Everything to Know About IFVOD TV

If you are a hardcore fan of Chinese television shows and movies, the IFVOD is a prominent option. It is an excellent online streaming platform that is user-friendly and offers various classic and modern shows. 

Users do not have to break the bank to get a subscription to this platform. You can access multiple TV content and videos without a minimal charge. The best part is that you can watch famous Chinese TV shows, movies, and web series in high resolution for free. 

Additionally, it cuts down the cost of your cable connection. So, if you are interested in knowing more about the IFVOD platform, continue reading.


The IFVOD TV is a top-rated and demanding video streaming platform that allows its users to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. It has garnered immense popularity over the years due to its easy accessibility and wonderful features.

In 2006, a Chinese Company founded this platform which was previously available to the Chinese audience. But now, it is available for both Chinese and non-Chinese audiences across the globe.

Spanish, Portuguese, and English languages are available on this platform. You can access the platform through several devices at your convenience, such as a tablet, computer, mobile, laptop, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Android TV, Apple TV, etc. The users can watch different content from over 250,000 channels. In addition, IFVOD TV allows users to watch all personalized recommendations for free. 

So, you can watch anything you want without being disturbed by unnecessary commercials and ads. If you are non-Chinese, you can still watch Chinese TV shows, movies, and web series with English subtitles. You can watch all the content both online and offline. It offers the convenience of watching content with a poor internet connection.

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How To Watch IFVOD TV?

Now, you must wonder how to use the IFVOD seamlessly on any device without much hassle. If you wish to watch the existing content of this platform online, then you need a strong internet connection and a compatible device. However, there is no need to pay a single penny as it is a free video-streaming platform

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Users only need to create an account on this platform to browse original content according to their preferences. Additionally, subscription charges are not required for streaming videos, movies, channels, documentaries, conventional TV shows, etc., at IFVOD.

Which Shows and Movies Are Available On Watch IFOD TV?

Many famous movies and shows are currently available on IFVOD TV. You can also watch those shows and movies for free at your convenience. Besides this, you can even download movies to watch offline with a poor internet connection. Here is a list of well-known Television shows available on this platform for its users.

  • Love Me If You Dare (2015)
  • Apartment (2009)
  • The Story of Ming Lan (2018)
  • The King’s Woman (2017)
  • Ashes of Love (2018)
  • Eternal Love (2017)
  • Nirvana in Fire (2015)
  • Every Night (2018)
  • Dream of the Red Chamber (1987)
  • Love Like The Galaxy ( 2022)

Apart from the TV shows mentioned above, users can enjoy famous movies on IFVOD TV. Here is a list of movies you can stream online or watch offline. 

  • Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
  • Stray Dogs (2013)
  • An Elephant Sitting Still (2018)
  • The Farewell (2013)
  • Kaili Blues (2015)
  • A Simple Life (2011)
  • Let The Bullets Fly (2010)
  • Drug War (2012)
  • Farewell My Concubine (1993)
  • Winter Vacation (2010)

Here, we have mentioned the top 20 trending movies and TV shows on the IFVOD platform. But there are hundreds more shows and movies available for its users. You have to download IFVOD’s APK file to register yourself for free.

IFVOD Features

Convenient, popular, and reliable, the IFVOD TV is a unique video-streaming platform that offers a comfortable viewing experience. Moreover, it is a platform with a pool of interesting and essential features, making it a popular choice for watching movies online. Here, we have mentioned the prominent features of this platform, which help it stay ahead of its competitors. 

Excellent UI

The primary reason behind its popularity is its outstanding user interface. The user-friendly interface has grabbed the attention of many users across the globe. You can easily navigate anything you wish to watch on this platform. 

Live Telecast

If you are interested in watching ongoing sports, current news, or any other live shows or programs, then you have to look for the IFVOD app to download it. Then, you can watch all the latest news and live broadcasts for free without much hassle. 

High-Quality Resolution

Often, free video-streaming platforms do not provide their users with premium-quality content. On several other free apps or platforms, you either find the content has missing parts or is too blurry to watch the content. But, the case is the opposite here. IFVOD TV offers only high-resolution content. So, you can watch your favorite movies, series, or TV shows at different resolutions, such as Full HD, 4K, and HD. 

Free Service

Another best thing about the IFVOD platform is that it is free for every user across the globe. You do not need to pay a subscription charge to watch content online. You can also download any content on your device for free. 

Free From Ads and Commercials

Unnecessary commercials and advertisements are very irritating when you watch something on your device. So, another prominent feature of this platform is that it is an ad-free platform. So you can enjoy your favorite movie or show without any disturbance. 

Availability of A Variety of Content

Believe it or not, IFVOD TV contains over 1000 Chinese Television shows. In addition, many popular web series, movies, anime, etc., are also available. You can watch them anytime and anywhere, according to your preference.

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Supports Several Languages

This specific feature is beneficial for non-Chinese audiences. So, IFVOD supports Spanish, Russian, English, Arabic, and Portuguese languages. Therefore, people who do not understand Chinese can still watch the content of this platform.

IFVOD Alternatives & Competitors

With the emerging demand for online video-streaming platforms, the internet is loaded with similar platforms like IFVOD TV. So, if you wish to know about this platform’s competitors and alternative options, we will help you. Below, we have mentioned a few similar platforms like IFVOD


Like IFVOD TV, IFSP TV is a famous USA-based online streaming platform. Most of the viewers of this platform are Chinese. However, people from every country can watch the content of IFSP TV. 

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It is another popular alternative that has gained popularity across the world. In 2006, IFUN TV came up in Africa, but now it is available for a global audience. Many Chinese people watch content from this specific platform. 

One major drawback of this platform is that it does not contain original premium-quality content. Instead, you will find mostly pirated or copied versions of the original content. 

Duonao TV

It is a well-known online streaming platform for Chinese shows, web series, movies, and documentary lovers. In terms of usage, it is similar to the IFVOD. To use this platform, you must download the APK version to register. After that, you can watch any content you want. 

A negative point of this platform is that it mainly contains shows in Chinese or Mandarin. So, if you want to watch shows or movies in your native language, IFVOD is the ideal option for you. 

IFVOD Pros And Cons

Recently, every online streaming app or platform has advantages and disadvantages. So, the IFVOD TV is no exception. Whether you are using the platform or thinking of using it, it is always better to know the pros and cons of the platform. Therefore, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this platform to help you understand whether you should use it. 

Pros of the IFVOD

  • A significant advantage of using this platform is that it is free. So, you do not need to pay satellite subscription or cable connection.
  • The users can access multiple TV shows, movies, and web series, including several Chinese content.
  • High accessibility is another significant advantage of this platform. You can watch content on several devices, including tablets, mobile phones, desktops, laptops, etc. 

Cons of the IFVOD

  • Multiple contents are available on this platform, so you may encounter difficulties finding your favorite show. 
  • The streaming content quality may fall if you watch something online and have a poor internet connection. 


Is the IFVOD TV available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store?

Yes, the app is available on both Apple and Google Play Store. Therefore, you can install the app from your respective stores. Besides this, you can even search for the APK file of the app on Google and install the app manually on the android or apple device. 

Do the users need to pay any additional charge or subscription fee to use the platform?

The most exciting thing about IFVOD is that users can watch content on this platform for free. So, you do not need to invest a single penny in watching your favorite content on this platform.

What is the origin of IFVOD TV?

It is mainly a Chinese app that was first introduced in 2006. Then, a Chinese Company founded this platform that contains a vast collection of Chinese movies, TV shows, etc. But now, it is available in different languages for non-Chinese audiences. 


With the advancement of modern technology, the internet has become a hub for endless supplies of multiple things. For example, watching web series and movies on different platforms has become very common. 

If you are searching for such a platform to watch premium-quality content for free, then IFVOD TV is the perfect option for you. But you must remember that most contents on this platform are in Chinese. So, if you are a fan of the Chinese entertainment industry, nothing performs better than this platform.

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