Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Countless people move each year to their new homes or to their dream Winter Park apartments. However, you may never have heard a single person describing the process being a walk in the park. It’s not surprising that this is the case, as there are too many things to consider and tasks to handle when moving.

However, fortunately, moving doesn’t necessarily have to be such a daunting experience. One can get quickly exhausted while packing, transporting, and unpacking over several days. Not to mention, the loss of valuable belongings while moving can make the experience far worse.

In fact, with some clever strategies, you can avoid the overwhelming workload of moving and retain the fun and excitement of starting your life in a new area. After all, moving is a potentially once-in-a-lifetime process, and you can’t risk ruining it. To help you make your life easier, here are some practical moving tips that will come in handy.


When it comes to moving, your goal should be to pack as little as possible and reduce your workload. However, many people packing everything in the house, even if they no longer need it.

As a result, they have to move countless items while increasing the chances of losing their valuable belongings. So, before you start to pack your stuff, you need to filter out only the things you need to keep in your new home while getting rid of the rest. The decluttering process and is an essential part of an easy move.

However, we can’t deny that it’s often impossible for us to give away certain items, even if we no longer need them. For example, you may have a memorable belonging that you can’t risk throwing away.

In such a situation, instead of piling these useless items in your new home, you can choose to rent a storage unit to put away your precious belongings. So, make sure to rent storage units if you need a safe place to store your belongings away from your home.

Get the right moving supplies

Having the right moving supplies and tools is essential to make the moving process easier. Without stocking up on supplies beforehand, tasks such as disassembling items, packing, and unpacking will become incredibly challenging.

Not only will several things be left unpacked, but you will also be exhausted from all the work. So, keep in mind to get the right moving supplies when you decide to move.

Stocking up on correctly sized packaging boxes is essential when it comes to getting the right moving supplies. With the help of correctly sized boxes, you will pack all your items safely without forcing them into the boxes.

Furthermore, such boxes also make it easier to transport and unpack. In addition to packaging boxes, you’ll also need to buy markers, labels, and tape. These tools will help you secure your stuff in boxes and roll label the contents.

Start packing early and effectively

Packing is one of the most time-consuming tasks while moving. So, the more you delay packing, the more last-minute tasks you’ll end up with, making a move stressful and challenging.

However, if you avoid this common mistake and start packing early, you’ll handle moving with no worries at all. Typically, beginning to pack a few weeks ahead of the moving day is a good decision, as it gives you time to sort out issues that might occur.

However, starting to pack early isn’t enough to do the job correctly. For this purpose, you’ll need to begin by arranging your stuff into different types to place them in separate boxes.

Mixing different types of items in the same box can easily result in damage to your belongings. Furthermore, you’ll need to label each box with its contents, which will help to unpack each box according to your needs. More importantly, labeling will also help you transport fragile items carefully.

Keep a bag of essentials with yourself

While moving, people sometimes pack their essential items with other stuff they won’t need until they reach their new home. As a result, they often need to go through all their packed boxes to find and use essential items, making moving a frustrating process.

Perhaps the best way to avoid these problems is to keep an easily accessible bag or suitcase of essentials. If you have more than one family member, it’s best to have separate bags for each person.

Furthermore, alongside necessities, you can also include valuable items in these bags. This way, you’ll be able to keep your expensive belongings safe from theft, damage, or loss throughout the moving process. US households alone suffer $2.7 billion each year due to lost items.

Set up your new home in advance

Arriving at your new home after a few days of packing and transporting items, you’ll likely be exhausted. In such a situation, you need to rest to make the process easier for your body.

Unfortunately, as soon as we arrive at our new homes, we are bombarded with a new range of tasks, such as setting up utilities, fixing wires, and even cleaning. However, if you set up your new home in advance, you can give your body a good rest and make the moving process easier.

To do so, you’ll need to visit your home in advance and make preparations for yourself to move in. Cleaning your home is a good idea, as it will make it safe for you to move in and keep your belongings from being covered in dirt.

Evidence from research suggests that messy homes influence our mental and physical health. Furthermore, you can also check for any repairs such as cracks, leakages, and electrical faults. Lastly, you can check the dimensions of the areas in your new home and figure out which items will fit correctly.


Moving is known to be a challenging and overwhelming process. However, the tips mentioned above allow you to prove that wrong by making the process easy, fun, and exciting.

More importantly, following the tips above will help you smoothly move into your new home without losing or damaging belongings. So, get ready to start your life in a new area and be the first person to say how easy moving can be.

Yashik Patel
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