Six Mattress Brands To Check Out In 2022

Is your body riddled with pains and aches, when you wake up every morning? Does your bed no longer feel like the epitome of comfort it once was? Well, looks like you may have to change your mattress.

Most of us take our mattress for granted and hardly pay much attention to it, but it plays a really important role in providing our body support throughout the night.

If your mattress is old or has fallen into disrepair, it is important to change it as soon as possible, to avoid aches and pains.

They can also collect tons of dust and mites over the years, which is another reason why you should change your mattress periodically (within reason, of course)

But buying a mattress can become a pretty complicated affair, given the number of choices out there.

That’s why we are listing below our favorite mattress which you can turn to if you’re thinking of getting a new one in 2021

1. GhostBed

The first suggestion on our list is GhostBed, a mattress manufacturer that created one-of-a-kind pieces that have a layered combination of memory foam and latex.

Its thick, dense body provides excellent all-body support and keeps your spinal alignment correct all night, without jeopardizing your comfort.

It also manages to transfer heat away from your body, and promote ventilation and cooling, thus keeping you cool and comfy all night long.

The latex also serves to maintain pressure relief all night. Its lightweight yet springs nature and feel is probably what lends the product its unique name.

2. Idle

Our next pick is almost a cult favorite and has been around for quite a while, which is Idle.

The Idle Hybrid has garnered a great fan base for its spring and foam combination, which provides support like none other. Each coil is individually encased which allows for excellent airflow, throughout the night.

They also help lower movement transfer, which means you can sleep uninterrupted, even if your bedmate moves. It has a medium to firm firmness, which makes it great for those who have spinal problems, as it will help you maintain posture all night.

For deeper insight, check out this Idle mattress review – 

3. Saatva

Luxury gets a new name with Saatva, which manufactures a range of some of the most luxurious mattresses in the market today.

With three different firmness levels and numerous sizes, Saatva gives you ample space to get a mattress that has its signature features but is still tailored to what you need.

It is high on comfort, with individual coils that help the mattress contour itself to your body, to maximize pressure relief and minimize motion transfer.

The hypoallergenic cotton makes it a great option for everyone and prevents issues that may arise due to dust and mites. However, the main drawback here can be its price, but it surely is worth it.

4. Nectar

If you’re looking for an affordable mattress that gives you some excellent features at a reasonable price, then Nectar is definitely what you should turn towards.

With an airy foam layer on top and a three-layer foam combo on the bottom, Nectar mattresses combine support and pressure relief with breathability and airflow. For those who tend to sleep hot, this is a good option to opt for.

The unique design also contributes towards spinal alignment and lowers motion transfer, which means if you sleep with anyone and they tend to move during the night, you can sleep without being disturbed.

5. Bear

Compared to normal people, the mattress requirements of athletes and those who engage in high-intensity activities are different.

They need better pressure relief and support that can relieve the tension that has built over the day, and provide the right kind of support.

The memory foam layers of the Bear mattress promote good spinal alignment and keeps pressure away from the lower back area, which can be highly relaxing and prevent aches and pains the next morning.

The Bear is an excellent choice for those who have physically taxing routines, and require a mattress that suits such requirements.

6. Layla

Last but not least, we have to list down Layla, a brand that makes some of the best firm mattresses out there.

One of its many unique features is that it can be flipped over to reveal a different firmness on each side, so you can change the firmness according to the requirements of your body, on a particular night.

It also comes with a cooling cover that provides relief from overheating during the night, which is a common problem during summer nights.

The airflow system also ensures a free flow of air and promotes great ventilation, whereas their unique foam layers ensure motion isolation.

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