Benefits of Azure administrator certification

Working as an Azure Administrator is a valued job position in recent times.

An Azure Administrator is responsible for executing, monitoring, and maintaining the Microsoft Azure solutions.

He/she works on all prominent services concerning computing, storage, networking, and security. To become a successful Azure administrator, you need to pass the Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) Exam.

The AZ-104 Azure Administrator Certification course imparts IT professionals various significant skills.

These include how to effectively secure identities, handling their Azure subscriptions, administering the infrastructure, and configuring virtual networking.

Also, it includes making a connection to Azure and on-premises sites, handling network traffic, implementation of storage solutions, deploying and scaling virtual machines, implementing web apps and containers, and back up and share data.

The corresponding learning path is uniquely designed to help you crack the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator exam.

Though you don’t want to take the exam, the course, and its practical labs will assist you to get started on the journey of becoming an Azure administrator.

Who benefits from Azure Administrator certification?

This course is dedicated to Azure Administrators. The professionals working in this position deal with the cloud services that cover storage, networking, and cloud computing abilities.

He/she possesses a profound understanding of these services across the entire IT lifecycle. They accept requests from end-users for novel cloud applications.

Subsequently, they make recommendations on services to utilize for optimal performance and scalability. With the Azure Administrator certification, the professional can effectively communicate and coordinate with vendors.

The corresponding role is designed for those candidates possessing the skills to execute, monitor, and maintain the Microsoft Azure solutions.

Moreover, when you earn Microsoft Azure Administrators certification, you will gain access to several extra benefits. Considering job security, this certification proves to be very useful.

Let’s first look at the overview of this certification.

The subjects covered are:

  • Managing Azure identities and governance
  • Implementation and managing storage
  • Deploying and managing Azure compute resources
  • Configuring and managing virtual networking
  • Monitoring and back up Azure resources
Targeted Audience:
  • IT professionals willing to become Azure administrators or those preparing for Microsoft’s AZ-104 exam
  • Knowledge of IT architecture

Different task skills of Azure Administrator:

  • Ability to restart the Azure components, clusters, as well as virtual machines
  • Creates custom scripts for automating support procedures with the ability to remove the unused VMs
  • Creates and handles the swap space on installed cloud systems according to the customer policies within the cloud systems
  • Recognize the problem at the Azure level and solve it
  • Manage Azure subscriptions and profiles

Benefits of this certification:

Flexibility and security:

A professional with Azure administrator certification can efficiently use Azure to operate applications without suffering from hassles of unnecessary coding. This certification benefits them with flexibility, efficient storage, and security.

Ease of learning:

The majority of the businesses are acquainted with the Windows OS. Therefore, Azure presents a smooth learning curve when compared to the few other cloud platforms.

An individual with Azure certifications will be able to make a smooth transition for the staff in the company. An Azure administrator can easily adapt to other Microsoft Azure skills without much effort or hassles.

Advanced technology:

Azure provides all the tools to manage every task related to deployment, management, and design of Cloud platforms. The Azure Administrator certification prepares the candidate with sufficient knowledge of futuristic technology.

Since Azure cloud technology is innovating every day, the mentioned certification equips the candidates with all vital skills essential to managing different roles.

The certified Azure Administrator can efficiently use contemporary technology and will make the most benefits of the available resources. So, the business can run proficiently and smoothly.

Career growth:

Since the growth of Azure Training is quickly increasing, there is a raising need for Azure Administrators in leading organizations. This certification provides benefits and value especially when it comes to the recruitment process.

A huge mass of candidates has already confirmed that this certification has improved its earnings significantly. There are high prospects for better job roles. Earning the certification and then updating your LinkedIn profile through this certificate will enhance your job profile. Furthermore, it raises your odds of getting chosen quickly.

For companies, hiring experienced and qualified Azure Administrator will assist their staff in other departments. So, it becomes easy for training the staff on how every application and software works.

Hiring a certified employee will allow your business to reap the benefits of all the services that Azure has to offer. Not only that but qualified and experienced individuals will also help your staff in other departments by teaching and training them about how all the software and applications work.

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