6 Tips for Online Hookups

Nowadays, hooking up seems a lot easier than a decade ago; with all these online dating websites and mobile apps, you don’t need superpowers to find a date for casual sex on a Friday night.

After all, everyone on the hookup platform is probably looking for the same thing, so no need to feel the pressure while reaching out to someone you liked. This article will introduce the 6 top tips you should always use, but only on the best hookup sites.

Start slow, and save your energy for a later time!

It’s not a secret that everyone on hookup websites is looking for a one-night stand, but it doesn’t mean you should jump in acting like a stallion and sending nude messages to everyone you like over there; how about saving your energy for the night?

If you really want to get laid, don’t push people away by coming up so hard. Start slow with some lovely words and play it cool with some flirting messages.

Don’t use fake photos if you want to go down the road

Catfishers are everywhere, and guess what? People have learned to avoid them quickly and easily, and if you don’t want to look like a scam, avoid using any fake photos of the internet pretending to be yours.

The moment you start chatting with someone, you will be asked for real-time photo exchange, and you can’t keep faking it, so better start your road gig journey by being honest about how you look.

By the way, the “I used to look like that before the lockdowns” doesn’t work as much as you imagine, so drop that, and keep it real.

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Being funny is attractive and saves your time

Believe it or not, this old way is lit these days; throw a couple of jokes, be funny as you start messaging, and you will increase your chances for the happy ending you are looking for.

If you have some dirty flirty jokes, consider using them when you feel it is the right time. Remember that hooking up websites are full of people talking dirty and sending their nudes like crazy, so you can stand out and be the funny one.

Your personal profile matters!

Although hooking up is available but that doesn’t mean it is easy, and you can effortlessly go to the third base. You have to do your homework and work a little on your personal profile.

Regardless of the platform, you are using; you will need a profile to introduce yourself to others nicely.

When others are looking for a night out, they will want it with someone who shares the same interests with them. Keep in mind that being beautiful is halfway there, but the second half is your personality.

Dig around about suspicious profiles

The best advice is to avoid any suspicious profiles, even if it looks real. Remember that scammers are skillful, and if you suspect a profile is trying to catfish or scam you, don’t waste your time there.

To make it a little bit easier, you can try looking for the same person on different social media platforms.

Make sure this is a real person with real photos and existence before starting a private conversation. If you believe someone is definitely a scam, help others and report that to the website admins.

Video chat is the new face-to-face

You might be very careful about all hooking up tips and tricks. Still, a catfisher could be well prepared for all of that.

To eliminate the chances of being fooled, you can request a video chat to ensure you are dealing with the right person. Don’t rush for this step, but don’t ignore it as it might save you a lot of time.


If you are looking for a hookup, but don’t know what to do or where to start, rest assured that you are not the first one who has been into this situation. Actually, we all had, and once you start, you can never feel enough.

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