The Most Livable Towns & Cities in Canada

When considering a move, the first thing is to give some thought to what’s most important in your life.

Is it the cost of living or how good the local schools are? Maybe what’s most important to you is as simple as wanting to have plenty of hiking access. For many, aspects such as those are what determine how livable a place is.

What matters the most in life will change from person to person but for those looking at new areas to call home, would you be surprised to learn there are plenty of areas you can seemingly have it all? If this sounds hard to believe, here are a few great examples across Canada where anyone would be able to have a quiet, calm, and happy life.

Halton, ON

There are many of us who love the idea of being in the center of the action and having this busy dream life right in downtown Toronto. While it sounds glamorous, the reality of it might be a little more draining than one might expect. For those who’ve tried it only to realize it’s not quite for them, a life a little more suburban might feel more livable.

Living in the Halton Region will give you all the access to the city that you’d like without having the stress of battling crowds and congestion every day. That’s not the only perk either, when it comes time to look at Halton Real Estate, all potential residents are thrilled to see how far their dollar will stretch.

Vancouver, BC

While many might not think of a city like Vancouver as livable, given it’s one of the largest cities throughout the country, their opinions might change when they realize how walkable it is. That might not sound like much, but for many, it’s what makes a city livable or not.

There’s extensive public transit in the city, which is a must, but it’s great relief knowing that it’s never the only way for residents to get around.

Another gigantic aspect of what makes somewhere livable is nature, and it might be surprising, but there’s plenty of that within the city as well.

From great places for nature walks and biking to multiple beaches right within the city, residents are able to take as many breaks from the urban grind as they need. Wherever they are in the city, they’re never far from nature.

Trois-Rivieres, QC

When considering what makes somewhere wonderfully livable might be as simple as finding out about a great place that the rest of the country hasn’t seemed to notice yet.

An idea like that will take anyone far when looking for somewhere livable to call home. Among all that it’ll mean, good housing prices, streets that aren’t too crowded, and a life that really feels like your own.

If thoughts like that catch your eye, Trois-Rivieres might be the perfect next home for you. Pack all the wonderful quaintness already described and mix in the perfect sampling of historical preservation and great nature and anyone will quickly see what makes it so livable there.

Yashik Patel
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