Nootropics (Smart Drugs) are getting Popular – Are they good for you?

The popularity of Nootropics is sparing no one from giving it a try, at least once. As Nootropics are a good dose for the brain, everyone in the industry is already talking about it. Needless to say that people are getting its die-hard fans & why not!

Nootropics are ‘smart drugs’ delivering the brain’s impressive performance by directly interfering with the central nervous system.

You can conclude that Nootropics make your brain function 10X faster with promoted wakefulness, sharper memory power, improved performance efficiency, and more of such things that polish the functioning of your brain.

So impressive!

(If I were you, I would jump-off my seats after reading this & go deep into thoughts to know if something this supernatural can even exist!)

But wait. Should we consider these smart drugs as handy alternatives for the times, our brains are falling weak. Are we underestimating the potentials of our brains by leaving things on Nootropics like Modalert, Waklert, Modvigil, etc.?

Instead of living in a dilemma, we decided to come forth with a clear discussion to let people like you choose whether Nootropics are healthier choices. You’ll also get to know if they’re safe to use & under which conditions they should be consumed. You’ll also find out how they work & who should use them.

Nootropics – as penned by Researchers

Sometimes, it’s all about human psychology & the way human cognition works. If you think you can, you will! That’s how Nootropics work, according to Barry Gordon (MD, Ph.D., and Director of the Cognitive Neurology/Neuropsychology division at Johns Hopkins Medicine).

Well, you may come across different opinions too.

Some researchers also believe that Nootropics serve as a bonus for clear thinking & lowers the chances for cognitive decline. Thus, cognitive functions are optimized when consumers get enough sleep & manage stress levels wisely.

Which are some popular prescription-Nootropics?

Ever wondered if you’ll need to visit a doctor & tell them that you’re looking for a drug that enhances your brain functions? Now you can! Nootropics, aka smart drugs, are available on prescription too. You may call them stimulants that also treat Narcolepsy, ADHD, and Dementia, besides helping promote wakefulness & improve brain functions.

Here is some prescription Nootropics to know about:

  • ModvigilAxura
  • Adderall
  • Waklert
  • Ritalin

Though there are plenty of options to choose from, you should be very specific with your purpose as to why you’re looking for a Nootropics? What is your goal for using smart drugs? The way your discussion goes with the doctor, the more they’ll know which Nootropics you should be prescribed.

It is thus recommended to use Nootropics only after consulting your doctor instead of making self-judgments.

Nootropics also impose some side-effects & may interact negatively with certain drugs. During such circumstances, if you haven’t consulted any doctor or using Nootropics without medical advisory, you don’t even know what you should do.

Do Nootropics Work?

There is no way you can doubt the working of Nootropics. These smart drugs deliver impactful performance by making you focus 100% & boost your mental capabilities like a superhuman.

To your surprise, most people using Nootropics initially experience weird effects. For instance, students using Waklert during examinations may concentrate fully in the beginning. But, they may also face difficulties during sleep, just because Nootropics’ effects overpower the natural sleeping process. Some may see days of sleeplessness too. Thus, it depends on how your nervous system responds to smart drugs.

Does Nootropics have any side effects?

As you’re into knowing about Nootropics, you should also see the side effects they cause:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Sleeplessness or disturbed sleeping schedule
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Vision troubles
  • Allergies

We don’t say that everyone will witness all of these adverse effects. It may all go smooth initially, but as time passes, you may observe some of them in severe nature. By the time you realize you’re suffering from side effects, they may have become a part of your life already. Additionally, you may also see mood swings & changed behavior complaints from your loved ones. This could be happening because of your Nootropics.

So, if you think Nootropics are winning in all conditions, think again.

Benefits of Using Nootropics

  1. Boosts Memory & Learning Capabilities
  2. Improves Mood & Motivates
  3. Inspires Creativity
  4. Enhances Focus
  5. Develops Anti-stress & Anti-fatigue Adaptogens

Some OTC Nootropics you should know about

You always have an OTC alternative to prescription drugs & Nootropics aren’t exceptions here. It wouldn’t be an injustice if you call them synthetic supplements boosting brainpower. We’re sharing some over-the-counter (OTC) Nootropics that don’t require any prescription.

  • Coffee
  • Fish-oil supplements
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Rhodiola
  • L-Theanine

Who can take Nootropics & when?

Nootropics are former choices of business tycoons, higher-level employees, college-toppers, scientists, etc. In short, these smart drugs are consumed by people who’re dealing with loads of stress & cannot meet their goals in a 24-hour day. They cannot make it a 48-hour day but can indulge in a non-break & focused mindset performance during their working hours. Thus, Nootropics are getting their favorites.

It’s better to consult the doctor & ask for a safe dosage of Nootropics. Also, several Nootropics are available in the market, like Waklert, as discussed above. They serve different purposes & so, it is vital to understand the meaning of Nootropics, their ideal dosages & then consume them accordingly for optimum results.

Are Nootropics safe for Long-term use?

People using Nootropics often complain that they get addicted to it. Some also tried to discontinue this medicine but witnessed severe withdrawal symptoms. If you think you have had enough of the smart drugs, then consult your doctor & ask them how to safely stop using Nootropics.

The Takeaway

Finally, you’ve tapped into all the essentials for Nootropics. Now you know why these smart drugs are so wanted & how they’re enhancing our lives for good. We’ve seen both sides of the coin & this will let you decide if they’re “yes” or “no” for you.

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