If anyone is looking forward to downloading content using torrent, there are no better means to unblock extratorrents by using the extratorrent proxy list.

There is a list of extratorrent proxy list that has been included only after thoroughly checking it. The checkings were made several times. Only then it was included within the list.

What are the main reasons that compel people to choose extratorrents over other torrents?

Well, several reasons are found for choosing extratorrents. Let us try to find out some of the main reasons.

  • It has some advanced and updated features. It also gives people to access P2P file-sharing system.
  • It is a user-friendly site. With the help of an advanced search engine facility, the user can quickly get their information within less time. 
  • Extratorrent has a large and massive collection of magnet and torrent links that come with a wide variety of contents. So, it can be said that extratorrent is a platform that provides the user with all types of viewing, downloading and sharing contents in digital form.

Is it possible to access extratorrent proxy and mirror site without a VPN?

Yes, it is always possible to access extratorrent proxy and mirror website without VPN. These types of proxy or mirror sites are made as a clone of the original site. They have the same content. However, the list of sites can be refreshed from time to time. It should be updated regularly to get the best news.

What are the main steps that need to be followed to unblock torrent without VPN?

  • In the first step, VPN should be downloaded in websites like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN etc.
  • Then the user should follow on-screen instructions for installing the downloaded VPN. 
  • Now open the installed VPN and sign in.
  • Once the signup process is completed, enable the software’s Network Lock Switch.
  • In the next step, connect the VPN server to a friendly country by selecting the same server by clicking simply to the connect option. 
  • The moment the connection is made stable, the user can use Extratorrent proxy mirror sites to access all the media files. It is now the user can enjoy the option of downloading files, movies and games. Most of the important works can be done with the help of this connection. It also consumes less time and effort. The user can now enjoy various types of online activities in a hassle-free manner. Many countries have banned torrent sites. India is among those countries. However, the user can use a VPN in such a case. They can use it to unlock the site. Just use the VPN and select a server of the country where it is not banned. 

Bottom Line:

So, it can be easily presumed from the whole discussion that with the emergence of the extratorrent website, most of the work seems to be more comfortable than the other ones. The extratorrent websites and Proxy mirror sites have found to be a great tool.

Extratorrent is also a dedicated site that helps the user download games, movies, and several other items. The extratorrent search engine is another interesting one that allows the more comfortable to get their required search. The Proxy mirror sites are those that are said to be the clones of extratorrent sites. They possess the same design and patterns.

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