Five Best File Sharing Tools to Keep Your Business Organized

In a business, file sharing is a vital component. With file-sharing, the platform offer services to access digital media, such as PDFs, word files, images, videos, etc., from any corner of the world to the users.

There is an array of file-sharing software that enables you to transfer huge files with ease. Consequently, they make collaboration simpler. The benefits of cloud file sharing are endless.

It helps you have access to any document stored on the cloud remotely. In this article, we will not discuss file sharing benefits because many of them are very obvious.

So, we will instead tell you about some of the best file-sharing software that you can use for seamless business collaboration. So, let us get started and address these apps one by one.

1. Dropbox

‘Dropbox is arguably one of the most prevalently used and certainly, the best file sharing platforms available out there,’ comments Terrence, an educator who offers python homework help services.

With Dropbox, you can avail of seamless file synchronization, along with support for Blackberry, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In addition, you can conveniently set up share folders or files and collaborate with people remotely. All you have to do is create a shared file and add people with whom you want to share the file.

Consequently, the file will appear in their Dropbox. As a result, any member with whom the folder is shared can now add, delete, or edit the files within it.

The good thing about Dropbox is that you can share your file with non-Dropbox users too. For this, all you need to do is create a link for the folder or the file. Then, when the users click on the link, they can browse through the folder contents on their browser.

You can install Dropbox on your PC or laptop, and regardless of where you access your account from now, you can view these files. The business premium version of Dropbox will cost 15 USD per month.

2. Microsoft OneDrive

The free file storage system of Microsoft OneDrive comes with a storage space of 5 GB. However, if you need more than that, you can upgrade your account at only 1.99 USD per month, giving you access to 100 GB of storage space.

For Office 365 users, there is a provision of storage space of 6 TB that is applicable for six users. More so, Office users can also avail a bunch of other productivity tools. This is indeed an excellent collaboration platform for teams and businesses. 

3. Google Drive

A lot of you may be well-acquainted with Google Drive. Haven’t we all made the most of the 15 GB space that comes free with your Gmail account? This familiarity with Google Drive often makes users opt for this file-sharing platform over others as there is absolutely no learning curve involved for the employees.

Google Drive allows automatic file syncing of the data across all the linked platforms. So, whatever changes you make on one platform will be visible across all other platforms.

You can even set permissions for editing, viewing, and you can even invite people outside the organization to collaborate, download, or browse the files. Hence, there is no need for emails and attachments,’ comments Robert, an educator who offers do my homework services.

With Google Drive, images, spreadsheets, presentations, and documents can be organized and shared easily. In addition, if ever you are unable to locate the file, you can use the integrated search feature and find the file.


A brilliant cloud-based file collaboration platform is It enables the users to share the files across cloud servers.

One of the key reasons why we use at our workplace is because of its in-transit and at-rest encryption feature,’ comments Raun, an online educator who offers python assignment help services.

Moreover, with this platform, you can get a secure file exchange without creating special accounts. So, using file inboxes and share links, you can share the files.

They have three plans to choose from depending on your budget and requirement – Premier plan available at 20 USD, Power plan available at 15 USD, and Starter Plan available at 10 USD.

You also get a 30-day free trial. So, you can try out the platform before switching to it.

5. Amazon Drive

In addition to Amazon’s Amazon Web Service, the e-commerce giant’s enterprise-level storage solution, they also provide the users with a consumer-based cloud storage option.

Amazon Drive or the Amazon Cloud Drive lets you save all the videos, files, documents, and pictures on Amazon’s cloud. Once they are uploaded, they will sync across devices and accessible from anywhere in the world.

As there is an application available, too, both iOS and Android users can set the Auto-Save option to back up the videos and the photos on the phone. Prime members have unlimited cloud photo storage and 5GB of video storage space. You can avail of their 1TB plan at only 60 USD.

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