Top 10 Best Lobster Recipe

Are you looking for the best-cooked lobster recipes? From lobster tails with garlic and lime to lobster rolls and others, the following 10 amazing lobster recipes can guarantee you impressive dishes.

1. BBQ lobster with corn and ginger butter

For those who have not had a lobster for quite some time, it is time to try BBQ lobster that is served with corn and delicious ginger butter.

2. Lobster and summer fruit salad

The preparation time for this lobster recipe is just 10 minutes and is both delicious and great-looking.

Serve it at any time of the day and your loved ones will enjoy it. Also, if you have a get-together family session or a party, this amazing lobster recipe is something that you shouldn’t miss.

It is considered to be a healthy recipe and the best part of it is that most of the ingredients are easily available.

3. Fennel, lobster, and citrus salad in a basket

When was the last time that you went for lobster, citrus salad, and fennel in a basket? Filo utilizes crunchy elements in this incredible fennel, citrus salad, and lobster.

4. Lobster and ricotta tortelloni with prosecco & tomato sauce

When looking for the best gourmet for two people, you will find this nice-looking lobster and ricotta tortelloni to be a great choice. Quite delicious and doesn’t need a lot of time to prepare.

5. Lobster with lime and coriander butter

With this amazingly delicious lobster lime and coriander butter, you can indeed impress your family and friends. Every lobster enthusiast will find this recipe to be one of the best choices for anyone out there who wants something that is both delicious and attractive

6. Chilled pea soup with lobster and risoni salad

Pea soup served with risoni and lobster impresses everyone, including the hardest to impress. It’s a great choice for every occasion, including the most special of them all.

7. Lobster with pickled ginger salad

This ginger salad is flavorsome and makes it possible to show the beautiful side of lobster.

8. Lobster salad tarts

This lobster salad tarts  recipe includes fresh lobster meat that has been flavored with ginger, lime juice, and chili. Also, peanut oil is used while preparing it. It’s a great choice for any occasion. It’s delicious and looks awesome.

9. Grilled lobster with fennel, tarragon, and lemon remoulade

This lobster recipe makes an awesome choice for an elegant dinner party. With the creamy lemon remoulade, there is no way that you can go past these grilled lobsters.

10. Lobster vol-au-vents

This retro-cool vol-au-vent is among the indulgent recipes and this lobster recipe from the popular Australian Rock Lobster will definitely impress your friends.


Although there are hundreds of lobster recipes that are available out there, the above 10 make a great start when you want to prepare a lobster meal for your family or friends. The best thing about lobsters is that it’s delicious and takes a short time to prepare.

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