What Makes A UX Company Different From A Web Design Company?

Some years back, everything was very simple to deal with. At that time, a web designer was required to design a great website for you.

But, nowadays, everything has been shifted in a completely different direction. Currently, you have several options to choose from which involve UI designers, UX designers, product designers, customer experience designers, interaction designers, service designers, and so on.

If you are searching for the best user experience design firms, then before, you hire one, it is very important to understand the differences existing between a UX company and a web design company.

These differences will help to figure out which one you should consider for your next project.

Understanding Different Design Disciplines

 Web Design Companies

Web designers are those who are involved in designing websites. They have enhanced their skills over the years. The recent day web designers can effectively design many different digital interfaces like websites, mobile apps, VR, TV, and a lot more.

So, you should always focus on looking for a web designer who keeps themselves updated with the rapid advancement of technology. You may check out this site if you are looking for Web Design Agency.

User Experience Or UX Designers 

If you are a UX designer, then you have to plan the whole experience of the customer. So, the main work of UX designers involves conducting user research, designing, writing  UX copy, testing or validating with the user, and selling or presenting the design solution to the business.

As a result, the UX designer tends to become the voice of the user. Along with that, they also advocate the specific needs of the users. They also help to balance the specific business goals.

Observing the overall experience, you can specifically think about diverse flows and processes.

So, in this regard, you also need to think about how the complex flows should look and how your product or service should form an integral part of the lives of your users.

Most commonly, the best designers focus on working in this particular field. In case, you are planning to create something digital which is related to apps or websites and that will play a major role in your business, then it becomes very important to opt for the services of a professional UX company.

Product Designers 

If you are focusing to design digital interfaces, then you can design products and provide design specifically for marketing materials. A lot of people are focusing to make use of products as tools for effectively solving a variety of tasks.

In this case, Gmail can be considered as a website as you would be able to use it in a browser. This tool allows you to send and read emails and thereby, considering it as a product.

So, any UX designers who are involved in designing these apps and tools, in place of promotional interfaces are known to be product designers.

In this regard, you would be able to notice that a lot of the people are involved in designing both products as well as marketing interfaces. But, these two categories can overlap very often. One of the best examples of this is eCommerce.

Therefore, it is very important to seek the help of a digital product designer, in case you are planning to launch a digital product in the market. Just, choosing professional user experience design firms is considered to be enough to get started with it.

Interaction Designers

Interaction design is specifically the design of interactions present between humans and objects or machines. This particular term is mostly used whenever we focus on talking about digital interfaces such as apps or websites.

So, the interaction design deals with whenever you plan how people will interact with your UI. It can be said that interaction design is an important part of UX design.

Not only that, but this interaction design also forms a very integral part of industrial design. In the current days, there is the availability of a only few interaction designers.

So, in most cases, you will find that the UX designers are involved in effectively playing the role of interaction designers.

Service Designers

They are the one who is involved in making use of the best and effective new design methodologies. So, the service designers always try to use many of the UX design methods such as prototyping, testing, and experience mapping.

After that, they focus on effectively mixing them with the new ones which involve a service blueprint. It can be said that service designers can design almost every type of service.

There is increasing popularity of the service design in several sectors such as banks, telecom companies, call centers as well as support teams.

If you are looking forward to launching a completely new service in your business, then it is very important to hire service designers who will help to accomplish your goals.

Hope, this particular list has provided you with a clear indication of the major design disciplines that are involved. If you still have any confusion, then don’t worry as these particular areas may overlap in a majority of the cases.

To understand this well, here are chosen two specific categories to effectively show the distinctions. So, now you will get to know the specific way in which web design companies, as well as UX companies, perform their work.

Differences Existing In Between UX Designers And Web Designers

Talking about web designers, they focus to effectively solve problems for their clients. On the other hand, UX designers are inclined towards solving problems for their users. Again, web designers perform their work with a problem-solving process.

First of all, they are involved in finding out the issues their clients have. After that, they focus on effectively designing a web solution for them.

Finally, they proceed to develop the website and test them before releasing it in the market.

UX or User Experience design is considered to be the invisible side of design. It involves all the work which helps in creating a website, service, software, or app.

So, this UX design includes many of the important aspects such as content strategy, usability testing, interaction design, information architecture, design as well as user research.

Although it is a very easy task to find design solutions, UX design is something that entirely focuses on the customer or user.

This helps them to have a proper understanding of their specific needs, habits, emotions, motivations as well as behaviors.

In this aspect, you should focus on thoroughly understanding the problem. Other than that, you also need to understand who you are exactly designing for.

This is considered to be a very important step to prototype as well as iterate on solutions. If you are not talking to the actual users, then you are not practicing UX design.

On the other hand, User Interface or UI design is usually regarded as the graphical or visual side of the design.

Some of the UX designers also focus on the UI aspect. But, the other UX designers only are involved in the research work.

They also work in the wire-frames. This is considered to be the main reason, why UX designers should always have a proper understanding of UI design.

They should focus on learning about this. Otherwise, they have to work specifically in collaboration with the designers.

Those who are established in the field of UI designing possess knowledge related to vector manipulation, photo direction, color theory, robust typography, graphic design as well as motion graphics.

At a senior level, they are also able to work as a creative or art director who possess a clear vision of the brand or product.

Again, talking about the web designers, they may be the graphic designers who are inclined towards working on the web.

They have built enough expertise and skills for the creation of a good-looking app or website. But, web designers do not focus on taking the human-centered approach of specifically UX design.

Another important thing about UX design is that psychology is embedded in it. So, the people can have an understanding about how people think and what are the different things which tend to motivate them.

Most web designers do not focus on considering all those integral factors which a UX designer keeps in their mind. So, the UX design specifically integrates continuous improvements whereas web design is considered to be less iterative.

Whatever may be the field i.e. UX designing or web designing, one should always remember the fact that design is not only about making things looks good. But, design is all about solving complex problems, people as well as communication.

Final Words

So, the above-discussed ones are considered to be some of the most important distinctions that exist between UX user experience design firms as well as web design companies.

You should have a proper understanding of all of these differences to make an effective choice whenever you need one.

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