Make a smooth move with our Home moving hacks

Spending countless nights anticipating the impending move, planning for the most efficient way to pack, making sure you are following the schedule is what entails moving to a new house.

Like many of you, we have experienced the hassle of moving to a new place and are therefore here to help you with all the tips and tricks that made our moving process less daunting and nerve-shattering.

You may say that there is no best way to completely eliminate the stress of a moving decision, but the aim here is to make this process easier, helping you with the lessons that we learned during each move.

Rent a storage unit for safekeeping your valuables

There must be tons of unnecessary stuff that you’ll want to get rid of because it just won’t go with the new place. For instance, if you downsize and move to a smaller space, a condo, or an apartment, where will you store the extra stuff? A storage unit is the best solution for this problem.

You can look for a storage facility near your house for a more accessible transit of your belongings. Make sure to search for multiple storage options before making the final choice. The internet can help you with your quest. When moving to our new house in Bedford, we got all the potential options by typing “storage units bedford TX” in the search bar.

Don’t underestimate the power of technology that has made everything available at a single click and can solve multiple problems. However, make sure to begin your search at least a week before the actual move, since you might need time to compare the services and packages offered by different storage companies/facilities.

Purge your house to remove unwanted stuff

Start your moving process by decluttering your house. You don’t want to take unnecessary stuff to your new home. Therefore, getting rid of as much unwanted stuff as possible is inevitable.

Make stacks of everything that you want to sell or give away to your friends and family. It can be anything from clothes to crockery and shoes. All these things may seem trivial but occupy a lot of space, and packing them is an even more significant problem.

In the following section, you will find many packing hacks to make your moving process less complicated.

Packing hacks

Wrap your clothes along with hangers

Do you have clothes hanged neatly in your closet? Well, it’s time to take them out, but just out of the closet. Instead of taking them off hangers, let them be and wrap them as they are in garbage bags to move safely. They are easy to transport, and you won’t misplace your hangers either.

Seal your drawers

Take out all the drawers in your bedroom, but don’t remove their content. Instead, wrap and seal them with sturdy plastic.

If your bed’s side tables or dressers aren’t too heavy, an alternate way is to seal them without taking out any drawers for more convenience and ease of shipping. This way, you don’t need to make space for small stuff in new boxes, and you won’t have to unpack several boxes when you reach your destination.

Keep the shoes in their boxes

We always admire people who keep their shoes in their boxes, since they lengthen shoe life by protecting them from dust and moisture that may ruin the material or shine of your footwear.

Moving to a new place is the ideal time to use these boxes. Put smaller stuff, such as your socks, inside the shoe holes and pack your shoes inside their boxes to transport them safely to your new home.

Use comforter bags to keep clothes 

If you have comforter bags, use them to keep folded clothes. A major benefit of these bags is that they are transparent, enabling you to see what’s inside. They will also save the additional costs of buying more storage boxes.

Use soft clothes and towels instead of packing with bubble wrap 

You might be even more anxious about moving because there is a chance of damaging your precious belongings. When packing fragile items such as vases, china, and other decoration pieces, use soft clothes to provide cushioning.

You can save your favourite perfume bottles from breakage by putting them inside thick socks, for instance. Furthermore, you can use dish towels to wrap cutlery and fragile chinaware, making them safe for transportation.

Use pots instead of boxes

Instead of putting everything in separate boxes, use pots and containers to put small objects. This will save a lot of additional space when you’re transporting your belongings, and you’ll have to unpack fewer boxes. You can fill large pots and sealable containers with small objects from the kitchen or your bedroom.

Label the boxes according to destination and contents

When it is time to unpack, how will you know what to unpack first and the endpoint of a specific item? You can only do so by labeling the boxes with their destination and the contents inside, for instance, “books for the library” or “makeup and accessories for bedroom”.

The day before moving

There is a lot you can do a day prior to moving. Ensure everything is packed and ready to board. Take a round of the house, open all closets and drawers to double-check if everything is empty and there’s nothing left to pack.

Check with your mover company and go over the details again. Today is the day when you disassemble your furniture. Moreover, make sure your car is ready, and there is ample parking space available for your mover truck at your current and new location.

You can also empty your fridge today. If you are moving during summer, make proper arrangements for water, such as keeping water bottles in a cooler.

Moving day hacks

Pack a cooler

Moving can drain a lot of energy. Therefore, pack a basket or bag with easy-to-grab snacks along with a cooler for drinks. You will need quick refills of energy, and don’t put the cooler or bag/basket in the moving truck since these energizing snacks and beverages won’t be of any use to your packed items.

Make sure your kids are safe

If you have younger kids who cannot take care of themselves, it is better to let them stay with your friends and family during the moving process as you might be too busy to look after them. You can make the same arrangements for your pets as well.

Make a moving day kit

There are some things that you might want to pack separately from the other luggage. Develop a moving day kit that includes a clean pair of trousers and shirt, a soap bar, a pair of scissors, a torch in case your utilities are not yet transferred and anything else that you might need immediately. This kit will give you some time to relax before you start unpacking.


Moving to a new house is challenging and stressful, but it can be fun and exciting too if you carefully plan your move. Some packing tips like the ones mentioned above can make the moving process more manageable, save space and reduce the cost of buying extra storage boxes.

From finding a suitable storage unit to storing the unwanted stuff and making a moving day kit, these are all the trusted and tested hacks that could surely help you in the moving process.

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