In Search Of Motivation: Tips On How To Find Inspiration In Everyday Things

Motivation is a hormonal mechanism that occurs in the brain. Dopamine is a particular “hormone of pleasure and motivation” that our bodies are capable of producing.

People are motivated to meet their own wants, needs, and objectives when they are stimulated by this neurotransmitter. It works by acting as an antagonist to the stress and anxiousness hormone prolactin.

The production of dopamine in the brain occurs when we get a favorable outcome from our labor, leading us to feel content as a sign of encouragement for our future achievement.

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That is, we are motivated by the results obtained, even if they are, at first glance, not significant. Encouragement is a direct path to motivation. This is the case when we consciously achieve a certain goal.

We can also be motivated on a subconscious level when we need to meet our needs. For example, we want to eat – we go to the kitchen to cook dinner. Or when a student needs to write an essay urgently, they find a service and pay for essay.

Why Some People Always Want More And Others Have Enough?

There are quite many people who, for example, love to watch TV series about the rich. They can also subscribe to influential people on social networks, watch their refined lives.

Do they want to have the same luxury they watch? Apparently, many of them dream about it. Why do they just watch, discuss, sometimes envy, but do nothing to achieve something themselves?

There are two main factors that influence this: the belief that what is desired can really come true, and the way a person lives.

That is when a person believes that something beautiful can only be in others, and to realize something himself is unrealistic, slows down the achievement of the goal.

To start acting and go to your dream, you first need to believe that everything is real and you can achieve what you want.

As for the way of life, the more active a person is in life, the more he strives for new achievements. Because the more active your lifestyle, the more motivated you will be.

And if you feel like something is bugging you try to find out how you can get rid of it or delegate this thing to somebody else, like, if you need to delegate your academic papers to someone, you could choose grademiners to assist you.

How To Learn To Motivate Yourself?

Of course, motivation is very important in our lives. If you feel that you lack enthusiasm, there is insecurity, this may indicate a lack of dopamine.

You can increase dopamine levels by eating certain foods such as avocados, bananas, almonds, tofu, fish, pumpkin seeds, green and orange vegetables, beets, red peppers, and oranges. Also, a large amount of dopamine is produced when you have sex, sports, and favorite hobbies.

Your thoughts can also affect the formation of the “motivation hormone”. To do this, think positively, remember pleasant things from the past, and dream of something good in the future.

If you have global goals, you need to understand that it takes time to achieve them. It often happens that on the way to the goal hands fall, the enthusiasm to move on is lost.

In this case, you need to form an optimal system of motivation – “from simple to complex”. It is worth dividing your path into several stages. First, you need to set smaller goals and achieve them, rejoicing in each step.

Only then move on to something more meaningful – your great goal. Remember that self-praise and confirmation of your every action will inspire you to move on.

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To get more inspiration and motivation, there is another good way to inspire and motivate someone else. There may be people around you who need your attention and support.

Even if your hands are down and things don’t seem to be going well, help someone in need. Strange as it may sound, each of us has a different level of perception of problems. Therefore, by supporting another, you will feel how your wings grow behind your back.

In other words, you can become a motivational teacher to someone, and if you would need a few tips, check out this article –

What Can Be Motivating?

Each of us has a different worldview, outlook on life, and priorities. The main thing is to be able to praise yourself in time and evaluate your results.

Some people are motivated by washed dishes and rush to clean the room, while others are more loyal to this than to everyday affairs. For others, the motivation may be the defense of the diploma, obtaining a higher degree, participation, and victory in the competition.

Among the most common motives is a motivation for success, career, power, imitation of a mentor (idol), self-development, social motivation. Material things can also motivate us.


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