Types of Journalism to Consider for Your Future Career

There are various different journalism types that are used to report news and events depending on the writer’s preference and the subject.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in journalism, it’s a good idea to narrow your search down to focus on a specific specialty.

This will allow you to identify positions that are the best fit for your qualifications, interests, and skills. Learning about the different journalism types can make it easier for you to decide the specialty that you might be the most interested in working in.

What is Journalism?

Journalism is a career path that involves the collection of information about a particular subject before reporting what is found to the audience. This is done through a range of mediums including print, broadcast media, and digital media.

Journalists report the information that they gather in a range of different ways including news articles, investigative reports, reviews, columns, features, and more. The main purpose of journalism is to research and report events that are likely to have an impact on society and people’s lives in a range of different ways.

The different types of journalism cover a range of aspects of life that have an impact or appeal to different audiences.

Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalism is a type of journalism that involves the thorough research of a topic in order to expose the evidence and delivery findings to a wider audience. It is often conducted on organizations or well-known individuals.

Investigative journalists conduct in-depth research on the topic and use a range of different tactics to collect the information that they need. Once the evidence has been collected and evaluated, the journalist will compile a comprehensive report to expose the subject and provide the evidence that supports their conclusions.

This type of journalism will often require more time to plan, research and compare in contrast to others. Investigative journalists will work with both print and broadcast media.

Online Journalism

Online journalism is a type of journalism that reports facts through a range of internet media types such as blogs, social media, and digital newspapers. Online, there is a wide range of information that is freely available to the public – however, one major problem is that the sources are not always credible.

Online journalists are tasked with creating and delivering content that meets traditional journalism standards of objectively reporting the facts that are associated with an event or situation.

It allows reporters to deliver information quickly to large audiences without the same delays that are associated with print media. An online journalism degree can be an ideal choice for those who want to prepare for this career.

Sports Journalism

Sports journalism is a type of journalism that focuses on athletic and sports news. These journalists are tasked with reporting scores, rankings, and standings for athletes and teams in a wide range of sporting events.

Sports journalism can take a range of different forms including specific genres such as investigative sports journalism, or more of an opinion style of reporting. Sports journalism can be in either broadcast, print, or online media. Sports commentating is one popular type of sports journalism both online and in broadcast media.

Entertainment Journalism

Entertainment journalism is a type of journalism that relates to trends and current events. Entertainment journalists will focus their work on reporting on the entertainment business including information about movies, TV shows, books, events, celebrities, and influencers.

Entertainment journalists can work in a range of settings including covering major events like awards ceremonies and movie premiers or reporting on general news about the entertainment industry in general. This type of journalism is available in all forms including print, online, and broadcast media.

Political Journalism

Political journalists focus their work on politics, government, and political candidates. This type of journalism covers various segments of political activity including local, national and international news relevant to the topic.

Political journalists will often report on the activities of elected government officials along with political work and processes and the results of these.

A role as a political journalist will often include both news reporting and investigative reporting to ensure that the public has the best access to information about the political activity that is going to impact them. Like many other forms of journalism today it applies to print, broadcast, and online media.

Opinion Journalism

Opinion journalists will report on topics with subjective ideas rather than using objective facts. Opinion journalists will often write stories from their own perspective, which includes their own thoughts, opinions and biases.

This form of journalism is very unique compared to the other types since unlike the other journalism options, it allows the writer to focus the piece around their own viewpoint.

Opinion journalism can be a very helpful type of journalism for helping people understand their own values and opinions along with getting information from a variety of different perspectives.

Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast journalists work to report information to their audiences through broadcast forms of media such as television or radio. There are various different forms of broadcast journalism including news, entertainment, sports, traffic, and weather.

It can also take the form of investigative and opinion journalism. Roles of a broadcast journalist include conducting reports in the field while capturing live video, narrating reports with videos playing in the background, or reading the report on TV or radio.

Watchdog Journalism

Watchdog journalism is a type of journalism that is designed to protect society from inefficiency or illegal activity from politicians, corporations, and other powers in society. In many ways, it is similar to investigative journalism as it attempts to uncover and expose any wrong actions.

A watchdog journalist monitors the activities of influential figures and large companies to report any activity that risks having a negative impact on society. This type of journalism helps to ensure that these figures and organizations are held accountable for their actions.

If you are considering a career in journalism, there are several different types to consider depending on your interests, passions, and skills. If you are searching for a journalist job at the moment, please explore the current openings at Jooble.

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