Best Free Online Texting Messages for Smartphone Users

There was a time when free online texting messages were fun. Daily, people send text messages to each other for free and fun.

Nowadays, online platforms have taken the place of text messages, and most people are used to it, but sending text messages anonymously is still in fashion.

Today, we will know about websites that provide Free online texting to anyone. So read the whole article and choose your website to send the free text messages to anyone. So let’s begin the journey.


TextEm is a free texting online platform where you can send free text messages to anyone, but you need to create an account with your phone number or Gmail account before you do that.

You can create a list of people, send them text messages whenever you want, and keep your contacts private. You cannot send messages to various countries; even it cannot be done outside North America and Canada.

Well, it does not support bulk messaging, and it has a limit of up to 10 to 20 messages, so do it very carefully.

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SendSMSnow is another amazing app, and you can send messages to multiple people. Before sending the messages, you have to create an account, and they will charge 1 cent for each message.

It also allows group messages to send up to 20 people or more. It allows only 130 characters in the messages. You cannot verify the place when you get the messages. Using this app, no one can find your identities, and you can send messages anonymously to anyone.


It is one of the most popular SMS provider platforms, which is popular among the youngsters, and with the help of this platform, you can send bulk texting online free or send it on the group.

Various deals are going on this platform. You can go with the free or paid version according to your budget and go ahead with it. As you purchase the account and go with Free online texting, you can earn rewards in many ways and cashback.

As you send the referral link to your friends and use the website or app, you can also get the reward, and your friend gets the reward.


This is another famous free texting online platform from which people can send messages and not be tracked. The website runs lots of ads on their platform, so you can see lots of ads and popups as you open the website.

Well, you can use the free version, but it will allow only a limited amount of messages. It also allows you to earn rewards and cashback while finishing the survey pages and watching video ads.


Messagebird is a very large platform, and it is used by many big companies such as Dominos, IKEA, TNW, Levi’s, and so on.

They also provide a free trial and paid version for use. This platform is specially used for business purposes and not for personal messages, so if you’re looking for professional Free online texting, go ahead otherwise.

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SS Infos

It is an online advertising agency and marketing service. This platform is also used for sending ads SMS to people. This platform can use also texting online free to many people. You can use this for your business purpose and promote your business for a long period.


This website works with 50 countries, mostly North America, the European Union, and Asian countries. You can attach pictures, videos, and audio content to SMS as well.

You can send up to 140 characters of message on this platform, and the user does not have to create an account. You can use it for free without creating an account.


txtDrop has been working since 2013, and it is completely free. You don’t need to create an account. Just open the website and send the messages to the people you want.

As you send text messages to other people, you reply to your email. Well, this website is also on a Mac device. This device only works in US and Canada but not in other countries.


Indyarocks is also a Free online texting platform to send unlimited messages for 240 characters. To go with unlimited texting online free, you can download the songs, videos and play online games.

You have to create an account and download and upload the image. It has very easy navigation, and it is easy to use.


This is another amazing platform for Free online texting to anyone of your contacts. It is a widely used platform to send free texting online to many people, and apart from that, the user can also download the 2D and 3D images from the website.

The platform is unlimited, and it also posts ads and other things on its platform. You can check out the website and use it.


This website can send Free online texting to many people within 10 seconds and get free of it. They can also send messages in groups to reach many people. The sms is reliable and fast, and here you can also download the wallpapers and install them on your screen.

Send Anonymous SMS

If you want to send SMS without any registration, you can try to Send the Anonyuomus SMS website and go with it.

This website provides free SMS to multiple users, and for that, you don’t need to create an account. The word limit is 145 characters only, and you can easily go with it.


Many other websites provide just 145 to 150 characters for Free online texting, but this website provides up to 300 characters, and according to the owners of the website, they do not log the IP address, which is good for the users.


This website supports 260 characters long, and it also offers free voice calling on any mobile network.

There is no per-day limit, so you can easily go with it and create an account. After login, you can go with a free version and paid version. This website also provides a 24×7 service for free and premium messages. The choice you can make.


Well, Free online texting is not easy to search and go ahead with it because every website is different, and they have different restrictions.

All you need to know is to check out the list and choose the website you want to use for online free texting. If you have any suggestions, share them with us and contact us.

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