Castor Oil to Induce Labor: Does It Work and Is It Safe?

Many doctors suggest Castor Oil to Induce Labor, and it is proven as well. Every generation is looking for pain-free labor, which is impossible.

So they are searching for various ways to reduce labor. There are lots of exercises and techniques to reduce labor, but castor oil is trendy.

Before anyone uses castor oil with relatives or friends, just read the whole article to know about its positive and negative sides.

During the pregnancy, it is mandatory to consult a doctor and took medicines. Yes, experienced people like mother and grandmother were beneficial, but still, it is essential to consult a doctor.

WelManyctors prefer castor oil during the pregnancy to induce labor, but many studies prove side effects. So please read the whole article to know about it everything.

What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is vegetable oil, or we can say it is an extract of Ricinus communis, also known as castor beans from Southern Asia.

It is mainly used in beauty products such as soaps, coatings and lubricants. According to the scientific study, it is used to treat health conditions and some allergenic proteins, including ricin, a dangerous plant.

Is it Castor Oil to Induce Labor?

According to the research of Southwestern Medical Center of Texas, many women suffer from uterine contractions and irritation.

And it is also considered as the specific reason for inducing labor. After the long research by the medical team on various pregnant women.

They found that if any women are 40 weeks pregnant when she came in labor within 24 hours only.

The research team made a small study in the year 2000 and found that 57.7% of women got in labor within 24 hours after using castor oil, but only 4.2% of women do not.

Side-Effects of Castor Oil:

In the recent study of 2018, many researchers found that pregnant women have some issues with castor oil, which does not help induce labor.

There are some adverse effects on pregnant women, such as fetus issues, constipation, dehydration, diarrhea, cramping in the stomach area, and pain in the uterus.

Women who have constipation problem may go with castor oil, but they have to take care of it and fix the amount, so consult the doctor.

Many doctors don’t recommend castor oil due to dehydration. If any pregnant women are using castor oil, they maintain the proportion of their fluid in their body.

Why People Choose Castor Oil to Induce Labor?

Mostly Induce Labor option is used when a woman is ready to give birth to a child. Many women also go with the pre-delivery, or it is used in the post-delivery option.

It is not for the cesarian option, and after the due, some women like to go the castor oil to induce labor. Most women prefer natural labor without any experiment.

Castor oil is a laxative and primarily used to begin the labor pain, so the process becomes easy.

Castor oil has molecules that connect with the uterus and muscles to stretch and make the labor pain easy.

But it is not sure, so the option is for those ladies who benefit from castor oil to induce labor.

Other Ways to Induce Labor:

There are no proven ways to induce labor, most doctors suggest the natural way, or if any problem occurs during the labor, they go to the cesarian option. Well, before labor time, these things doctors recommend to induce labor:

  • Nipple stimulation
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Eat spicy food
  • Acupuncture
  • Walking and Exercise
  • Foley catheter Induction
  • Prostaglandins

Castor Oil Safety:

As per the researchers, after using castor oil or castor oil, there is no huge difference in induced labor, whether cesarian or vaginal. The normal delivery will be done in a usual way only.

And there is no infection or meconium staining in the amniotic fluid. But many women have to pass through nausea or vomiting after taking the castor oil.

It is more important for pregnant women to avoid things if it is not beneficial to their health.

Don’t use castor oil without getting prescribed or working with your practitioner. It will harm the health. Doctors prefer castor oil after the completion of 40 weeks of pregnancy.

How Much Castor Oil Uses to Induce Labor?

Every woman is different, so her internal functions, so the doctor prescribed such things based on previous reports.

Mostly, a doctor suggests morning time to consume castor oil. Pregnant women can take it with orange juice and drink it slowly. After 15 minutes you can take breakfast and other things.

The taste of castor oil is really bad, so it is better to take it with juice. Not taking castor oil at night may affect badly to the stomach and create other problems.

Morning is the best time to took it as medicine, and after every 3-4 hours on regular time.

Sometimes pregnant lady also feels contractions before labor; there are many. Some women don’t feel it like contractions; they will treat it as stomach ache, which is not good.

If the stomach pain is coming after every 10-15 minutes, the women are ready for labor, and all they need to wait for the water to break in their vagina.


Castor oil to induce labor is not the best option, but some people prefer it. Natural labor is still popular, and for that, people can wait more than 24 hours to born the baby.

Castor oil may help to induce labor, but it will not guarantee it, so it is preferred to go with natural labor.

So use castor oil carefully because the improper amount of consumption may harm the mother and baby. If you have some other details about castor oil that you want to share, contact us.

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