Invisalign to Correct Underbite: is This an Appropriate Option?

Underbite is regarded as the most major dental misalignment problem associated to lower and upper front teeth.

Besides making the smile awkward, it leads to the development of a number of accompanied serious dental conditions as well.

But thanks to Invisalign clear braces which make its treatment far more effective and easier these days.

Moreover, you get rid of using expanders and metal braces at the same time. This comfortable, convenient and discreet treatment solution can restore your underbite condition in a short span of time by eradicating the essentiality of surgery.

Before you visit an orthodontist for the treatment, read on this blog to know about this dental problem in a detailed manner along with the ways Invisalign fixes it.

What is underbite?

An underbite is referred to as improper teeth positioning in which lower teeth overlap the upper teeth when the mouth is in the closed position. It happens due to the faraway positioning and displacement of the lower jaw. An underbite makes chewing and biting really difficult while leading to speech impediment at the same time. Sometimes, it also causes many other major dental conditions which degrade the overall oral health.

What leads to underbite?

Certain factors can end up with the emergence of underbite including injury, poor childhood habit and genetics. Inheritance of this condition is only possible if there is someone in your family with the same condition. Also, you can inherit the same teeth shape and jaw type as well.

Childhood habits which trigger the risk of underbite are; 

  • Excessive sucking of the thumb
  • Usage of a pacifier after being 3 years old
  • Feeding on the bottle in infancy
  • Front teeth pushing by the tongue also known as tongue thrusting

During an occurrence of severe injury, the jawbones get damaged. That’s why teeth get misaligned. Additionally, mouth tumour enables protruding jaws ending up with underbite.

Why it is necessary to correct underbite?

Underbite should be corrected on time before it gets worse. Otherwise, it deforms your smile making it visually unappealing leading to an utmost embarrassment for you.

Over time, it leads to associated major dental concerns such as;

  • Joint disorders- Severe condition of underbites result in a painful complexity called TMJ
  • Tooth decay- Excessive wear and poor oral hygiene promotes rapid decaying of teeth
  • Rapid tooth wear- The teeth enamel corrodes at a fast rate
  • Poor oral hygiene- Underbite interferes with proper practising of oral care regime

How a dentist fixes underbite?

On visiting your dentist, a dental exam will be performed for figuring out its severity and cause. Accordingly, the Invisalign expert will recommend the most suitable as well as a customised treatment plan especially for you. If the irregular position of the teeth or minor replacement of the jaw is the main guilt for your underbite then most appropriate treatment solution will be planned for retaining your dental health.

Is Invisalign efficient for underbite?

Yes, Invisalign is meticulously yearned for restoring a number of underbite kinds. Although some severe cases of underbites need surgery including other treatment options yet these aligners can correct class-III underbites. Also, at that time, additional treatment plans must be combined with it.

At first, an extensive dental assessment will be performed by using 3D scanner for weaving most appropriate treatment plan. Then 3D images will be displayed for making you understand the entire treatment journey along with the appearance of the teeth on its successful completion.

Every aligner set is made to wear for just 2 weeks. Then, it will be replaced by a new one. Remember each set should be worn for about 22 hours per day. It should be only removed during mealtime, brushing and flossing. Gradually, it enables the teeth to move to their own position over time.

How much time need by Invisalign to correct underbite?

The time consumption for the Invisalign to correct underbite is directly proportional to its intensity and your desire to put on the brace for long 22 hours at a regular basis. It usually takes 3-4 months for fixing minor cases while the moderate ones get restored within a year. Interestingly, all these times are relatively faster than that of the traditional braces need to fix underbites.

Perks to undergoing Invisalign treatment

Obviously, Invisalign is really patient-friendly and effective teeth-straightening solution. In contrast to traditional braces, it is much better. Some perks of using Invisalign for correcting your dental problem over other available options are mentioned below for your reference:

  • Invisibility- As it is not made up of elastics, metal brackets and wires, it is visibly invisible while smiling in public. So, your smile can be corrected in a discreet manner.
  • Convenience and comfort- It fits on the teeth perfectly without making you feel any discomfort. Being custom-made, these clear aligners progressively shift the teeth to their own position.
  • Enhanced oral hygiene- The aligners can be popped out from the mouth easily for practising daily oral care routine to prevent the teeth from decaying. Also, you can clean the aligners easily as well.
  • Efficient- In contrary to other available orthodontic solution, it works more efficiently. Every aligner set shifts the teeth in their respective position. Inspection can be performed once in every 2 weeks while replacing the aligner to ensure that it works properly as per the treatment plan.
  • Dietary freedom- Invisalign allows you to enjoy the food and beverages you want. All you have to do is to take off the braces before enjoying any snacks, candies and other drinks so that it doesn’t get trapped within the braces.
  • Improved self-esteem- It boosts the self-esteem and confidence toi speak up and smile in public once again.

When you suspect any kind of orthodontic problem, you should consult with an orthodontist. Dental Clinic Toronto can offer the best treatment for your dental problems followed by extensive assessment and diagnosis.

Prior to offering the treatment 3D image scan is done for showing the desired result for your problem. Accordingly, a treatment plan will be discussed with you! Visit this page to know more!

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