Here’s why you should not skip reading to your kids

From the time that they are born, your child already loves to hear the sound of your voice; they can recognize familiar sounds and even identify some words. 

Multiple studies have shown how children who are exposed to books and interactive reading at an early age are more likely to perform better in reading than their peers who might have limited or no exposure to books.

In addition to their reading skills, these children who have been groomed from a young age to love books will have a wider vocabulary at their disposal; understanding the meaning of words, and knowing how to use them in context and also contribute to a better reading comprehension practice. 

Building their vocabulary does not just mean recognizing words in a book. Since reading requires good listening and understanding skills, your kids will have a larger vocabulary of words at their disposal, which will help them understand and communicate better.

Even before they understand what the words mean, children will often repeat words they have encountered in a story, or words they have heard their parents say. 

As a parent, you should provide your child with the basic education they need before they begin school. Dedicating a few hours every day to reading stories with your child can dramatically increase their love for reading and allow you to bond with them.

Of course, if your child also sees you have a healthy reading habit, they are more likely to copy you by holding up a book and staring at the pictures; even though they cannot make out the words. 

How to introduce children to books 

Like with most things concerning children, there is no sure guide to get them to act a specific way, but these tips should point them in the right direction.

Find books they love 

You may turn your trip to the bookstore into a nice bonding time for you and your child, and even allow them pick out the books that appeal to them the most. Once you find a book that they love, it would be easier to get them interested in listening to you read the stories.

If you can’t have them with you while purchasing books, simply consider stories that include some of their favorite cartoon or TV characters which you make your purchase. 

Read aloud 

Reading is fun for kids because their stories are often exciting, simple, and require a lot of dramatic hand movements to bring the stories alive. Keep them interested in the story by asking questions that do not require a yes or no answer, so they have to think about what is happening in the story. Ask them what they think is going to happen next in the story and share ideas about the characters. 

Build a bookshelf 

It does not have to be a dramatic bookshelf; you can build a small shelf with your child’s favorite books and update it regularly with new books from the library or bookstore. Surrounding children with books helps to further instill the habit of reading in them. 

If you don’t already have a reading culture in your family, this article should have you ready to build a bookshelf for your little ones in no time! The reading comprehension and many more learning materials available on KidsAcademy will further cement your child’s interest in reading, and within a few months, they might even have a favorite book!

Yashik Patel
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