Best Budget-Friendly Tourist Attractions In Australia For 2021

tourist attractions

Are you a traveler and nature lover? Australia is the best destination for all travelers around the whole world. The entire country is full of beautiful beaches and free wild lives. Here you can find quite unique natural balances and verities among humans and animals.

The natural view of the country is quite beautiful. Australia is one of the best destinations for nature-loving tourists who love seas, nature, and beautiful sunny beaches. No wonder that you will get multiple choices of tourist attractions in Australia.

But among the long list, budget-friendly places are always in the top priority list of any tourist. The appropriate travel planning and travel ideas will help you to meet up your travel expectations.

The beautiful wildlife and marine life are the assets of these countries. The beautiful blue sea water never lets your expectations down in respect to any traveler. Almost every beach has a facility for adventure sports and other adventurous entertainment.

But if you are a tourist and you want to visit Australia. If, unfortunately, the traveling time frame is very small. This is the right place where you will get the idea about Australia’s primary attractions points.

Top 4 Budget-Friendly Tourist Attractions In Australia For 2021

tourist attractions

If you are a tourist, then do not miss out on one of these budget-friendly places. Your Australia tour will be fragmentary if you can not visit these four places.

Here is the list of the top four budget-friendly popular tourist attractions in Australia.

 1. Sydney Harbour

Like the city circle tram, the other tourist attraction is the Sydney Harbour. The bridge of the harbor is another attraction for tourists. The bridge is 134 meters high above the harbor.

This is an enormous arch structure bridge. This is the largest steel arch shape bridge in the whole world. This 500-meter long bridge is connected to Sydney’s North Shore from the central business district area.

This wide bridge consists of almost eight lanes to control the road traffic. The side of the Sydney Harbor is consists of a pedestrian path, and two railway lines are extended over the bridge.

If you want to enjoy the view of the harbor then you must have to be at the top of the bridge. That top point of this high bridge will give you full satisfaction. The spectacular view of the harbor will make you feel like just living in dreamland.

In the southeastern pier, you can overview the construction history of the bridge. When you see the history of this epic harbor and bridge. The thrilling experience will give you the true feeling of traveling in Australia.

2. Sydney Ferries

Sydney is the land that is covering all directions with the blue or sapphire color seawater. The land is just like living on the sea. The Sydney ferries are all-time popular among the tourists. If you want to feel how the Gadigals are paddling their canoes around the Australian seas. Then the ferries are the best medium to feel the thrill and adventures of the past.

At the present time, ferries are the best way among the travel ideas in the land. Still, now you will manage to see many local people are traveling with their fishing boats in search of fishes or traveling in the other part of the land. The waterway is a very important part if you want to enjoy the harbor view.

These ferry services have multiple routes that you can explore. The ferries fees depend on the distance which you are willing to travel. In all the routes of the ferry services will get to see the beautiful shore and the wonderful lighthouses.

Here is a small list of ferries which you can take to travel in the harbor
  • Darling Harbour
  • Manley
  • Cockatoo Island
  • Watson Bay
  • Mosman

These all are popular destinations and everywhere you will find a beautiful shore and the beautiful blue sea.

3. Sydney Opera House

Australia and Sydney are quite incomplete without visiting this iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the one shining diamond on the crown of Australia. The glamorous and the famous Opera House.

The structure is quite attractive and unique. The Opera Building is shaped like a shell. The surrounded by the water that structure and water give a more realistic look like a shell. The exterior and interior boath very, very glittery, and shiny.

You can enjoy the exterior view from the nearest restaurants and malls. Or you can book a concert. The beautiful structure was built in 1973; this is also a historic Opera where most famous singers and musicians are performing.

The whole structure’s interior is filled up with multiple choices of restaurants and galleries. If you want to feel the history of the Opera House, then just book a walking tour of the Opera. Whenever you see the opera houses gallery and the historical pictures, you will get the chance to live in the past.

 4. The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Traveling in Australia remains incomplete without visiting the Kangaroo Sanctuary. If you are an animal lover and lone to see wild animals free, this sanctuary is the best option for you. This is a fantastic rehabilitation park for adult and baby kangaroos.

This beautiful park is just located in the center of Australia. The sanctuary is full of Australia’s iconic red kangaroos. The sanctuary is just located outside of Alice Springs.

This big and large 188 score area is full of multiple species of Kangaroos. From here, you will get the whole experience of different species of kangaroos. The park is open from Tuesday to Friday, and you will hardly get 3 hours to travel the whole place.


This beautiful large land is larger than the whole of Europe. The cities and the natural view are always beautiful, natural, and population-wise quite balanced.

Australia is the perfect example of an excellent combination of vibrant nature, diverse people, and the beautiful coast.

The gorgeous beaches, beautiful ferries are just waiting for you. You have a chance to feel the free spirit inside you via these famous tourist attractions in Australia.

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