12 Things to check before choosing best cloud storage

Cloud computing changed the way of storing data; it replaced physical devices with an online server.

There is a lot of service provider that offers remote storage to host files on the internet. Therefore, how to choose the best cloud storage for your requirements? We cannot figure out what is perfect for you; it depends on your objective.

Wheatear you want to store personnel pictures and videos or looking for the best cloud backup solution for small businesses. Whatever is your end goal, we prepared a checklist you should consider before buying any cloud storage.

In this article, we will talk about all important factors you should consider before using any online storage service.

1. Security

Security is the essential factor to consider before buying any cloud storage if you have private data. You have to check which encryption technique they are using to protect data. Do they provide end-to-end encryption?

Furthermore, 2factor authentication is an excellent addition to make security solid. 2factor feature makes the account more secure because it will ask you to enter OPT code whenever anyone tries to log in on a new device.

2. Speed

Speed is a significant factor you should consider before choosing any cloud storage. Typically, the regular user doesn’t have good internet speed. Different cloud storage provider offers diverse uploading and downloading speed.

Usually, most companies have a data center located in Europe and the USA. So, if you are from Europe and the USA, it is not a problem to consider.

While users from other regions, speed will be problematic. The best way to find which one is the fastest cloud storage, you should test it manually.

You can upload and download files to verify which ones provide a reasonable speed. Google Drive and Dropbox give an excellent speed, if speed is your priority, you can try them.

3. User interface of tools providing by cloud storage

The user interface is a vital feature to look at. You should check, is a user interface clean, elegant, and accessible to useable? Is the critical option visible? Does it support web view, desktop, and mobile apps to use their tool?

Is it easy to navigate able and fast.? The best way to check and verify good UI is to read reviews and start rating of these tools.

4. Server location

Server location means the physical location of the data center where your data will be the host. Server located in Europe is best for the worldwide user, wheatear you’re from the USA or other continent.

Furthermore, European data privacy laws are the best ones. Therefore, always choose a European data server for storage for good data privacy.

5. Document editing features

Cloud storage is not only a service to store raw data but a complete package for different options. You can edit, preview and open document files without using office software on a remote server.  Also, they offer video playback and streaming feature.

And you can view a preview of the uploaded document, pictures, and videos. However, these all features do not support by all cloud service providers. You should check all these editing features before picking your desire service. Microsoft OneDrive is the best cloud service for document editing.

6. Sync option

Sync means if you have made some changes on the local device, it will also save changes on the cloud automatically. There are two types of syncing options—single and selective sync. Let me explain both.

Single sync means you can only select one specific folder for syncing the cloud provider supports that. On the other hand, selective syncing means you can choose any folder to automatic changes from the local device to cloud storage and vice versa.

7. Sharing

Sharing features vary from different cloud storage providers. Some only support basic sharing features while other providers advance level. Using this feature, you can share files, link, and set expiration dates. And also can put a downloading limit. You can choose anyone according to your need.

8. Versioning to get back data

Versioning simple means undo. Suppose you take a backup of your files and made some changes. And after some days, you want to restore your old data.

You can get it back using the versioning feature. However, versioning differs for every cloud storage provider. Some offer just a couple of days, and while some provide a one-year option to get back old data.

9. Trash

Usually, the trash feature almost available in every cloud storage. However, the period to store deleted files is different from one to other. Some keep your deleted data for 30days, and some give you a one-year period to keeps files in the trash folder.

10. customer support

Good customer support has a positive impact on service. In cloud storage, you don’t need to choose a service that provides 24hours live service.

Support service that replies within 1 to 2 days is good to go. Another good thing to check in with the customer support team is how much they are knowledgeable to sort out your problem.

11. Privacy policy

Must read their privacy policy page. So you can get an idea of what type of data they will get. And further, you should also check, will they share your hosted data with any 3rd party service.?

12. Price

Every cloud storage price differs with storage space and features. They provide monthly and annual pricing plans. And some also offer lifetime subscription-like PCloud.

Furthermore, some also provide free space. Compare each cloud storage pricing to find out a budget-friendly plan.

Final words on how to choose the best cloud storage

Whatever is your business or personnel goal, you should choose a service that matches your requirements. No one service is perfect in every aspect.

Some provide good security, privacy policy, and user-friendly UI while some offer good speed, editing, and sharing features. It is up to you which one is perfect for you.


What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a way of hosting data on an online server. Some companies provide an online server for it and charge basis on the plan you choose.

What is local storage?

Local storage means storing files on external physical devices, including USB, CD, DVD, and hard disk.

Why Cloud storage is best as compared to External Hard drives?

There are several advantages of using cloud storage. Storing pictures, videos, documents, or any data on locally, can be very costly because you need to buy a particular external hard disk. While using cloud service, you can get a good amount of space at a low price.

On local storage, to access data, you must have physical access to storage devices as contrast data hosted on an online server can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  Furthermore, to take backup on a remote server, no need to have any special skill and knowledge.

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