Are You Even A True Celebrity Fan If You Haven’t Done These Things?

Songs, movies, and sports – these things impact our civilization and contribute to the making of culture. You might’ve heard the word “stan” being used as a verb to describe a person’s obsession with someone famous. “That guy stans a Chinese musician,” people often exclaim.

Interestingly, this word entered our dictionary after Eminem’s famous namesake melody about a person so obsessed with a celebrity that he ended up hurting himself. Psychologists have discovered a particular psychological condition called “the celebrity worship syndrome,” in which a person gets fanatically fascinated with a public figure’s lifestyle.

However, there are specific undamaging ways to express your affection for a celebrity without harming yourself.

Ten crazy ways to show your love for a celebrity

Not all fans have agreed with showing their passion for a favorite celebrity reasonably. We have the example of Dolly Parton, who received a newborn named Jolene at her doorsteps.

There was a letter addressed to her in which the child’s mother had “given away” her offspring to the country singer. Some sportsmen had the “honor” of meeting disgruntled enthusiasts who had arrived for uttering obscenities at their favorite soccer players for performing poorly at a game.

With their outstanding success, BTS also has their fair share of some Army members threatening to commit suicide after hearing about the BTS maknae Jungkook dating someone. But there are harmless ways of being a diehard fan today as well!

1. Meeting their statues

We hope many of you have posed with your favorite celebrity’s wax figure! We saw celebrities pranking their supporters by acting like their statues – from Tom Cruise to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But you can visit the Hollywood Wax Museum to take photos with your superstar’s lifeless lookalike now. It’ll be a fantastic opportunity to prank your friends by making them think you had met that person in real life. These statues appear as if you’re seeing a celebrity standing there in person.

2. Getting yourself tattooed

Let’s talk about an easy one, shall we? Have you considered tattooing yourself to show your love for a celebrity? In 2000, a guy celebrated Miley Cyrus by getting her tattoos all over his body to express his utmost desire to marry the famous musician.

In 2011, Drake responded to a woman getting the singer’s name tattooed in pretty visible letters across her forehead. Surprisingly, Drake was okay with how that woman showed her love though he wasn’t pleased with the artist who did the job!

3. Changing your name

Do you love your celebrity intensely enough to change your name voluntarily? Some diehard fans have legally undergone this procedure to become a celebrity’s namesake. A woman from Chicago named Linda Resa changed her name to “Mrs. Kanye West” in 2012.

Recently, we had a UK-based man who became “Celine Dion” legally while inebriated. But nobody can outdo Joan Román – a Spanish professional footballer – who won every anime fan’s heart by legally calling himself Goku.

4. Buying used items

It’s one thing buying something because a celebrity has endorsed it. But some fans have gone as far as buying things used by their favorite actor/singer.

We recently witnessed a tissue paper Messi had used to wipe tears being auctioned for $1 million! Bieber, too, went through a similar experience when the fan’s parents bought a water bottle for $624 because Justin’s lips had touched it. Fans treat these items as sacred and are ready to pay hefty sums of money to possess them.

5. Stealing some underwear

Panty raids aren’t that “cool” anymore unless you’re stealing underwear from Liam Payne! A person once stole Payne’s boxers from the English songwriters’ balcony in Australia. But Liam isn’t alone in this campaign against a public figure’s undies.

Miranda Kerr had her lingerie stolen. The culprits were identified as members of “Bling Ring,” a gang of thugs notorious for stealing underwear from celebrities. During 2008 and 2009, these thieves wreaked havoc in Hollywood before being caught.

6. Going there shirtless

Yes, it’s a thing now! Baseball enthusiasts have started to appear shirtless in games. In 2016, Seattle Seahawks were up against Minnesota Vikings during what was dubbed as “the coldest game” in the history of the Vikings.

Yet crazy fans were sitting there shirtless in subzero temperatures. Though it may appear shocking to some, baseball fanatics are accustomed to seeing comrades chilling out in cold weather during play-offs. That’s something showing a fan’s bravado and dedication for the team.

7. Undergoing plastic surgery

Are you crazy enough to undergo surgery for appearing like your favorite celebrity? In the 1990s, one Filipino person went under the knife for becoming Superman’s lookalike.

He had several surgeries, including a rhinoplasty, thigh implants, a chin augmentation, and multiple silicone injections to look like a mirror image of Christopher Reeves. An Iranian woman became an online sensation as the zombie Angelina Jolie after posting her edited pictures on Instagram, for which she was finally imprisoned.

8. Naming your children

We all have read memes about fathers naming their sons after a celebrity. From cartoon characters to well-known celebrities, parents show their dedication by naming their children after people they admire.

For fans, it ain’t different than giving kids biblical names or christening them after ages-old British emperors. Then we have people who name their children ESPN! There’s nothing wrong with giving your offspring unusual names; just don’t make your child a laughing stock in their school.

9. Destroying your property

Some fans destroy the television when their team doesn’t win the match! Then we have fans ready to burn their jerseys and even furniture to express hatred for an athlete’s poor performance.

Well, it’s become some sort of a tradition among baseball enthusiasts. In 2015, Michigan fans burnt their furniture when their team lost to Michigan State. Even though rioting, fighting, and throwing your couches to blazes are activities that may seem hilarious but pose severe threats to your security.

10. Tweeting them fanatically

Never call yourself a true fan if you haven’t ever tried to contact a celebrity by sliding into their DMs expecting a response. Many people attempt to communicate with their superstars via Instagram or Twitter.

But Ashley Tisdale wasn’t pleased with a fan who sent her over 18,000 tweets and even showed up at her home. In the end, it turned out that the fan was delusional and imagined himself to have an ongoing relationship with Tisdale. This sort of method is downright dangerous for fans.


Obsession isn’t necessarily dangerous; it has many forms. There’s nothing wrong with being enthusiastic about celebrities unless you’re harming that person’s mental and physical health.

Many fans express their affection by celebrating a celebrity’s birthday while others cyber-bully an artist to the verge of suicide. These two extremities have been observed among several fandoms.

Some of the craziest stunts fans have pulled to win someone’s attention include sending a celebrity their ear, writing a letter in blood, marrying a guy’s cardboard cutout, attempting to adopt an actor, and crawling around a singer’s vents! Though you must remember that being crazy/frantic doesn’t mean putting your life or someone else’s life in harm’s way.

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