Best NarutoSpot Alternatives to Watch Anime Series Online

Attention all anime lovers!  This call is definitely going to catch the eye of so many because the popularity of anime all around the globe is unparalleled. And the fan base isn’t just children; there are young and adults both going crazy over it for decades literally.

Anime is a whole lot better than cartoons; kind of an upgrade in fact. The stories are complex, the characters are better designed, and have different shades to their personalities. It is the perfect combination of a feature film and animation.

Mainly originated from Asian countries, mostly Japan, anime goes back a long time in history.

It was first created by Japan in 1917. But it gained popularity sometime around 1960 when people started developing a liking towards it.  Since then there has never been a dull or low moment in the anime industry.

What is NarutoSpot?

If we’re talking about anime, then the first name to pop up in the mind of most people is NarutoSpot. But for those who don’t know. Here’s what it is. NarutoSpot is CandyLand for anime lovers.

The collection of anime on the site is literally in millions. It has full-length movies, short stories, web series, and even smaller clips. All sorts of material are available on the site.

Among its competitors and contemporaries, it stands to hold the topmost position because of the love showered by its fans.

Speaking of the interface, NarutoSpot Ref has been rated to have the most user-friendly interface. The site itself suggests the latest videos to users when they open the page. There is also a ‘Random Section’ which opens up any video if you are unable to choose.

If you want to know what other people are watching these days, then for that you also have the ‘Hot and Trending Section’. Also, if a video is found objectionable or problematic or with some defect, then you can also report it to the site in a single click so they can work on its quality.

Most sites do not offer this site so it shows how trustworthy and promptly responsive the site is.

8 Best Alternatives to NarutoSpot

Although NarutoSpot is by far the most popular site for anime, that doesn’t discourage other competitors from trying their shot. Over the years many other similar anime sites have risen their heads in the market and it is always fun to explore the options.

Here we have made a list of the 8 best NarutoSpot Alternatives for you to check out. Who knows you accidentally might like one of them better than the best. Let’s get started.


Crunchyroll also has a wide variety of anime videos for users to enjoy. Apart from just watching videos it also lets you enjoy anime music and watch dramas which are in abundance on the sites.


There are two versions of the site: One is free and the other is the paid version. The free version acts as a trial if you are not sure about paying for the subscription.

Once you try it out and are convinced about the content and quality, then you can move to the paid version which offers a lot more features for customers to enjoy.

Anime Planet

Next on the list is Anime-Planet. The first thing you might notice as soon as you open this site is that it looks quite similar to NarutoSpot. The interface seems inspired by it making it easy to browse and explore.

anime planet

Anime-Planet has a gigantic database that covers more than 50,000 video content. If you like a video and would like to watch it later sometime, the site also offers the option to select your favorites so they display at the side of the page. Then you can easily find it the next time you open the site.


Cute name isn’t it? This one also stands in competition with NarutoSpot. It is rising in popularity because of the free videos that it offers. The site has no paid version and you can watch to your heart’s content absolutely free of cost.


Another USP of this site is that it offers an offline mode. You can download content and then watch them later even without an internet connection. The offline feature makes it a very desirable and preferred site in most Asian countries.

Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime also has a very friendly user interface that makes exploring the site very easy even for newcomers. The pleasant theme and overlay of the interface give a very fun and refreshing vibe for users.

kiss anime

Currently, there are around 40 million people from all around the world who use the site on a daily basis. The video player is top quality and plays content without any buffering so there is no disturbance in one’s enjoyment.

There are also constant upgrades being done to do away with bugs or other minor errors that may come up.

Anime Lab

Anime Lab is similar to Chia-Anime in a way that it is also free of cost. There are two options to start using the site.

anime lab

One can either create an account specific to Anime Lab or can register through one’s Facebook or Twitter account, depending on whichever is convenient and comfortable.

Although it is free, there are no ads popping up in between so there is absolutely no interruption in the viewing. Also, the videos are in 1080p so you can enjoy everything in HD quality, which makes the experience really mind-blowing.

Dark Anime

Feature films have gotten people so used to subtitles at the bottom that users want it from Anime as well. And this is where Dark Anime as a site takes the cake. It offers English subtitles under every video making it easier for people to understand.

Since a lot of anime is originally in Japanese, Korean, or other Asian languages, people who don’t understand find it hard to enjoy. With subtitles, they can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

dark anime

The site constantly keeps itself and you updated with the latest video content so you never have to miss out on anything.

Anime Ultima

This is a very well-made website and that is something you will notice the moment you open it. It is designed in an organized fashion with a neat and easy-to-use interface.

It is free of cost so there are some ads that you will have to bear with but the site tries to keep them at a minimum so there isn’t much interference in your viewing, making it a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

Anime Ultima

One feature that really stands out in comparison to other similar sites is the night mode. It dims the brightness and makes it a soothing experience for your eyes protecting them from the bright light in the darkness.

9 Anime

9 Anime has many quality options right from 360p to 1080p. So depending on your internet speed you can choose the setting. HD quality is also available for a better viewing experience.

9 anime

Although most content is originally in Japanese, there are a lot of them dubbed in English. So even if you do not understand Japanese, you can still enjoy the video content on this site with ease.


We know you’re really happy and satisfied with NarutoSpot, but hopefully, this list was good enough for you to want to explore as well. All of the above-mentioned sites are safe and reliable so do check them out and have a great time viewing.

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