10 Simple Ways to Deal with Stress

Dealing with abnormal pressure at times turns hectic, really, and it is highly possible to find time for relaxation between all our to-do lists and to- calls every day. But it isn’t impossible to relieve yourself from stress altogether. Excessive, intense pressure on the mind increases spikes in blood levels leading to type 2 diabetes and lowers our body’s immunity leading to sleepless nights.

Following are the 10 simple ways to deal with stress

Squash your stress by following some of the simple ideas that reap you many health benefits at the same time:

  1. Drinking tea is the traditional method of relieving stress, and researchers found that drinking tea lowers cortisol levels, a stress hormone. Cortisol is secreted by adrenal glands in response to anxiety and fear and is responsible for weakening immunity and excess belly fat.
  2. Daily exercise frees your body from stress hormones and increases your endorphin levels, causingfeelings of pleasure. Workaholics need to dedicate a particular time for exercises, and it is a natural and healthy outlet for stress.
  3. Apart from regular workouts, swimming and biking have also been to reduce stress compared to jogging.The chances are that jogging causes joint stress, but swimming and biking cause less strain and makes you feel refreshed, and relieve your mind from mental stress.
  4. Reducing the intake of alcohol and caffeine also has a significant impact on overcoming stress.The fact is that alcohol intake increases stress response, making a human get addicted to the wrong things, which is a kind of stress condition. Caffeine is responsible for increasing stress levels at the workplace. So it is necessary to reduce the intake of these two.
  5. Change your diet chart. Shift to healthy foods.Increase the intake of complex carbs such as whole grains, pasta, Vitamin A rich foods such as carrots, oranges, and also foods high in magnesium such as green leafy vegetables, soybeans, fish, and black, or green tea that are rich in antioxidants are good for your health. In short, opt for a stress-free healthy diet.
  6. Relax your body by whatever natural means you would like to go for.Listening to soothing music, getting a breath of fresh air, read a good book, or involve yourself in some creative artwork that interests you. These sound simple, but they do work in freeing your mind from earthly tensions.
  7. Consume more water.Water has been given the utmost importance in relieving stress. Replace all your unhealthy drinks like alcohol, soft drinks with water. This keeps your body hydrated for so long. A dehydrated body creates cortisol, a stress hormone that can be prevented by consuming more water.
  8. Adopt practicing yoga and meditation in your daily life.Dedicating 5 minutes to meditation can help you relieve the mental stress that is bothering your mind or long. Try practicing gentle yoga-like stretches and slow body movements, clear your mind, and give a double relaxation effect.
  9. A hectic schedule is a significant cause of stress. So, it is necessary to organize your schedule and by simplifying the number of targets, you got to reach that day. Minimize all unnecessary activities which increase the number of daily tasks than that limiting. Do not perform any tasks which are not essential to be handled that day. Leave some room for downtime and fun.
  10. Early to bed and early to riseis a success mantra to relieve stress daily.Eating on time, sleeping at the right hours, reducing overwork are all other alternatives to overcome stress. Rest in between if you have to tackle several works at a time. Provide yourself a little space that helps you regain your energy to perform the next task actively.

These are some simple ways to overcome stress in daily routine and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle sooner or later.

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