6 Best Cartoons Shows You Need to Watch in 2022

In the past, cartoons were thought of as something that was only for kids but now the times have changed.

Today the cartoon industry has become a huge form of entertainment for kids as well as adults.

With new shows becoming better and better in terms of animation and storylines, the carton/anime industry has become a huge business. There are some animated shows that are even recognized as R-rated which shows how this industry has changed its target audience successfully.

Due to the huge variety of shows and animated stuff out there, you sometimes feel overwhelmed while choosing a cartoon show to watch.

Here we will take you through some top-rated shows that you can watch in your free time and have endless fun.

1. Boruto: Naruto the Next Generation

This show has received much recognition from the anime and cartoon community for its cool animation and plot. One reason for its hype is that it is a sequel to the series Naruto which ruled the anime world for more than a decade and gained so much fame. You can watch the series on Kisscartoon for free.

Boruto is the son of the strongest Ninja and the village leader termed as “Hokage” Naruto. The story revolves around him trying to surpass his father and to prove himself. The awesome action and the cool side stories make this series best for you.

2. The Family Guy

This series premiered in 1999 and is still ongoing which speaks volumes about how famous the show is. It is an adult sitcom that follows the life of peter griffin and his ordinary family doing some crazy and unreal stuff. The script of the show is witty and well thought.

The family often goes on unexpected adventures which make you laugh as well as keep you on your toes with its action. If you haven’t already seen this show then we suggest you try it out as soon as you get a chance. You will not be disappointed and that is a promise.

3. Dragon Ball Super

This is an amazing action series with highly detailed animation and fight sequences. This show is a sequel to Dragon Ball Z which is another classic OG anime. This show is famous for its action and people not only from Japan but all over the world love watching it.

The protagonist Goku and his team of powerful friends fight the strongest enemies both from the earth and the aliens. The show tells one about the importance of hard work and determination. The series is filled with strong characters on both good and bad sides. Try out this show if you love high-quality animation and you are into the action genre.

4. Rick and Morty

This show has been around for almost 8 years now and is still being released. It follows the story of Rick who is an Old eccentric but extremely smart scientist who lives with his son-in-law and daughter beth and their two kids.

Morty his grandson and Rick both often get into a serious mess due to Rick’s crazy inventions. The show maintains humor as well as a great detail to stories and scientific facts. You can watch this show on free streaming sites like Movierulz etc. This show is a must-watch if you are into sci-fi and comedy.

5. One Piece

This is another top-class animated show to watch with powerful characters and stories. The story follows the life of a pirate named Monkey. D Luffy whose aim is to be the king of all pirates and to find the greatest treasure ever the “One Piece”.

This show is filled with exciting plot twists, wars, and fights. The animation is top-notch which makes it even cooler to watch the show.

6. One-Punch Man

The plot follows the life of a guy named Saitama who is the most powerful among all other heroes in his world. No one really knows how he got that power and why no one has ever been able to defeat him. There is an organization that hires heroes and gives them ranks.

There are powerful monsters and supernatural creatures which Saitama and his disciple Genos fight. The animation of this show is simply excellent. Despite being released recently this show has gained so much fame and recognition and every anime/cartoon lover knows this show which clearly tells how good it really is.

Final thoughts

There are literally hundreds of new animated shows and movies being released and it naturally becomes hard to pick one. But it is time you stopped wondering and started watching any of the above-mentioned shows.

Why waste any more of your time thinking about which shows to watch when you have already got these great options. We hope this article helps you in your search for the best cartoon show to watch in 2021 and saves up your precious time and energy.

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