10 Lesser known advantages of health insurance policies

A health insurance plan is necessary today to manage medical expenses caused by illnesses and accidents. On the other hand, policy buyers should consider choosing a policy with no upper age limit that will help reduce stress and other problems.

It provides methods to get maximum protection from high medical costs that will help lead problem less life.

One can buy the care plus health plans for individuals and families at affordable prices. A majority of policyholders don’t know about the advantages of health insurance plans after buying them from a company.

Unknown benefits of health insurance plans

1. Convalescence advantage

Some policyholders require hospitalization for prolonged periods which leads to additional expenses. The convalescence benefit offered by a health insurance plan allows a lump sum for 7 to 10 days to insurers in the recovery process. Moreover, it even provides coverage for compassionate visits for family members that give ways to save more money.

2. Organ donor expenses

The costs of organ transplants are high and getting the right type of insurance covers costs before a surgery. However, insurers should keep in mind that an insurance company offers covers only for organ replacement and not for other expenses such as hospitalization of a donor, testing costs, etc.

3. Medical concierge services

Most hospitals provide concierge services for insurers when they become sick. The staff will provide a collection of services for them after knowing the details of patients. At the same time, the expenses are high and not everyone can afford them.

Many companies offer coverage for them under a health insurance plan enabling insurers to experience peace of mind to a large extent. It allows a policyholder to save more money on concierge services after getting admission to a hospital.

4. Domiciliary hospitalization

Although many insurance companies offer coverage for hospitalization expenses, some policyholders don’t get a hospital room for treatment. In such cases, insurers can choose home treatment services after getting approval from a doctor. Having a health insurance policy will cover expenses for domiciliary hospitalization that will help reduce costs.

5. Allowance for attendants

Health insurance offers a daily cash allowance for insurers to gain more benefits. It also provides an allowance for attendants who take care of an insurer in a hospital.

The allowance enables an attendant to get amounts for his/her personal needs such as refreshment and food. This allowance is available for attendants daily and has restrictions on the number of hospitalization days.

6. Alternative treatment

Some insurance companies offer coverage for alternative treatments such as homeopathy, Ayurveda, and naturopathy. On the other hand, it is wise to check whether such a facility is available in a plan or not before investing money. This, in turn, gives ways to recover from illnesses with high success rates.

7. Reinstatement of insured funds

An insurer will receive a guaranteed fixed amount during a policy term. However, he/she may face problems when the entire sum assured amount gets exhausted on a single claim before a policy term ends. In such cases, one can restore the benefits for further treatments.

8. No loading charges

An insurance company offers no claim bonus for policyholders when they don’t claim any amounts during a policy year. However, it includes a loading charge on the premiums for high-risk insurers during the renewal process.

Some insurance companies offer a benefit that prevents a policyholder from additional loading charges even though he/she claims during a policy period.

9. Top-ups

A policyholder requires coverage at every stage of life such as marriage, promotion, and the birth of a child. Therefore, he/she should get ready for everything because expenses will increase which can affect the income.

Several insurance companies offer top-ups for a policyholder to ensure wider coverage. It allows a person to spend some little amount instead of buying a new policy that will help save more money.

10. Lifelong renewal

Most insurance companies have restrictions on the upper age limit when people want to buy health insurance plans. At the same time, some of them provide lifelong renewal to get coverage under a policy for up to 80 years or more.

Where to buy care plus health insurance plans?

Care plus health insurance plans are a product of Care Insurance, the topmost company in the Indian insurance markets. It provides plans with no upper age limit for buyers with the best features to enhance financial security in life.

The company offers plans at affordable prices allowing customers to order them online at estimated budgets. Apart from that, it paves methods to explore policies in one place which helps to choose the right plan based on the requirements and other things.

Those who want to know more details about plans can contact the customer care team or representatives to reduce complex issues.

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