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Kissanime is a very popular website for anime lovers. Nowadays, people are moving forward towards anime series, which are erotic, hot, and seductive in many ways.

Many people love it and watch lots of anime movies and series. Well, the problem is it is not available on every website. To get your favorite anime series, you need to search for a specific website like Kissanime.

Kissanime provides anime series in Japenese language with English subtitles, and there is some dubbed version also available that people can easily enjoy and download it for free.

Yes, it is very popular among anime lovers due to its simple interface and free download of anime series.

Many websites have to pay to get their favorite anime series, but Kissanime is completely free.

There no need to signup or login process, and the user also doesn’t have to add their debit or credit card details.

Is Kissanime Legal?

Well, Kissanime works for many years, and it also got shut down many times, but every time makers came up for their users and uploaded the latest anime series for their viewers.

When it comes to legality, it is not sure that Kissanime is illegal. If the user downloads any anime movie or series, then it may harm their PC, but legally they won’t get damaged.

To avoid viruses, the user can use good antivirus and avoid any legality, use the fastest VPN for downloading.

Many countries don’t allow such websites that provide free content to the users and got banned, but still, they are working.

Just like that, use all the things before you browse about and don’t leave any traces.

How to Download from Kissanime?

Below are few steps that you can follow to download your favorite anime or movie for free. So follow the process:

  • Enable your VPN and open your private browser to search for
  • When the website gets open just search for the favorite anime movie or series you want to download on your mobile or PC.
  • As you can see the name, click on it and check out all the episodes.
  • When you click on the episode, the video will start streaming online to watch, download the episode, scroll down and see the link “Movie/Download (save link as)” in a quality format.
  • Choose your format and click on it to download. Make sure internet speed will be good enough for downloads.
  • If you have a download manager, copy the download link, paste it to the download manager, and wait until the downloads finish.
  • Here now, you’re ready to watch your favorite series. Go and enjoy.

Kissanime Categories:

The anime series is from the last many years, so it is hard to tell how old anime series are there, but here are the most popular anime series. Below is the list.

  • Romance
  • Supernatural
  • Comedy
  • Magic
  • Fighting
  • Space
  • War based
  • Cartoons
  • Adventure
  • Cars
  • Thriller
  • Fantasy
  • Vampire
  • Parody
  • Sci-fi
  • Psychological
  • Horror
  • Martial Arts

Kissanime Mirror Websites:

If the main website is not working, you can check out these mirror sites to download anime series for free:


Alternative to Kissanime:

The Kissanime is not a legal site, but many times government shut it down, and there is no guarantee that it will work the same way in the future as well.

So we also provide the mirror websites of Kissanime. Still, it is right of anime lovers to know about alternative websites of Kissanime.

So they get their stuff regularly and enjoy with their family and friends. So check out other sites as well.

Anime Freak:

Anime Freak has the largest HD database to offer, just like Kissanime. They also provide anime series for free to their viewers and also added new movies or episodes daily.

They arranged their latest videos in alphabetical order by genre. So we can say that Anime freak is the perfect and best alternative to Kissanime that users can use and enjoy.


It is also a wonderful website to download the anime series, but the viewer may not find the series with English subtitles, making it hard to understand the series.

The majority of Anime fans don’t understand Japanese and just happy to watch some cartoon characters.


This website is slightly different from Kissanime because it displays the pop-ups, which may ruin the viewer’s mood, but it is completely free, so everyone gets cool with it.

Apart from that, Anime-Planet is categorized based on “popular anime this week,” “newest recommendations,” “all-time favorite animes,” and more.

So the viewer can check out the sections or directly write the anime series name on the search box.


This website is on the list because of its huge fame. This website contains lots of legal content on its portal, and some of them are free for users.

Another good news is that Crunchyroll provides anime series in multiple languages instead of English and Japanese, so viewers are more comfortable.

To get more content user can also purchase the premium version and gets more benefit. It comes with more benefits with the paid version, or the user can continue with the free version.


We can say that GoGoAnime is the oldest website and very much popular in the whole list.

It will often get shut down, and other websites also compete with it, but none of them get so much popularity like GoGoAnime.

This website contains the oldest to latest content for the users. Yes, it has a free and paid version, so the user can choose it and move forward.


9anime also upload all type of content daily to keep their users happy. It is just like Kissanime and has a huge collection of anime movies and series.

It contains no registeration and also provides the dubbed version to their users. Yes, including the English subtitles so viewers can enjoy.

Ani Watcher:

The user interface of Ani Watcher is very attractive and easy to use. The user can easily find all the latest episodes of their favorite series on the homepage and directly download them using their quality format.

Registration is unnecessary to download any anime movie but to add a comment in a comment section, the user needs to get registered.

A-Z Interface:

This site is completely safe to use, and not no kind of legality will harass any user. It also provides all the anime movies or series with English subtitles or another language if it is available.

A-Z Interface contains a vast collection of movies, shows, manga series, and anime series, so enjoy it whenever you want. The site also allows you to rate it so they can improve their work.

Anime Land:

The homepage of Anime Land is beautifully designed, and all the series are just adjusted so the user can easily find it.

This website has a vast collection of anime series, and it is completely free to use. So we can say that it has also become one of the best alternatives of Anime Land.

Anime Lab:

This website also adds the latest episodes of anime series and is very much safe to use in every manner.

The dubbed version series are listed separately so the viewers can find it easily, and the interface is also quite good and friendly. Full-length movies are available on this site.

Anime Frenzy:

Anime Frenzy also has a large database that contains all the series and movies with dubbed versions or English subtitles.

No registration is required, and it is completely free for users. You can use it as an alternative to Kissanime.


It is also similar to Kissanime, but the only difference is the user has to create an account to watch the series for a long time.

Yes, on KimCartoon, the user can watch the anime series online or download it for free.

Check out the updated anime series list and download it on HD quality. Also, find your favorite series from the search box.


This is another website for anime lovers. You can find all the latest uploaded series on the homepage or check out the dubbed version in another section.

They arranged all the series according to the genre to make it easy for viewers. The video quality will be great and also free to use.

Kiss Asians:

There is one different thing on Kiss Asians from Kissanime: Kiss Asians allow users to report bug information if they cannot download the file, and they will fix it ASAP.

This facility is not available on Kissanime. It also does not contain any ads, so it is much easier to download any anime series immediately. Users can easily try this website and have feedback about it.


In this article, we tried to cover up all the questions and confusions about Kissanime that may bother readers.

We provide all types of information which are necessary for users, and it will benefit them. Apart from this, if we forgot something or you find something new about Kissanime, then feel free to share with us.

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