Fleet Sheets: What Makes Their Bed Sheets Great

There are a lot of fleet sheets out there, but not all of them give the kind of comfort we need from a good night’s rest.

So, what are the qualities of fleet sheets you need to look out for so you can make a good selection? Here are some of the best qualities of fleet sheets:

1. Nice cotton Blend

cotton makes you comfortable when you sleep, but not all cotton can get the job done, which is why you need to ensure that you get sheets with the right blend.

How do you know? It feels comfortable on your palms, and you notice that the tendency of cotton pulling off from the overall blend is absolutely impossible.

2. Machine washable and dryable

I say this every day; the day you get a fleet sheet that you cannot machine wash and dry without any damage to the fabric is the day you have taken up the responsibility of using sheets you cannot enjoy. This is one quality you cannot afford to take for granted.

3. Meets US Naval Shipboard Standards

US Naval shipboard standards are designed to ensure proper comfort of personnel which is why for every fleet sheet you purchase, you need to make sure that it meets US Naval shipboard standards.

4. Season variability

we are all going to experience different seasons during deployment, which is why it is important to purchase fleet sheets that can work for every season.

While some sheets are great for the winter, some are great for summer. However, there are fleet sheets you can enjoy in winter and summer, and these are the kinds of fleet sheets you need to purchase.

5. Sizing

another factor you need to consider when choosing your fleet sheets is sizing. You need to ensure that you get fleet sheets that can perfectly fit your racks.

If you do not get the right sheets, you might have sheets too small or too big for your rack, making it too difficult to lay your bed when you need to.

Where do you get perfect fleet sheets?

So, now that you know the qualities of fleet sheets, where can you get the best fleet sheets for a comfortable sleep when you are deployed? You get the best fleet sheets at the fleetsheets online store.

From our signature sheets to our flannel sheets and even our luxury sheets, you have fleet sheets of the highest quality, designed to ensure that you sleep comfortably.

We know how important it is to relax and recover from the stress of the day, which is why we tailor our fleet sheets in ways that ensure total comfort for you.

Do you need quality fleet sheets for deployment? Head over to the fleetsheet online shop today and get the best sheets for total comfort.

We also have comfort care packages which are a bundle with everything you need to enjoy yourself in any weather. Choose the best; choose fleetsheets today for absolute comfort.

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