DIY Resurrection Eggs & Easter Story Book Printables

Resurrection Eggs is the best way to teach kids about Jesus and their versus. We all know kids like surprises, stories, and festivals.

So this is the best way to combine all three things and teach kids about good and lovable things about Jesus Christ.

For the growth of the human being, it is very important to learn about good things and blessings, but kids are all about fun so let’s make it fun and lovable with the help of the Easter festival.

Before we proceed further, many people don’t know about the Easter festival and the concept of Resurrection. Also, you can check these happy Easter wishes to wish your loved ones on a special occasion.

In Christianity, Easter is the festival, and it is celebrated in the name of Jesus Christ when he was back from the dead for their disciples and love ones.

We celebrate the Easter festival on the day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It teaches kids about Jesus’s verses and his love for the people, and how everyone can follow him. But teaching kids is a little bit difficult, so to make it easy, we use DIY

Resurrection Eggs & Easter Story Book Printables. It will help kids learn about Jesus and their teachings, and you can make it fun by creating by yourself.

Today we will create Resurrection Eggs, which teaches kids about versus and makes it fun for them. So follow all the steps carefully to make it by yourself. So let’s begin the process.

Resurrection Eggs:

  • Making your set of Resurrection Eggs is very easy all you need to do is buy some plastic eggs with their cartoon.
  • You can buy plain plastic eggs and coloring plastic easter eggs in the market, but it is better if you decorate yourself.
  • If you decide to color it by yourself, you need a different paint color. Well, each easter egg color should be different from another.
  • Yes, we know that there are only seven colors, but mixing them creates a new color and looks to the easter eggs.
  • After coloring it leave it away from kids so the paint will dry and can use easily.
  • During this time, just create 12 different chits and write a message from Jesus or direct print it and fold it to put it on the Easter eggs.
  • You can take verses from Bible and print them on paper in the form of an image so the solve kids can solve the riddles, and it will be fun for them.
  • Well, you can also take good lines from Easter Story Books that will be helpful.

Easter Stories:

There are lots of easter stories that you can find from Easter books, and elders will teach to their kids.

When it comes to celebrating Easter, families meet their relatives and friends and exchange gifts from each other and pray to Jesus for all their love and blessings on their family.

During this festival, kids expect surprise gifts so elders can create such gifts for kids and teach them about Jesus Christ and their blessings.


Most elders like to tell stories to kids about Jesus Christ and their life, but it can explain to kids in the form of printables so they can easily understand and memorize it.

You can use the above steps to create Easter stories by drawing them or print on paper and keep them on the easter eggs with some sweets.

Make some puzzles and show them how Jesus loves us all. The Resurrection Eggs will recreate Jesus differently, and it will be fun for both kids and elders both.

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