5 reasons why mobile application is useful for your business

Everything is going mobile these days. Smartphones have made it from the communication tools to the essentials. Literally, every aspect of life is somehow connected to the mobile device of its owner.

And the statistics are really impressive. Flurry research reveals that the average U.S. consumer spends about 3 hours and 40 minutes per day on his mobile device. Wherein 90 percent of this time belongs to mobile apps.

In the year 2015 apps for retail business have demonstrated the unprecedented growth of 81% that consecutive every year till now. Speaking in particular about retail business, here are the main drivers that make users installing mobile apps:

  • 54% of consumers find it way more convenient to use for shopping an app than a website;
  • 27% likes discounts and lower prices that could be provided through mobile application for business
  • 6% like to shop from any place and time even being not on a computer.

These insights are crucial for business owners who are looking for new opportunities. Even though your business itself seems to be totally offline, there are still plenty of options how the mobile app for your business can benefit.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 primary reasons to consider mobile app development for business:

Reason 1: Your Customers Want You to Have an App

The latest research shows that people avoid phone calls. Especially if they need to talk to somebody, they don’t know. It is out of their comfort zone. They would rather get all the necessary information and required service using their devices.

There are literally plenty of options to help your customers avoid phone conversation and get what they want. Your app can provide them with further services. Here are only a few most common:

  • Finding the location of your business
  • Checking the working hours
  • Reading reviews about your products and services
  • Getting all the information about your goods and services
  • Booking an appointment, table or product
  • Tracking the delivery status

Reason 2: App Can Become Additional Revenue Channel

Except for online purchases of your products or services you can additionally monetize your application. It can be possible with the help of in-app advertisements, adding pay features and through partners programs.

There were even cases when app owners managed to build a brand new business around the application, and it doesn’t directly relate to the offline one.

Reason 3: You Can Make Your Loyalty Program Even More Loyal

There are many different options of how to bring additional benefits for your consumers with the help of mobile apps for small business.

Loyalty is what makes customers return over and over again. It is even more crucial for small local business when consumers retention is the basis of success.

For instance, you can provide some bonuses for check-ins, photos with your hashtags or sharing in social networks. Also, you can add a gamification feature and create exciting shopping experience both for offline and online purchases.

Reason 4: An app can enhance overall marketing efforts

By incorporating data gathering and analytics into your app, you will get access to the vast amount of data about every single user. These metrics will empower online marketing efforts like email campaigns, banners or customized offers.

But the possibilities are not limited to this. Information that was gathered online can help you to improve your product or service itself and collect positive feedbacks and new customers.

Reason 5: With an App, You Can Outperform Your Competitors

The last, but the not least reason, actually. Everybody likes to try something new, and your customers are not an exception. Providing great products is not enough today. Your clients also seeking out exciting and valuable user experience. And if you are not able to provide it, they will find it at your competitors.

Summing It Up

Creating an app can become the next big thing for your business. The most important here is to choose the right app development vendor to help you. We have found a detailed guide from one of the leading app development companies The App solutions. Check it out before you decided to start your own.

As a bonus, here is a list of crucial things to consider before you start:

  1. For having a substantial presence on the market, it is better to go with a native app development, which means having a separate application for every operating system like iOS or Android.
  2. The app should be continuously updated and improved with new features and information. Content adding can be provided through the admin panel, and for technical updates, you should keep in touch with your app development company.

Don’t forget about security issues and protecting your customer’s data, especially if there is a payment feature in your app.

That’s it, These were the 5 reasons why mobile application is useful for your business, If you have any queries then feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

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Yashik Patel is a Google Certified, Digital Marketing and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years experience in SEO, SEM and ORM (Online Reputation Management) field.

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