Cancer Zodiac Sign (June 22 – July 22): What Are the Personality Traits of a Cancer?

If your birthday falls between June 22 and July 22, then in the world of zodiac signs, you are a Cancer. The Crab is the symbol for this sign, but water and the moon are also important images.

Learning what your zodiac sign means for your personality helps you get the most out of consultations with love psychics, and it aids you in understanding who you are. Read on to find out the top six personality traits for Cancers.

1. Protectiveness

Cancers feel deep bonds with their relatives and friends, and they will do almost anything to protect the people they care about. When their friends and family are in danger, they feel as if they have to help resolve the situation immediately.

This protective trait is tied to the image of the Crab because crabs carry their homes with them wherever they go. Similarly, Cancers always think of their homes and try to protect the people who live there.

2. Loyalty

Cancers’ tendency to be protective connects to one of their other top traits: loyalty. Usually, it takes a while for Cancers to forge strong relationships with new people.

Once they have developed these bonds, though, Cancers have a commitment to their relationships like no other sign members. Because of this unfailing loyalty, when Cancers consult with the best psychic reader online, they’re often cautioned to think of themselves and their own beliefs a little more.

3. Concern for Others

Cancers’ loyalty and protectiveness do not come at the expense of their emotions. Rather than blindly offering protection and comfort to their loved ones, Cancers offer real emotional support to the people in their circle.

Cancers tend to make nurturing parents and caregivers, and they expend lots of time and energy to make their romantic partners feel loved.

4. Irritability

Psychic mediums often address Cancers’ irritability during readings, because this tendency towards moodiness makes it hard for Cancers to interact with people who don’t show their emotions as much.

Although Cancers are empathetic, they don’t like discussing their own emotions, and they’re usually uncomfortable asking for help or support. When Cancers are upset or dealing with too many emotions, they respond by becoming irritable and shutting out their loved ones.

5. Sensitivity

Being caring and vulnerable for other people makes Cancers much more sensitive than other zodiac signs. Cancers do not forget insults, even if they’re accidental or sarcastic. They also do not take criticism well, whether it’s in the workplace or a romantic relationship.

6. Intuitiveness

While Cancers’ strong emotions make them hard to get along with, they also help Cancers look beyond the present moment and examine other people’s emotions and thoughts. It’s hard to lie to a Cancer, and it’s easy for Cancers to make important decisions because they are able to judge the future much more easily.

Before your next psychic reading, make sure to educate yourself about your zodiac sign so that you can make the most of your psychic’s advice.

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