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Tele Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry in 2021

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With the global impact of the pandemic, traditional dentistry has witnessed a significant fall in demand, and the rise of teledentistry has not stopped down since then.

Teledentistry was available to dentists for more than a decade, but the real advantage came into effect in 2020 and 2021 after the pandemic. Teledentistry has become a more popular and revolutionary way for dentists to help their patients remotely, irrespective of their location.

Traditional dentistry was a widespread practice mode for dentists, but the covid 19 protocols and restrictions have shifted them to the revolutionary way of teledentistry. In this guide, we will discuss teledentistry vs. traditional dentistry in 2021 in the most precise, understandable, and simpler way. So, let’s dive in.

Tele Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry: Which Is Popular And Better?

With the rapid advancement in technology for information and communication and the effects of the covid 19 pandemic making people stay at their homes and avoid close contact in 2020 and early 2021, traditional dentistry had witnessed a significant fall in their business. This minimal involvement of people to visit the clinic had evolved the concept of teledentistry.

Even if traditional dentistry is open to serve the patients now, most of the patients and dentists have adopted the teledentistry way of treatment. From treating and diagnosing the patients on virtual media to scheduling their checkups remotely, teledentistry has played a huge role in 2020 and continues to do so in 2021.

So, it can be clearly said that teledentistry has become a much more popular and better way of dental care than traditional dentistry.

Tele Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry: Reasons Why TeleDentistry Is Becoming Significant In Today’s World

The challenges faced by traditional dentistry in the pandemic have led to the significant rise of teledentistry worldwide. More and more dentists have started to learn and adopt the online mode of appointments, checkups, prescribing medications, and to some extent giving treatments.

There are several reasons why teledentistry has become so significant in today’s digitized world. Spoke of the reasons why it will continue to do so and evolve in the future are:

  • Teledentistry helps you to avoid physical clinical contact and interactions in 2021, unlike the traditional dentistry way. This is the best way to follow social distancing for keeping both the patient and dentist safe.
  • It helps to create dental awareness at the premium level for public and individual clients. Moreover, it is the most efficient, easy, accessible, and quick way to contact a dentist for your dental care solution in 2021 without any hassle.
  • With the advanced technologies and improved quality of service of the dentists virtually, teledentistry helps patients avoid the stress of physical examination.
  • In teledentistry, you will get accessible services like pediatric and preventive care, pre-surgery screenings, consultations, emergency service, and oral examinations. For instance, as a patient, you can choose the preferred teeth aligner with the correct size and fit at the comfort of your home.
  • One of the key reasons for people to prefer teledentistry is eliminating geographical barriers or inaccessibility as the issue to consult the dentist. You will enjoy dental consultation anywhere around the world from the top dentists without any reduction in their service quality. Teledentistry accessibility mode enables the dentists to consult their patients even in far remote areas.

This efficiency and immediacy for dental care have made teledentistry a fart better preference than traditional dentistry in today’s world.

Challenges Faced By Tele Dentistry In 2021

There are a few challenges faced by teledentistry in 2021, which experts are trying to resolve shortly. These challenges are still not that effective in altering patients’ preference for their dental care solution as they have loved the concept of teledentistry and plan to stick to this revolutionary idea.

So, let’s see some challenges which you may encounter in teledentistry.

  • Cost of service in teledentistry can be an issue for some patients and primarily dentists. Patients with poor financial conditions may face some trouble, but the dentist will have to fund a considerable amount of money to link their EHR system with the patient portal.
  • Offsite access to the teledentistry portal by the service providers for the EHR and patient portal can target several cyberattackers. However, dentists are resolving this issue with top-quality security and privacy encryption.

Ending Note

So, we hope this guide gives you helpful insight which you need. Make your decision and take a better step towards your dental care.