Confused With What To Choose While Shopping For A Bathrobe? Check These Tips Out For Choosing The Best!

Bathrobes are the same as dressing gowns or housecoats, and it is perfect for a spa or shower or going to the lake for a swim. Bathrobes are usually made up of water-absorbent cloth materials, so they are comfortable and convenient to use even when our body is wet.

Besides, unlike towels, it also covers our body, so we don’t need to change clothes immediately. Products like Matouk bathrobes are leading with their best work in making note-worthy sophisticated bathrobes.

There are various types of robes, and all are made of different linens and can be used in other places. If you are confused about how to get the best bathrobe, we are here to help.

Tips To Help You Choose the Best Robe for Yourself

Know the purpose you’ll be using it for

As mentioned above, one can use bathrobes at different places, so you need to determine how you’re going to use the bathrobe.

What type of material you should go for

This solely depends on the purpose you’ll be using your bathrobe for. If you don’t know what materials they are made up of, don’t worry; we have covered you.


It is a relatively newer material that is popular because of its lightweight nature and soft feel. Its water absorbency increases when it’s split microfiber. It can be used after bath and also as loungewear.

Cotton terry

Terry is woven, and it consists of long loops that can absorb large amounts of water. Different brands like the Matouk bathrobes are known to provide such best quality cotton terry and are composed of different kinds of weaves and loops.

Those fibres give a feeling of luxury as well as comfort. Not only do the robes made of cotton terry absorb moisture, but they also provide comfortable warmth.

Microfiber and cotton terry

It is a combination of the two previously mentioned qualities of linen. It has its inner surface built of terry cotton, while its outer surface is microfiber. This combination brings the best out of the materials. Not only is it light-weighted, but also it provides warmth and comfort.

Satin and silk

You can already guess that they are incredibly soft on the skin and lightweight. They don’t absorb water, so robes made out of them are best used as loungewear during summer.


They are premium and expensive due it’s low availability. Bathrobes made out of cashmere are used as loungewear during winter as they are soft and insulating.

Designs to choose based on your preferences

The bathrobes are available in several designs and patterns like kimono, zipped, angel sleeves, shawl-collared. You can add pockets and zips according to your preferences. 


We hope the above-mentioned tips are enough to clarify your doubts. If you’re looking for the best, we advise you to go with options like Matouk bathrobes as they are of superior quality, luxurious and comfortable bathrobes that are unisex.

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