Will Apple Release Security Updates for iOS 14 After the iOS 15 Release?

Most iOS users were excited when they heard about the launch of iOS 15. However, many of them were in no hurry to get the iOS 15 on their devices.

This is mainly because iOS 14 was a major update that brought many great new features. As a result, Apple announced that the team would keep releasing security updates for iOS 14.

However, it seems that the decision for Apple was only a temporary one. Many iOS 14 users have reported that they cannot get any more security updates. So, you might have to update to iOS 15 soon.

Read about all the necessary information that you need on this matter:

Why did Apple decide to Keep Launching iOS 14 Security Updates?

If you have used older iOS versions, you would know that this decision is not the first of its kind. Apple had continued security updates for iOS 12 and iOS 13 after their successors were launched.

After all, not all users might want to update to the new system version right away. They might want to wait until any glitches in the latest system version are fixed.

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So, Apple had initially decided to continue iOS 14 security updates. And, as in the case of the previous system versions, these security updates would continue temporarily.

In other words, there was no reason to think that these updates would go on for long. And, you will eventually have to update to the iOS 15 system. As we shall see, you have many new features to look forward to in iOS 15.

How to Get Security Updates for iOS 14?

The security updates that Apple had announced should work the same way as usual. You must go to the system update section in your System Preferences to look for them. Initiate the search for an update and check the available updates.

As mentioned earlier, there is some confusion regarding whether iOS 14 security updates are available. So, you can find that out for yourself by checking the available updates on your device.

What if You cannot find Security Updates for iOS 14?

Do you find no security updates for iOS 14 in the System Preferences? Yes, because there are no more updates. So, get the latest security update for iOS 14 or iOS 15, whichever you prefer.

Should You Keep Using iOS 14?

The security updates may have stopped for the iOS 14 system. But, the recent updates can maintain an optimal level of security on it for some time.

So, you need not update to the iOS 15 right away. You still have some time to enjoy the great features of your iOS 14. Here are some of the features that have been the most popular:

In-built Translate App

The previous iOS system versions did not feature a translation app and you had to use Google Translate. But, iOS 14 changed that by adding an in-built translation app to the existing great features.

You can translate a wide range of languages using the Translate feature on your iPhone. And, the developers would probably improve this feature further in iOS 15.

Picture in Picture Video Mode

You might often need to use a feature of your device while playing a video. On earlier iOS versions, you had to pause the video to do that. But, you can keep playing the video on iOS 14 while performing another task.

The picture-in-picture video playing mode introduced through this system makes that possible. As you might know, this feature was already available on iPads. But, now you can enjoy it on your iPhone as well.

New Widget and Home Screen Design

The iOS 14 system changed your iPhone’s widget and home screen design. And, this is one of the most significant changes it introduced. It makes the iOS 14 one of the most important iOS updates in recent years.

It also added new features and functionalities to the widget and home, apart from changing the look.

App Library

iOS 14 made your iPhone’s home screen more organised than ever before. It brought a new feature called App Library to your device. This library is located on the home screen and contains all your apps.

Moreover, it divides the apps based on their category. You also get the Suggested and Recently Added sections at the top of this library.

Enhanced Siri

The voice command feature was often overlooked in earlier iOS versions. As a result, you did not find many enhancements for Siri on them. But, the developers fixed that through the iOS 14 by adding new abilities to Siri. It now includes new animations and lets you select widgets with specific questions.

What Does iOS 15 Have to Offer You?

As we have seen, you would not be able to continue using iOS 14 for long. So, you might want to know what iOS 15 offers and consider installing it.

It has been quite some time since its release and the developers have fixed all its initial glitches. Here are some of the exciting new features that you must consider in that case:


iOS 15 helps you filter apps and notifications based on when you want to see them. The new Focus feature blocks specific apps and notifications during certain hours of the day.

You can configure this program to block any feature as per your preferences. If someone sends you a message, Focus can notify them that you are unavailable.

Spatial Audio

The previous iOS versions offered you an optimal voice call experience. And, iOS 15 aims to make that even better with the Spatial Audio feature.

As its name suggests, this feature is meant to improve the audio aspect of your FaceTime calls. The audio would sound like it is coming from the location of the person on the screen.

3D Maps

The iOS 15 comes with 3D maps with more details than earlier versions. This is surely one of the most significant new features that iOS 15 has introduced. Also, we would hopefully find it more enhanced in the next updates. As of the current version, you can view buildings, crosswalks, and more on the map.

Live Text

You might often come across photos that have some text in them. On earlier iOS versions, you had to type these texts into the browser to search for them. But, the new Spotlight feature on iOS 15 can make that much simpler for you. It lets you search an image on the web by its text.

Update Your iPhone to iOS 15

From what it seems, the security updates for iOS 14 have ended. And, you have probably installed the latest version of them already. So, you must now consider updating to the iOS 15 to enjoy all its new features. The ones mentioned above are only some of the additions that iOS 15 makes to your iPhone.

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