Everything You Need to Know About Picuki Platform

Picuki can be described as an Instagram editor and viewer application. The user of Picuki is able to make use of it to view Instagram stories followers’ profiles, posts, profiles, tags, and locations.

Yes, the private accounts are not visible on the Picuki platform. Picuki Instagram is the platform where users can check their favourite celebrities’ social media profiles without creating an account or login on your account. The user can check out stories, photos, videos, and profile if the account is not private.

Well, on Instagram, there are two types of accounts, business and personal. Personal accounts are only visible if they don’t have any privacy mode.

If the personal accounts have privacy modes, then they are not accessible. But this is not the problem; most celebrities keep their profiles public, so it is easily accessible for their fans.

The business accounts are easily accessible, and anyone can check stories, profiles, latest photos, and videos using the Picuki platform on Chrome browser or Safari.

What is Picuki Platform Useful For?

The users can check their favourite celebrity profile pages anonymously download the video and photo without leaving any digital print.

Picuki is the best platform for Instagram users because it does not only help to check out particular people’s stories, posts, or videos, but it also helps them know about the latest hashtags.

It will help them boost their videos or photos on the Instagram platform and get new followers. It will also increase the likes and share on their profile.

Picuki is also an image and video editor app so that the user can reuse the photo or video on their platform without any copyright accusations. With the help of this app, no one can find the person who downloads the photo or video from that platform.

The user can use Picuki unlimited and for free as well. So we can say that the this app is an Instagram viewer, photo, video editor app, and the place to know about the latest hashtags and get more followers.

How to Use Picuki?

Well, it is quite simple, you can open your browser and then search for Picuki on Google. As you find the website on the top of the list, now you can open it and type the username of the profile correctly to check the stories, photos, and videos.

If the personal account is public on Instagram, you can see that all kinds of business accounts are also accessible.

Now you can click on the stories option and check out the particular story of your favourite celebrity. The top section menu bar is also available; you can click on that and choose anyone option.

It is mandatory to type the correct username to reach the particular account. As you can see on the top corner, there is a like button, and when you click on that icon, it will take you to the trending page where you can find the most trending posts, with their usernames and captions available.

You can see the total number of likes and comments below as you click on any account. You can read the caption, copy it, and make a few bit edits before posting it from your account, and then you can go and have fun with it.

How to Download Photos and Videos From Picuki?

It is very easy; you have to search the person or celebrity with their username on the search box and enter.

Now click on the profile and choose the photo or video you want to download. As you click on it, you can see the download button below the photo or video and click on it.

So just like it, you can easily download the photo or video from Picuki without logging on to your account or creating your Instagram account.

For Whom it is Useful?

People who are still unknown about the Instagram platform but want to check out all kinds of fun stuff can use Picuki. People who want to be updated by their favourite celebrity can also use Picuki.

It is also the best place to know about the latest hashtags and what kinds of trends are most popular on Instagram. It saves lots of time for research and provides you with the exact information you want.

Users can easily check out the latest trends according to the festival, season, or shopping and then make posts to reach new people.


1. What is Picuki?

Well, Picuki is a platform to check all the latest trends on Instagram. It is also used as a photo and video editor app. The users can also download photos or videos anonymously.

2. Is Picuki Legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal, and everyone can use it without the help of a proxy or VPN. It won’t violate any terms and conditions of any user.

3. What Profiles Are Available on Picuki?

All the business accounts on Instagram are accessible from Picuki. If your profile is personal and public, any user can check out your profile from Picuki.

If you have a personal account and you kept it private, no user can view your profile from Picuki.

4. Is Picuki Similar to Instagram?

Well, on Instagram, several protocols are not on Picuki. Instagram provides notifications about likes, comments, shares, and who check the profile and all kinds.

While with the help of Picuki, the user can check any profile anonymously and download the photo and video. So it is not similar to Instagram, but very helpful than Instagram.

5. What Should I Found on Picuki?

Apart from profiles, you can download photos and videos. Also, you can search for the latest hashtags and locations. Just select that you want to see the whole profile or photos, then go ahead with it. When you add the filter, the search is more appropriate.

In Conclusion:

The Picuki platform is completely free for all users, and anyone can use it from device and desktop. It is also legal, so users don’t have to worry about it. In the future, the Picuki developers came with new modifications which are more beneficial to the users.

They can also make more edits from Picuki only, and they do not need any other tool. So keep updated and if you find any more details about the Picuki platform, feel free to share with us.

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