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Front Teeth Gap: Causes, Treatment and Prevention for Diastema

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Are you unhappy about your front teeth gap and getting self-conscious about your smile? Front teeth gaps, though not harmful in and of itself, can significantly harm the appearance of your smile. And seeing that a good smile gives you confidence which is much required to be successful, you might want to fix the gap in your front teeth.

If you are looking to fix your front teeth gap or Diastema, as the condition is termed, you can visit any trusted dentist to get it fixed. There are many treatments available for this condition, and you can utilize them to improve what is making you look less attractive.

But first, more on Diastema now

What is Diastema?

Diastema is a condition where there is a gap between the front teeth. The upper front teeth gap is more common and can be seen in both children and adults. Some cracks are hardly visible, but others are quite big, and there are some cosmetic procedures to get rid of them.

In children, the spaces may vanish as their permanent teeth grow. They are not harmful, and treatment is not necessary. But if you think the gap is ruining your smile, you can always visit a reliable dentist to solve this problem. 

Causes of Diastema

Diastema may be caused due to several reasons. Some of them are as follows:

Proportions of the teeth to the jawbone:  If the teeth of an individual are too little compared to the dimensions of the jawbone, holes might develop in between the teeth. Also, these dimensions may be hereditary, so it is often seen that Diastema runs in the family.
Undersized or absent teeth: Diastema may also develop if a tooth is missing or the teeth are small or little. 
Oversized labial frenum: If the labial frenum, the tissue that stretches from within the upper lip to the upper front teeth is enormous, it can cause a gap to form between front teeth
Gum disease: Gum diseases too can result in Diastema
Habits: habits like thumb sucking, tongue pushing, can squeeze the front teeth resulting in gaps.

Symptoms of Diastema

Diastema is noticed as a gap between the front teeth. If some gum disease causes the teeth to become loose, it may be accompanied by agony or inconvenience.

Some other symptoms of gum disease are:

  • Receding gums
  • Swollen or tender gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Bad breath

Treatment for Diastema

As mentioned, treatment is not necessary for Diastema. However, some cosmetic procedures are available and they are:


Braces are the most common treatment for Diastema. The braces put weight on the teeth, thus causing them to shut the hole after some time.

Veneers or Bonding

If Diastema is being caused due to small teeth, a dentist might opt for veneers or do dental bonding. In dental bonding, the resin is applied to the outside of the teeth, and the polish is hardened with a light source.

Dental Implants or Bridge

Dental implants or a bridge may be efficient in shutting the gap if it’s due to missing teeth.

Dental implants consist of embedding metal screws into the jawbone and connecting the replacement teeth.

A dental bridge is a false tooth set up in place of the gap.


Prevention of Diastema includes maintaining the regular dental hygiene routine like brushing twice a day, flossing regularly, etc. If you see some gap forming between your front teeth, you may want to pay a visit to the right dentist in Canberra. They will diagnose the problem and find out precisely what is causing it and prescribe the fittest solution.