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Free Fire The Best Battle Royale?

September 30th, 2017, was the day when a new title was launched for the battlefield gamers. As it was launched for the mobile players, it didn’t have fancy or realistic graphics — Well, calling it graphics won’t sound right because it’s a more stylized animation version, like Fortnite, Dota, and much more alike.

The mobile game of 2017 has come a long way and has stepped up its game to the standards of today’s games. Now, if there is any list of mobile games that is out there, Free Fire always saves its spot in the top ten titles.

Consistency Of The Updates!

The game that used to get an annual update only now it like at every end of the month, a new patch or some minor thing gets updated, this responsiveness and consistency of update are some of the things the players of FF are really proud of.

There are a few things that always excite the players every time it is announced.

New Characters

As most of the battle royale games are very much the same, but something differs from one another, and the character’s ability is one of the things that make and stand out Free Fire in the bunch.

The character abilities were always a part of Free Fire; the first three characters were Adam, Eve, and Andrew. Since then, the family just kept on growing, and now there are 32 characters (Yet) and many to come.

If you have never played the game, let’s have a look at some of the characters that can improve your gameplay even when you aren’t a skilled player.


Which character is the best one than this first-ever functional ability from the bunch, Andrew? It’s been 3 years since his addition in the battle royal, but still, his ability is one of most common one among the players who knows the importance of durability of vest because his ability is to increase the durability of 2% and 10% when fully upgraded, did I tell you that you can also upgrade the skills of the character up to 6 tiers.


The former athlete Kelly is the character whose ability is to sprint 1% faster at her 1st tier, and if you fully upgrade her, she can run 5 % faster than the other players who aren’t using kell.

This ability is the best one to select for the close-range fights as you are faster, and with a little bit of practice over your control, you can be unstoppable even in the rank matches.

Nutty Moment!

Like Kelly, Joseph is also an awesome character to select before landing on the battlefield as it can increase the movement of the avatar to 10% even at its first tier, and when you fully upgrade him, it’s when his nutty moment really shines as his ability activates the moment you start to take upon some damage.

This way, the players can easily and quickly get to their cover in no time as he can be the fastest one in the entire game and all of the characters.


As the last two were for the close-range fighter so now let’s start with the ones who are more suitable members of the squad who always provide the best coverage to their members.

The ability of Laura is to increase the accuracy to 10% of the rifles when the player is using the scope or holographic sight. Tier 8 of the character can give you about 24% accuracy.

If you are the one who is better with rifles in every game and also going with the (AR) rifles in this game, then Laura is just the character for you and especially for the AK-47 users as it has the most of the recoil compared to any other gun.


Maxim is a competitive eater. If there is any character that you can have in with the gold coins in the store is Maxim.

His fast eating can help you to eat up all the mushrooms that are scattered on the island, so you have the most amount of EP, so you don’t have to use your health kit every time but in case of emergencies.

His eating and using medkit’s speed increases to 2% and 8% when fully upgraded. Well, his starvings aren’t the reason why he was the big hit at the convention in Singapore, but the Free Fire Maxim Leather Jacket was like the only jacket that the players loved and cosplayed as Maxim.

Upgrade/New Maps

For the longest period after its release Bermuda was the only island that Free Fire offered but thank God they kept the update going but when they announced that there’s going to be another map for the player, the whole community of every region was so amazed, and their anticipation for the Kalahari was off the chart.

Well, after its release, the reviews were mixed, but still, many players loved the open fields, fewer hideouts for all the noobs, best one to snipe; overall, the sandy theme of the island is just amazing.

There might be two maps in the Free Fire, but there’s something special about Bermuda, all the players love the close areas, fewer hideouts, and it’s a compact place which makes it more amazing to play.

Gun’s Skins And Their Abilities

There is no game in the Play Store right now that has this many things compared to all the other shooter games on the internet and especially in the battle royale category.

The Gun skins there but the attributes that they have added like increased damage, accuracy, reload speed, and some more stuff. This step by Garena has been the best and a different one from the rest of the games.

When Free Fire was launched, it had only three regions, but now almost every country has its own region and is now in the top list of the people’s choice list.

Now being on the top shooting game each year, there are many tournaments held around the globe, but the best part of every tournament is that the final is always held at the headquarters of Garena, where the finalist from every corner of the globe comes and play under one roof is a hell of an experience, but that’s not all, the ones who come to the tournament always rock some cosplayer of a different character, Luck Royal, Diamond Royal or the outfits from the game but one attire in particular Garena Free Fire Maxim Jacket that you will find at any Garena or Game Convention.

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