8 Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord in 2023

Check Best voice changer apps for Discord

The voice changer is software used to change your pitch, tone, or voice while recording audio that you can share with others through email and social media sites.

Some people use Discord software for privacy reasons, while others do it just for fun.

Apart from communication with other people, it allows for real-time text and image sharing too. It generally aims at gamers so they could chat with others during the game session.

Voice-changing tools have recently gained popularity because a majority of gamers want to remain anonymous on popular gaming platforms like Twitch.

Like every coin has two sides, technology has drawbacks, too, along with benefits. Although you can get benefits from these tools, they are subject to misuse.

Underage children also use these tools to enter the adult gaming world.

This blog discusses some of the most popular and beneficial voice changer apps. However, make sure that the voice changer software you choose offers a wide variety of voices you can switch to, enables easy installation, and consumes little bandwidth. Do not forget to take into account your budget.


This free software works with other applications apart from Discord like Skype and Steam. It runs in the background and can modify audio coming from the microphone.

It is convenient to set up and compatible with all types of Windows. Here are the features of this tool:

  • It has a sound player to play various types of sounds.
  • Voice assistance feature can turn text into speech.
  • It can efficiently manage your microphone’s background music.
  • It offers various types of voice effects


Like Clownfish, this is a free tool, too but with impressive voice filters. You will have numerous voice effects that you can use for fun as well as for practical reasons.

Additional voice filters make this software more amazing because you can give a lot of effects on your voice.

You can even sound like a robot. It is convenient to set up and does not require rocket science to operate.

This software also aligns with other streaming platforms like Skype, Twitch etc. Here are the features:

  • It offers a ton of different voices so that you can switch from one to another.
  • The software’s sound effects sound more natural.
  • It is compatible with all apps and games.


It is also a free tool, but it caters to advanced users, which means it targets those users who know how to do audio mixing.

It can help you give an audio effect that best suits your purpose. This software does not aim at people who do not know about audio mixing.

It is more complex in structure and operation. It is not so easy to customise new audio effects, and this becomes one of its drawbacks. Here are the features of this tool:

  • It is easy to install.
  • It Support DX, MME, KS, ASIO, and WDM interfaces

Voxal voice changer

This free software can enable you to change an disguise your voice on all gaming platforms. This is a better tool because it offers limitless options for changing the voice.

It will sweep you off your feet because you can sound like a baby, man, woman, devil, and the like.

When you pair it with video games and podcasts, it performs phenomenally well. It changes your voice to the extent that it becomes anonymous. Nobody will be able to understand that it is your voice.

The best part of this software is you do not need to change its settings every time you use it. Here are the features:

  • It creates customised voice effects
  • All effects are applied in real-time.


If you want to improve your experience, think of using MorphVOX. Changing the tone and pitch of your voice can help you sound like a man and a woman.

You can also add background music while talking to your friend. If you want to access all features, you will have to subscribe. Here are the features:

  • You have a wide variety of high-quality voice effects.
  • You can optimise it for online game streaming.
  • It has customised features of mouse and joystick.

Voice changer

You can use this app on all Android devices. By applying effects on audio files, you can change your voice.

It is convenient to set up and you can sound like a baby, woman, robot, etc. Here are the features of this software:

  • You can change and disguise your voice.
  • It allows you to check your voice effect demo.
  • You can tweak the audio.

AV voice changer

This software can change your voice entirely that no one will be able to understand it belongs to. You can sound like anything you want, including a robot. Here are the features of this tool:

  • It comes with a voice recorder as well as a voice editor.
  • It can create customised sound effects.
  • It can integrate with all types of VoIP tools.

Super voice editor

As the name suggests, this can record and edit your voice. You can also make your voice similar to your favourite star.

It also allows you to add voice effects to your audio files. Here are the features of this tool:

  • You can use this tool for phone calls and sending messages.
  • This application supports numerous effects, including a robot, older man, child, man, woman, and so forth.
  • It can shorten your mp3 audio clip.
  • You can send voice effects to your friends with no hassle.

These voice changer tools can enhance your online experience. There are various other tools offering more advanced features. However, you will have to pay for subscriptions.

They do not cost you a fortune, but if you still do not have enough money for many reasons, like you are jobless, you can take out doorstep loans for unemployed. These loans are affordable because you will pay down the debt in weekly instalments.

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